Om Sri Ganeshaya Namaha! This is my description of Vedic Astrology: it’s a Way; it’s a Study; it’s a Science; it’s an Art. Astrology is a Way of being in harmony with life and being in harmony with nature – the Divine Intelligence and Oneness of all Life. Normally we’re not aware of the rhythms that affect our emotions, our mental, spiritual, and physical bodies. Those rhythms are just there and astrology is the storehouse of knowledge about those powerful influences – it’s an incredible library of information that is available to us. But we’re not told that it’s there and we’re not taught to know the power of the Sun going around the Earth at a particular time or the Moon going through its phases. We’re not aware that the planets are living Beings that have something to say about our destiny.


I see the planets as living Beings. Astrology sees them as living Beings. We know that we are living in a community of planetary Gods and Goddesses who love us, who care about us, who want us to have the messages that they can impart. My mission as an astrologer and counselor is to acknowledge their presence and interpret their messages.

When you are born you are in the middle of your chart – an environment of planets. And this is an energy field. And your soul comes into this energy field, which has certain patterns. We can study what the patterns are and they will give us information about the purposes of your soul, what your soul wants to experience, what its relationship is likely to be with your parents, friends, siblings, lovers, children. When we are born, we come in with a scenario already written. But of course when we enter, we forget everything.

Astrology offers a roadmap that helps us come back into alignment when things feel off-balance. It helps us to understand consonant and dissonant energies, shows us patterns that our soul has come here to experience that we may learn and grow.

Just as the planets are ever in motion, so the energies are always shifting through imbalance, then back to balance, and so on, always changing. What I do as an astrologer is to read the map that you drew up for yourself in preparation for your arrival on Earth. This map is to help you navigate at any point in time that you seek this knowledge. You are not alone in the Universe, and the fact that astrology works and can be used as this navigational map is divine evidence of this transcending reality.

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