January Cosmic Palette Forecast

The planetary weather starts out with a heavy emphasis on the sign of sidereal Aquarius. Aquarius is associated with friendship, humanitarian causes, and the human oddities and idiosyncrasies that we all have. Its energy is about our individuality and what makes us unique compared to those around us. This period really is a celebration of the special human qualities that each person has to offer that someone else might not necessarily have. So it should be good for the neighborhood and making new friends.

For the last few weeks the most important thing I’ve sense in the air is that we’re now in a new era of sweeping change. This is obvious on a political level because we have a new President. But it can also be on a personal level and represent a new lifestyle, new attitudes, new outlooks, and a satisfying new direction in life. This change should be welcomed because it’s easy to get locked into a rut and sometimes we need something to shake us up a little bit in stimulating way. This change can be very good for our health by bringing in more leisure and relaxation into our life, or a simply that a new environment can prove to be very beneficial.

Another planetary change that’s very important is Saturn, the planetary influence representing productivity and practicality, moving into the optimistic sign of Sagittarius on Jan. 26 and it will remain there through June 21. On the political level, Sagittarius represents other countries and foreign affairs. It can also represent an increase in foreign travel if one happens to be connected with business. Sagittarius is also connected with religion, philosophy and spirituality. So I see a deeper interest in these areas and perhaps some of the religious and cultural differences can be worked out for a more harmonious and peaceful world. The change with Saturn means that it’s going to be affecting a new area of your life depending on what your horoscope looks like. Then in June, Saturn moves back into Scorpio and will remain there through the end of Nov. and represent a completion and understanding of an important area of life. So it may be important to keep the end of the year in mind as far as major learning experiences and the deepening of wisdom.

Mercury, the decision-making planet, also representing communications and short distance travels, has been retrograde since Dec. 19. A retrograde planet is one that appears to be going backward in its orbit from the standpoint of earth. It generally represents a time when we go over old ground and review things in order to make improvements and adjustments. So this is an excellent time to go over important legal documents, reconnect with old friends, or reread one’s favorite books in order to get greater depth out of them. This added sense of introspection allows us to correct mistakes and get a second or third chance at life in some important way. Mercury will no longer be retrograde on Jan. 8, and the energies of life, our daily routines will begin to normalize. In the meantime, stay open to unexpected benefits, new ways of communicating with loved ones, reconnecting with family and friends, and feeling better about life.

Best wishes to all. —Sincerely, Haizen Paige

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