The Great American Total Solar Eclipse

Dear Friends,

I couldn’t let the opportunity go by to make a few observations about this important event.

The Vedic astrological influence of Monday’s Total Solar Eclipse (in certain parts of the country) will extend beyond just the date it takes place… The following is information that might be of interest in the coming days; and it’s worth mentioning that an eclipse is a global phenomenon. It can affect everyone, even if they are not living in an area where the light of the Sun is not totally blocked out by the Moon. So this forecast is not just about today.

Where to watch the Eclipse Live starting at 8:30 AM/PDT:

What’s so special about this one?

It’s been 99 years since a Total Solar Eclipse has crossed the country from the Pacific to the Atlantic. The Eclipse on June 8, 1918, crossed the States from Washington to Florida.

Where will it be visible?

Starts in Oregon, gradually bends slowly downwards and passes through the entire continental United States, ending in South Carolina.

How long does the influence of a Solar Eclipse last?

The amazing thing about the energy of an eclipse is that it starts building before the actual date, sometimes even a month or two ahead of time. Then starting about 10 days before the eclipse, the energy really begins to build, and its heightened state doesn’t begin to taper off until about three days after the exact date. In other words, the impact is not just on the day but can extend its influence during the coming weeks.

Where the Eclipse lands in your Vedic horoscope tells you what area of life is likely to be affected. The effects are even more pronounced if the eclipse is in the same degree as one of your natal planets (“grahas” in sanskrit), or opposite a natal planet. There will be a subtle change of consciousness around the meaning of that planet over time. If Venus, for example, there can be a major shift in one’s attitudes toward relationships or marriage. If Mars, then a shift in the way that you express the physical energy, or there’s a great need to guard against mishaps or injuries. Mars also represents the muscular system.

What’s a Total Solar Eclipse?

The Moon is perfectly aligned between the Sun and the Earth. Because the Moon is approximately 400 times smaller than the Sun, and also 400 times closer, the Moon can block out the light of the Sun during a Total Solar Eclipse. The result is that from Earth they appear to be the same size.

What are the Vedic Astrology effects of the Eclipse?

The Sun and Moon will be united in the nakshatra of Magha. (Nakshatras are 13-degrees and 20’ divisions of the visible sky, the constellations. There are 27 and each one has its own meaning.)

Magha is connected with our ties to our ancestors. This could be your departed parents, grannie or grandpa, great-grandparents, a brother or sister who has passed over, someone where there is a blood tie that leads genetically to you and your birth. Without them you wouldn’t be here. Some of these relatives or ancestors you may even know nothing about. But they extend back into time and they still exist in spirit.

So this is a time when we have the opportunity to acknowledge our ancestors or relations in gratitude. It can be in thought, or lighting a candle, saying a prayer, asking for a blessing, perhaps sense if there’s something they’re trying to convey. This can be a period where something could be exchanged that is of a healing nature, so all parties can be more at peace. This acknowledging does not necessarily have to be on the exact day of the eclipse but in the following days.

I should also mention that eclipse energies can sometimes be disruptive. Unexpected events can happen that could be upsetting, because the emotional reactions can be more intense.

The actual day of the eclipse is considered as highly spiritual. In the native American Navajo tradition, they do not look at the eclipse because they view it as the mating of the male Sun principal and the female Moon principal. They allow them to mate in privacy as they start a new cycle of consciousness that extends to those on Earth.

So another way of looking at the eclipse is that it represents the closing of one cycle and the beginning of a new one, and the transition is not always smooth. It may take time to work out all the details, or let go of the past. So clearing the energy in some way, lighting a candle, using purifying incense, meditation, prayer, and burning sage or cedar, can help clear out the negative energy of the old and prepare the way for the new.

Wishing everyone a healthy Solar Eclipse, and keep in mind that its influence extends beyond the day it happens, sometimes weeks and months into the future.

Sincerely, Haizen (

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January Cosmic Palette Forecast

The planetary weather starts out with a heavy emphasis on the sign of sidereal Aquarius. Aquarius is associated with friendship, humanitarian causes, and the human oddities and idiosyncrasies that we all have. Its energy is about our individuality and what makes us unique compared to those around us. This period really is a celebration of the special human qualities that each person has to offer that someone else might not necessarily have. So it should be good for the neighborhood and making new friends.

For the last few weeks the most important thing I’ve sense in the air is that we’re now in a new era of sweeping change. This is obvious on a political level because we have a new President. But it can also be on a personal level and represent a new lifestyle, new attitudes, new outlooks, and a satisfying new direction in life. This change should be welcomed because it’s easy to get locked into a rut and sometimes we need something to shake us up a little bit in stimulating way. This change can be very good for our health by bringing in more leisure and relaxation into our life, or a simply that a new environment can prove to be very beneficial.

Another planetary change that’s very important is Saturn, the planetary influence representing productivity and practicality, moving into the optimistic sign of Sagittarius on Jan. 26 and it will remain there through June 21. On the political level, Sagittarius represents other countries and foreign affairs. It can also represent an increase in foreign travel if one happens to be connected with business. Sagittarius is also connected with religion, philosophy and spirituality. So I see a deeper interest in these areas and perhaps some of the religious and cultural differences can be worked out for a more harmonious and peaceful world. The change with Saturn means that it’s going to be affecting a new area of your life depending on what your horoscope looks like. Then in June, Saturn moves back into Scorpio and will remain there through the end of Nov. and represent a completion and understanding of an important area of life. So it may be important to keep the end of the year in mind as far as major learning experiences and the deepening of wisdom.

Mercury, the decision-making planet, also representing communications and short distance travels, has been retrograde since Dec. 19. A retrograde planet is one that appears to be going backward in its orbit from the standpoint of earth. It generally represents a time when we go over old ground and review things in order to make improvements and adjustments. So this is an excellent time to go over important legal documents, reconnect with old friends, or reread one’s favorite books in order to get greater depth out of them. This added sense of introspection allows us to correct mistakes and get a second or third chance at life in some important way. Mercury will no longer be retrograde on Jan. 8, and the energies of life, our daily routines will begin to normalize. In the meantime, stay open to unexpected benefits, new ways of communicating with loved ones, reconnecting with family and friends, and feeling better about life.

Best wishes to all. —Sincerely, Haizen Paige

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December Cosmic Palette Forecast

Despite the recent presidential election, Jupiter, the planet of growth, and Saturn, the planet of stability, are in an harmonious relationship over the next few weeks. This can be good for the overall economy as it goes through a reorganization. These energies should also contribute toward stabilizing our own personal affairs on the financial level.

From the 2nd through the 29th, Venus, the planet of relationships, love and the arts, will enter the practical sign of Capricorn. This should be favorable for some type of collaborative ventures with those we love. Mars, the energy planet’ is also traveling through Capricorn for part of the month, and this is another indication that we have more focused energy and this period could be great for the arts or other ambitious projects.

Sun and Saturn continue to pass through the intensity of Scorpio and come together on the 10th, representing some potential hesitation, restriction or doubt in our personal affairs, banking, or joint financial conditions, on a short-term basis. Keep your faith and know that you may have untapped resources, even friends or advisors, that can be of help to you.

On the 16th, Sun enters the optimistic sign of Sagittarius and will remain there for four weeks. This indicates a relief from some of our personal fears about our future, and will benefit long-distance communications of all kinds, whether through actual travel or other forms of communication. Mercury also in Sagittarius also shows a more hopeful outlook and improved understanding.

The hotspot of the month is likely to be around the 26th, when Mars, the planet of aggression, and the South Node, which represents the mysterious or unexpected, come together in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius. This is always an uneasy planetary combination, so hopefully there won’t be any major negative events that involves major political or military aggression.

The Christmas forecast shows the Moon in Scorpio for most of the day, which might be a little bit uncomfortable at times with friends or family, because it has to do with our deeper emotions and conditioning. But the Moon is also in the part of the constellations that’s related to friendship and partnerships. There’s still something going on that promotes cooperation and gives compassion, devotion and love. The idea is to see some type of balance in relationships by sharing and accommodating others. The real gift is how we deal with others.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and holiday season.Sincerely, Haizen

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November Cosmic Palette Forecast

It’s been a little bit intense lately, hasn’t it? Astrologically, we can partly ‘blame’ this on Venus transiting through the intensity of sidereal Scorpio, a trend that will continue until Nov. 6, two days before the election.

On the 6th, Venus, the planet of social interaction, moves into more optimistic sidereal Sagittarius. So regardless of the outcome of the election, there should be a great sense of relief that the election is indeed over, perhaps a more hopeful mood about the future, despite it all, even if below the surface there’s still the uncertainty because of a great new wave of revolutionary change on its way. This should be a good transit for the season of Thanksgiving and help set up the Christmas season as well.

The uncertainty also has to do with the continuing transiting Saturn in Scorpio, which can represent deeply unconscious fears and forebodings. Saturn still has a year left of transiting Scorpio, so it looks like there’s long-term turbulence ahead related to the needs of the work-force and the struggling middle-class in America. But it’s possible this energy will lead to some revolutionary economic reforms in banking and business and get the country back on a more stable financial basis.

So, as already mentioned, Venus enters Sagittarius on the 6th and will remain there through Dec. 2.

Mercury, the planet of decision, enters the intensity of Scorpio on the 8th and will remain there through the 28th. This should favor the handling of personal debts, but possibly creating more of them too, or any personal financial situation related to banking or investments. Since Mercury represents paper work and documents, there may be a great urgency to handle them efficiently with regard to your future financial well-being. Keep important papers where you can find them and safeguard them from loss or destruction.

Mars, the action planet, is now transiting through Capricorn and auspicious for a more efficient use of your personal energy over the coming month. It favors those who have developed good health habits, who like to achieve in some way, perhaps those who like to get involved with some supplementary sideline financial or social activities.

Wishing everyone the best of health and spirit in November.

Sincerely, Haizen Paige (

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Haizen’s October Cosmic Palette Forecast

“I like spring, but it is too young. I like summer, but it is too proud. So I like best of all autumn… Its golden richness speaks not of the innocence of spring, nor of the power of summer, but of the mellowness and kindly wisdom of approaching age. It knows the limitations of life and is content.” —Lin Yutang

October looks promising and auspicious for utilizing your intelligence at its best… Mercury, the planetary influence related to information, reading, teaching, writing, and intellectual activities in general, will be strong in Virgo from the 3rd to the 21st.

Adding to the auspicious energy of the month, Jupiter, representing knowledge, will be supportive of Mercury’s influence and indicate a wealth of ideas, sound common sense, an active mind, optimism, learning, and perhaps a greater interest in reading, learning, and literature. This energy will be particularly strong around the 10th. Travel and long-distance communications are also likely to be favored.

On the debit side, these energies could indicate absent-mindedness, unreliability, being overly critical or self-conceited. So one of the things to avoid is being considered a know-it-all. The ideas of others should be encouraged if at all possible, and kindhearted will go a long way to keep friendships and family relations in harmony… While it’s good to be confident, it’s perhaps not so good to exaggerate your views or opinions.

Elsewhere, the relationship planet Venus will be strong in the constellation of Libra through the 13th. This positive energy can enhance love affairs, stimulate interest in the arts, bring more love or companionship into your life, and help repair troubled relationships by having more give-and-take with others.

After the 13th, Venus moves into the intense sign of Scorpio and might bring up issues related to an underlying resentment on the part of someone close to you. This might also be the time when it’s wise to cut down on some of your expenses. or deal with debt situations, if possible. This is especially true toward the end of the month, around the 29th, when the financial planet Venus will be transiting the restrictive planet Saturn. At least stay on top of your expenditures and be clear about your balance sheet.

Overall, October has much going for it, and even a certain amount of routine can be reassuring, as we enjoy the beautiful autumn season of the year. Socially it looks favorable, meaningful, and is likely to indicate an enjoyable contentment for all.

Sincerely, Haizen Paige (


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Haizen’s September Cosmic Palette Newsletter

Apologies in advance for a 3-page newsletter…

Solar Eclipse of Sept. 1

An Eclipse represents a new cycle of growth or a new start in life, depending upon where it falls in your vedic horoscope. This one takes place in the constellation of Leo in Purva Phalguni lunar nakshatra. (A nakshatra is a 13-degree and 20-minute division of a constellation that has a specific energy and meaning.) Consequently, this energy is related to possible changing conditions in marriage, marital happiness, and also in certain instances the chance of receiving a family inheritance. Finding rest and relaxation may be a challenge, as well as going through an assessment related to having fun(!), a social life, and challenges in the personal expression of your innate creativity.

Lunar Eclipse on Sept. 16

Taking place in Pisces in the lunar nakshatra of Purva Bhadrapada, its symbol is associated with the sword or the two front legs of a funeral cot. Despite its ominous-sounding symbols this energy can signify a cleansing spiritual power and the use of fire as a form of purification. Here’s potential transformation, sacrifice and devotion to a higher cause.

You can skip the rest of the newsletter if you’ve already read the last one…

Jupiter in Virgo Review

As mentioned in the last special edition, Jupiter changes constellations only about once every year, so it’s considered a major planetary event when it does.

Jupiter entered Virgo on AUG. 11th and will continue through Sept. 12, 2017. This will be particularly significant for those who have Jupiter as a friendly planetary lord to your vedic (“lagna”) rising sign: Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter can still bring auspicious results in other charts if it’s strong and well-placed.

Jupiter in Virgo has its virtues. In essence Jupiter’s energy will likely be more conditioned with a greater sense of earthiness and practicality. As previously mentioned last month, Jupiter in Virgo’s planetary energy will likely favor those in medical fields, those in lab work, teachers, writers, accountants, counselors, and those who have talents in the arts and crafts… It’s also considered favorable for studies, education and apprenticeships, not to mention for successfully overcoming adversaries and obstacles. The more dedicated the worker (within reason!), the more conscientious the practical efforts, the better the results during this 13-month period. The general atmosphere may also feel more grounded, earthy, slow or deliberate after the whirlwind, fire and explosive turbulence of the previous twelve months.

Negative Jupiter in Virgo results can come from being overly fault-finding, too critical of others, or having a reluctance to seize those opportunities to improve your life when they’re presented.

Review of Mercury Retrograde, 8/30—9/22

This period takes place several times a year and usually lasts for approximately three weeks. At such times, Mercury is closer to the earth and acts much stronger than usual. This is why some individuals may have trouble, as the planet of communications and information will be flowing with a greater abundance of energy.

Because of this excess of Mercury’s force, its retrograde period is generally not considered a favorable time for signing contracts, beginning new business ventures, buying new software or electronic equipment, purchasing new vehicles, or making major purchases. BUT… if it’s necessary to go ahead on any of these activities, try to maintain a certain flexibility in keeping your options open in the event that you change or mind or need to return items. (I ordered a BlueRay player under a direct Mercury and it turned out not to be the model I expected when I received it after Mercury went retrograde.)

The best part of Mercury retrograde is that it can be auspicious for reorganizing your life, getting back to a healthy diet or sensible exercise program, sending off items to the local second-hand shop so others can benefit.

It’s also usually wise not to obligate yourself to a long-term commitment in case you decide to change your mind after Mercury is no longer retrograde. Short-term contracts are generally more favorable, and sometimes dramatic, vitally important new information can come after its retrograde period is over. Opportunities for finding part-time work is generally considered more favorable, as this can be a time of change or adjustments in the business world.

Despite its sometimes vexing nature, Mercury retro can be excellent for refining or trying to improve communications, improving or polishing an already existing project, editing or revising manuscripts, communicating with those special people from your past, or repairing mechanical or electrical gadgets.

Wishing everyone an enlightening September.

Sincerely, Haizen Paige (

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JUPITER changes constellations only about once a year, so it’s considered a major astrological event when it does. Jupiter entered Virgo on the 11th and will continue through Sept. 12, 2017.

What does Jupiter signify?

Jupiter indicates the area of your environment and circumstances where there may be the greatest opportunity for breadth of experience, a wide range of interests and activities. Here’s where there’s likely to be increased good will, protection, preservation… recompenses and compensations of one kind or another, perhaps in the “coin of the realm,” or also in a psychological sense. It represents an area of life of generosity, sometimes to the point of lavishness or extravagance. Should there be any problem with Jupiter energy, it’s likely to be one of overmuch than too little, of prodigality instead of greed. There is expansiveness and the opportunity for expansion with regard to the persons, places, and things indicated by transiting Jupiter’s House position… It can represent a heaping spoonful of blessings, depending upon where it’s currently placed in your personal chart.

What does Virgo signify?

 Virgo indicates such areas as health, service, employment, purity of nature, craftsmanship, attention to detail, perfection through purification, analysis, repairs, practicality, studiousness, high standards, commercial instincts, tidiness, letters and numbers. On the debit side, it can represent being worried, skeptical, frustrated, fault-finding, lonely, or lacking in self-motivation.

What does Jupiter in Virgo indicate?

There’s likely to be a subtle change in the climate of the air from Jupiter in Leo. Jupiter is considered more compatible in Leo, as both the planet and sign are capable of expressing a fiery spontaneous energy. But Jupiter in Virgo has its virtues too, even if it’s considered to be inimical as far as its placement in the constellations. In essence, some of Jupiter’s energy will be more tempered by expressing a greater sense of earthiness and practicality.

Jupiter’s planetary energy is likely to favor those in the medical fields, those in lab work, teachers, writers, accountants, counselors, and those who have talents in the arts and crafts. It’s also considered favorable for studies, education, and apprenticeships. It’s also considered favorable for successfully overcoming adversaries and obstacles, and it favors those who are dedicated or good workers. If you know how to be a good servant, you’re likely to improve your status in life. But it’s a rise based upon effort and application rather than luck.

Because transiting Jupiter in Virgo is more friendly to some vedic rising signs than others, it’s necessary to see where it lands in your vedic chart and what Houses it rules.

In the meantime, the atmosphere may feel more grounded, earthy, slow or deliberate after the whirlwind, fire and explosive turbulence of the previous twelve months. Unfortunately, the change does not necessarily indicate that religious or cultural differences between countries will improve. The negative Jupiter in Virgo experience results from being overly fault-finding, critical of others, or having a reluctance to seize those opportunities to improve your life when they’re presented.

Review of Current Planetary Transits

The action planet Mars and the frustration and delay planet Saturn are still moving toward a powerful and intense conjunction in Scorpio on the 23rd. In other words this energy is building. Consider it a battle between the ‘go’ energy of Mars and the ‘stop’ energy of Saturn – again, like a car running with its breaks on.

In its extreme expression, Mars/Saturn can indicate great bitterness and resentment that some individuals may feel compelled to act out. The Scorpio influence can get real nasty in people harboring long-term antagonisms and/or the desire for revenge. One can only hope that innocent people will not be harmed during the month.

At its best, Mars/Saturn can make for great progress on challenging projects. Whatever destruction it brings is so that one can rebuild on a new foundation. Mars/Saturn can also indicate accidents to the unwary. Make sure your car is in good repair.

The tension between these two planets begins to tapper off after the 23rd, when they are free and clear of each other and Mars finally leaves Scorpio on Sept. 17.

Mercury Retrograde 8/30—9/22

This period takes place several times a year and usually lasts for approximately three weeks. At such times, Mercury is close to the earth and acts much stronger than usual. This is why some individuals may have trouble with it, because the planet of communications and information will be flowing with an abundance of energy.

Because of this excess of Mercury energy, its retrograde period is generally not considered a favorable time for signing documents, beginning new business ventures, buying new software or electronic equipment, purchasing new vehicles, or making major purchases. BUT… if it’s necessary to go ahead on such activities, try to maintain a certain flexibility to keep your options open in the event that you change or mind or need to return items.

It’s also usually wise not to obligate yourself to a long-term commitment in case you decide to change your mind after Mercury is no longer retrograde. Short-term contracts are generally more favorable, and sometimes dramatic, vitally important new information comes to mind after the retrograde period is over. Opportunities for finding part-time work is generally favorable.

Despite its sometimes vexing nature, Mercury retro can be excellent for refining or trying to improve communications, improving or polishing an already existing project, editing or revising manuscripts, communicating with those special people from your past, or repairing your mechanical or electrical gadgets.

Wishing everyone the best of Jupiter in Virgo!

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Sincerely, Haizen Paige


Haizen’s August Cosmic Palette Forecast

This month opens with the start of the New Moon on the 2nd in the constellation of Cancer. A New Moon represents a new beginning and the renewal of our significant affairs. The Cancer influence can obviously be very much concerned with home and family. In some ways, it may be the time to renew the energy with family, spend more time with them sitting around the TV, or try to heal some old wounds. Others will be finding their new home, settling in, or be able to enjoy their creature comforts more than usual.

Physically, the Cancerian influence is related to the areas of the breasts, chest, heart, stomach and digestive organs, or such issues as anorexia or emotional eating. But health may improve when there’s plenty of emotional support, a greater emotional outlet or sense of harmony with one’s family, friends or surroundings.

Venus (relationships), Mercury (communications), Jupiter (abundance), and the North Node/Rahu (intensity and change) are particularly being stirred up now and in the constellation of fiery and dramatic Leo for most of the month.

The Leo influence is playful, social and fun-loving, but the influence of Rahu can be fiery, unpredictable and turbulent. What may be needed more than anything is a decent amount of time off for play, sports, vacationing or entertainment, such as spending more time with one’s friends, enjoying movies, concerts, or seeking out a new creative way of doing thing. Despite all the terrible events happening in the world, Leo still represents the sunnier side of our personalities, and others will generally respond to this. The destructive side of Leo is EGO, self-centeredness, and the rigid desire to control the lives of others, including children.

Physically, Leo is associated with the spine, back, liver and pancreas, and this may be the time to get checked for diabetes, especially if it runs in your family. It might also be time for an adjustment of your spine or to make sure your heart isn’t skipping a beat.

Mars transiting the intense influence of Scorpio, related to joint or business finances, will be making a difficult transit of Saturn on the 23rd. This is not considered a favorable influence, because Mars can be explosive or inflammatory, and Saturn is frustrating or constricting. So when these two get together, there’s usually an intensification of a troubled area in your life.

The trouble might be related to sex, resentment, bitterness, even the desire for revenge. Scorpio is not a very forgiving influence unless one is on the spiritual path and takes the high road. Also on the more positive side, there may be an opportunity to get a few things off your chest that had been bothering you. The Scorpio can also be useful for engaging in challenging projects, as long as you are cautionary about the possibility of accidents. Don’t overdo yourself, if possible.

Overall, August has a lot going for it, some of it competitive and turbulent, and there may be still some unsettledness or uncertainty about recent changes. Nevertheless, expect more opportunities to enjoy yourself, more anti-stress playfulness and laughter, and it never hurts to be kind and generous when there’s a lot of Leo energy floating through the air. It’s hardly that everything is wrong in the world because there are terrorists, fanatics, bombs and explosions. We’re here to meet these challenges and transcend our limitations, rather than trying to pointing out how wrong the “world” can be. It’s not wrong… It’s just necessary and is always serving the best within us if we let it.

Sincerely, Haizen Paige.

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Haizen’s July Cosmic Palette Newsletter…

Since June 30th, Mars, the planet of action & initiative, has started moving forward again. This should feel like something of a relief to help get things done more smoothly & efficiently. Since it takes a while for Mars to pick up speed, the momentum of life may start slowly and then gather more speed over the next few weeks. For some, it’s a chance to make a new start, perhaps be a little bit more adventurous, and have faith that new projects will come together in the end.

With a focus on the Sun (light!), Mercury (ideas!), and Venus (relationships!) in the constellation of Gemini, it can pay off to experiment with a number of different points of view or approaches to find the best solution for whatever you are trying to build or create. Planets in Gemini are generally stimulating to the mind, great for soaking up new information, and indicate versatility in action.

Of course, Gemini energy is also associated with a change of scenery. If not long-distance travel, then more of the short-term variety, even if it’s more trips around the block than usual, or increased social networking, or the most human of all, telephone calls to stay current with family or friends. It can be wonderful hearing the voice of loved ones and feeling their energy over the distance, rather than dashing off an email or relying only on Facebook.

Starting on the 6th, the focus of planetary energy begins to shift to the constellation of Cancer. This energy goes a long way to help fix up the home or apartment, or perhaps help someone else with theirs. Of course, the true satisfaction & peace of the home starts within the heart (!), and when we’re at peace there, our living conditions are magnetized to fall in place and we can feel just as secure outwardly as we do inwardly. So there’s a focus on these homey energies, and this can certainly include our closeness with our own family and reconciling differences, if necessary, that have been lingering over the past few weeks. To carry a hurt or be divided within ourselves can be hard on everyone, and now there’s a special chance to heal.

While Jupiter and Rahu (North Node) are still closely together in the constellation of Leo, there has been major political upsets and turbulence in the stock market – a temporary global period of chaos involving the economies of certain European countries. Naturally, this pattern can also affect one’s personal finances, though not necessarily in a negative way, as there is likely be an economic recovery. In the meantime, there’s a major adjustment going on in the marketplace. After the 13th, the Jupiter-Rahu conjunction begins to taper off and there’s a greater chance for stability to be restored. Part of the problem is that there has been a conflict between honoring one’s national interests and still doing what we can for others who have been forced out of their countries.

Mars returns to its own constellation of Scorpio on the 12th, lasting until Sept. 17, and this is a highly regenerative, highly constructive energy to help raise our standard of living, deal with banking and important financial issues (including joint or corporate finances), and perhaps regenerate our physical bodies as well. Scorpio is related to the eliminating functions of the body, freeing it of toxins, and making sure our internal plumbing is in good working order, so we can throw off whatever our body no longer needs as part of an important cycle of cleansing. Best wishes! 

Sincerely, Haizen Paige… Readings available… See Menu for details…,

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Haizen’s June Cosmic Palette Forecast

While some of the energies of life may still feel held back and frustrating, there are a number of positives. Sun moving through the constellation of Taurus has had something of a steadying effect the first half of the month and helped sort out finances for some, perhaps even bringing a greater sense of calm and the acceptance of those situations that could not be changed. It may have been time to let go anyway

Venus was in Taurus starting May 19 – great for dealing with conditions that were in need of a quality makeover, and in search of value for the dollar. On the 12th, Venus moved into Gemini and remains through July 7. Gemini means variety & change, the acceptance of new conditions, inventive ideas and improved communications. Travel opportunities may develop and for some of you this can bring a nice change of pace or scenery. Love affairs are likely to be more about the enjoyment of stimulating change, playing the field, rather than settling down. Some will consider a second home or vacation spot, and this could be an auspicious time to weigh the possibilities.

Mercury, the planet of communications, travel and sales, moved into the financial constellation of Taurus on the 7th. Mercury loves being in Taurus when Venus is in Gemini – an exchange between the rulers of both constellations called a “parivartana yoga”—a combination of planetary energy considered auspicious for those involved in sales, artistic or remodeling pursuits or design. Sun entering the constellation of Gemini on the 14th adds to the further enjoyment of innovations and possible profits from major creative projects though mid-July.

On the 30th, the energy planet Mars will no longer be retrograde – appearing to move backward in its orbit from the viewpoint of Earth. It’s been retro for a long time—since mid-April. This important event can signal the release of a great deal of pent-up energy. Mars is extremely powerful now and has often been associated with FIRES and acts of violence – unfortunately, plenty evident in the news.

When Mars is no longer retrograde, it’s hard to say whether Mars will be more or less destructive; but if we’re lucky, Mars will start to signify more constructive action rather than violence, political assassinations, and senseless loss of life.

On the positive side, the release of pent-up Mars energy should be excellent for building and construction projects, major new activities, or for starting a business. If you have a habit of bumping into things, take extra precautions to guard against accidents, mishaps, and the hazards of fire. (I recently had an unexpected fire in my stove that could have had serious consequences.)

Watch yourself on the road too. Drivers could be unexpectedly more unpredictable and aggressive. But Mars moving forward again is considered favorable for balancing out the internal energies of the body through yoga or similar physical pursuits and exercises. Physically, Mars represents issues related to the adrenal glands, muscular strength, and possible impurities in the blood.

Overall, the energy of life are likely to somewhat smooth out during July and express itself more through conscious rather than unconscious actions. The change in Mars energy is an opportunity to get in touch with your basic drive for positive and constructive activities during the coming dynamic weeks.

—Sincerely, Haizen Paige

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Haizen’s May Cosmic Palette Forecast

May opens with Mercury – representing communications, contracts, agreements, sales and travel – still retrograde until May 22. A retrograde planet is one that appears to be moving backward in its orbit from the viewpoint of earth and is actually considered stronger rather than weaker in its effects to influence and perhaps complicate the above conditions. So once again it’s time to think outside of the box and come up with creative answers in the event of delays or misunderstandings.

But on the upbeat side, this can be an excellent period for spiritual retreats, varying your usual and perhaps overly predictable routines.

Some will find the concentration to delve into the depth of things in search of hidden truths and wisdom. There are advantages in reworking ideas and projects until they finally gel.

Not only is Mercury retrograde, but so is Mars (action, energy & enterprise), Jupiter (finance & philosophy), and Saturn (responsibility, effort & reorganization). So we’re in an exceptional period of change, regeneration and reorganization that may require more in the way of exercising conscious awareness and making the incremental adjustments that lead to a successful outcome.

If we include the usual retrograde motion of Rahu and Ketu (the lunar nodes), this month will at times have 6 planets or points moving backward through the constellations and revealing a way to reconnect with the deeper more fundamental energies that continue to make life a rich experience.

There will also be an opportunity to pick up some of the loose ends of the past 90 days that have been left dangling. In addition, there’s something meaningful about going over old ground and reconnecting with former friends or business associates to find peace with regard to unresolved feelings or misunderstandings.

If necessary, some will be able to dig themselves out of a hole with regard to handling debts, joint or corporate financing, and get themselves on sound, realistic footing. Certain people may have a way of recycling back into one’s life and bring unresolved matters full circle.

Mars, the planet of energy and action, remains strong in Scorpio. Mars signifies property, real estate and construction projects. Mars retrograde between April 17 and June 29 can indicate a time of constructive repairs and beneficial renovations with regard to living conditions.

Mars strong can also represent unexpected dealings with computer repairs, electrical devices, and other forms of heavy equipment.

Physically, Mars represents the adrenals, muscles in general, and one’s chance to reassess one’s level of vitality and the advantages of regenerative exercise. Great for yoga, Tai chi, and Qigong.

The problematic side of Mars can be an indication of lingering frustration, inertia, bitterness, or repressed subconscious desires. At its most negative, its manifestations can include out-of-control situations such as road rage, physical abuse, or domestic problems. It’s no coincidence that Mars is the planet of war, and while closer to earth than it normally is, it can indicate intensified negative aggression as well as positive initiative.

The continuance of Mars with Saturn in Scorpio, through Sept. 17, is related to the benefits of well-channelled energy into building projects, construction, the clearing of land, physical renovations, and other situations that might involve heavy or strenuous labor. However, the gains can be considerable, the accomplishments great, in the establishment of a new foundation for future growth & development.

After the 22nd, when Mercury is no longer retrograde, major decision-making should be easier and contracts and agreements look more favorable. The idea is to pace yourself without forcing conditions. Where there is unexpected change, there can also be new life, new discoveries and renewed hopes.

Best wishes, Haizen Paige

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Haizen’s April Cosmic Palette Forecast

Venus moves into a nice sweet spot this month, because it will be in its exalted sign of Pisces until the 24th. Here’s a combination of two good things, as Venus represents love, romance, marriage and beauty, and Pisces represents the beauty of imagination, idealism, and transcendental, universal love. In other words, Venus in Pisces loves to love. It’s the kind of love that doesn’t seek something in return… It simply wants to give up itself and sees the underlying spiritual unity within all people.

Planet Mercury will be in the martial sign of Aries from the 2nd of the month through June 7. That’s a longer time than usual, because Mercury will be retrograde from the 28th of the month until May 22. Martial means that the energy tends to be more direct in it communications, more forthright, and perhaps a little more impulsive as well. But if you need to be decisive, to make quick decisions in a crisis, Mercury in Aries will be of help and bring out the sharper aspects of your clever exchanges with others who may just be a sharp as you.

The Mercury retrograde period is still a reminder that sometimes it’s wise not to impulsively jump into situations, but rather take a few minutes to pause or reconsider before going ahead. This is also a time when you should double-check all business contracts before signing and not obligate yourself longer than necessary. Generally, it’s considered to be safer and more favorable to sign contracts when Mercury is not retrograde.

Mars remains strong in the constellation of Scorpio and will mostly be in Scorpio through June 17th. So here we have another martial energy at work that can either help you get things done in excellent style and form, or perhaps incline some of you to be more belligerent and war-like in order to get your own way.

The outgoing energy of Mars is still being somewhat held back, because it’s in the same sign as Saturn in Scorpio, and Saturn will continue to act like the breaks on a car that Mars is trying to accelerate. So there may some remaining element of frustration and a slow simmering antagonism that some of you are dealing with.

The best way to get through the frustration is by not forcing conditions and hanging loose in the saddle of fate. Keep your focus on Venus activities and the opportunity to forgive others, mend fences, enjoy promising social activities, and reminding yourself that this too shall pass.

Wishing everyone a wonderful April!

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Haizen’s March Cosmic Palette Forecast

There will be the Solar Eclipse on March 8. Eclipse periods have a way of stirring us up, and there may be more changes than usual around us, energetically within us, or in the lives of those we know, particularly between now and the end of the month. Our lives are in the process of being regenerated and renewed – a welcome period for those who wish to stay engaged and interested in life. For some, this eclipse period represents the end of one phase of life and the beginning of a new one. This can be exciting… stimulating. It can also be a busy time outwardly, or the changes can be more internal, more about being centered in the moment and accepting what we may not be able to change for now. Since the energies are more amped up than usual, it may be wiser to deal with what life brings us rather than forcing conditions or becoming anxious. What matters is that we attend to our state of body and mind, check in on our inner balance, and see where there may be a vacuum in our life that is seeking to be filled by something new, as we prepare for much-needed change. Where the eclipse lands in your horoscope is where new attitudes are starting to emerge.

Since February 20, Mars, the energy planet… the planet of physical activity and the ability to get things done… is strong in its home sign of Scorpio. Mars loves it here because it represents our determination to finish whatever we start. Overall it’s generally considered good for health, exercise, dealing with any issues related to the adrenals, excellent for building muscle tissue, exerting ourselves a little bit more but wisely, so that we can feel more vital, sexy and alive. Mars will continue in Scorpio until September 17, except for the last two weeks in June and the first two weeks in July, when it will retrograde into the relationship sign of Libra. This appears to be a more active time for relationship that may have more passion or intensity than usual.

Important Note: Mars will be in Scorpio with Saturn until September 17… and these planets are not exactly friendly to each other. Mars is like the accelerator pedal in the car, and Saturn is like the brake pedal. So there’s a caution about forcing conditions, harboring feelings of bitterness or resentment, taking on too much, over-working, or being subject to pain or physical mishaps. On the emotional level, there may be a situation that involves a battle of wills or someone difficult to deal with. Perhaps the wisest strategy is to back off a little and see the situation from the other person’s point of view. The Mars-Saturn transit will not be exact until August 23, when it will be strongest. After that, it’s frustrating energy begins to taper off. In the meantime, these hot and cold energies are slowly building in intensity over time. In real estate, these energies can represent construction or home repairs.

There will also be a Lunar Eclipse on the 22nd, and it takes place in that part of the heavens associated with relationships and family unity. It’s possible these eras will be stirred up more than usual so they can be healed, if you’re willing to take the first step. After the 25th, the eclipse period is over and the energies of life begin to settle down… begin to normalize and become more manageable. It’ll probably be a relief!

Wishing everyone a vibrant and alive March! —Sincerely, Haizen (

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Haizen’s February Cosmic Palette Forecast

As the month opens there is something of a philosophical trend and energy in the air for answers that may have more to do with getting to the bottom of disruptive outer chaotic and violent conditions taking place in the world. For some, this could lead them to read, research or delve into a greater understanding of the meaning of existence and perhaps feel better after having done so.

This seems particularly true because Mercury, related to the mind and the intellect, and Venus, related to our desire for harmony in connection with others, is traveling through the open, optimistic and philosophical sign of sidereal Sagittarius. Both planets are also transiting Pluto, and the energy of Pluto is very much oriented toward psychology, introspection, the desire for answers, and the drive to get to the bottom of situations in a profound way.

These energies may also relate to a sense of being isolated or alone, and consequently the desire to reach out for more or connect at a deeper level with others. These are profound forces at work and yet what’s important is that there can be an optimism and an underlying faith that the outer events of life have a deeper purpose and are working toward our highest good. In the meantime, there may be a sense that certain situations are getting worse rather than better. So staying on the positive may require being more conscious aware of our deeper self and its central importance.

On the 8th, Mercury, the planet of the intellect and communications, moves into the sidereal sign of ambitious and practical Capricorn. On the 12th, the relationship planet, Venus, also moves into earthy Capricorn. On some level, the energies of life might feel more matter of fact or perhaps less rewarding. So there’s perhaps something to be said about enjoying the activities of the day-to-day in a more grounded, productive or satisfying way.

Capricorn energies may also represent an auspicious time to consider what you’re good at professionally, or as a past-time, or as a supportive friend. You may be able to help loved ones reorganize their life, be an inspiration or resource if it appears they are reaching out for insight. Capricorn’s influence continues through the end of the month and there could be a number of surprising accomplishments by everyone.

Jupiter and the North Node (Rahu) are now in the same degree of the constellation Leo. Astrologically speaking, Jupiter signifies banking, the stock market, wealth, opportunities and finances in general. Jupiter does well in Leo but is someone bothered by the influence of the North Node and its unpredictable and turbulent influence. So consequently, there have been instabilities and losses in the stock market, the Chinese economy has suffered, and the overall financial climate has not looked as prosperous as last year.

Jupiter-Rahu’s disruptive influence is strong going into mid-March and continues into August. But this doesn’t mean that one has to be dragged down by the media negativity or by other dire prognostications. The investment picture and banking are constantly in a state of flux, so this is another indication that the year might warrant being a little bit more cautious in whatever you expect in the way of financial rewards. As mentioned in previous newsletters, steady financial dividends and stability might seem more desirable and more secure than taking the same risks as in the past. Get good investment advice.

Jupiter also relates to religion and philosophy, and the influence of the Rahu (North Node) continues to show turbulence with regard to religious and cultural events. Nevertheless, as bad a certain political and religious divides have been, it’s possible there will be more harmony in these areas later on in the year when Jupiter moves into Virgo on August 11.

What each of us can do is to keep the frequency of our energy as high as possible, not by wishful thinking, fantasy or empty idealism, but by staying inwardly harmonious as much as possible through our acceptance and attitudes toward whatever the Now brings.

This turns everyone into what Eckhart Tolle calls a “frequency holder” – someone who lives with a certain radiance that brings harmony into their surroundings without necessarily having to do anything. It is a state of being rather than thinking.

It’s that state of being the world could use more of, where we enjoy whatever we have in gratitude rather than unnecessarily interfering with others. Conscious seniors can play an important role along these lines, and their existence continues to make a major contribution in shifting the consciousness of the world toward a greater understanding & awakening.

Sincerely, Haizen Paige, Sedona, AZ

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Haizen’s January Cosmic Palette Forecast

It’s always major when something important astrologically moves into a new sign. The Lunar Nodes (known as Rahu and Ketu in Vedic Astrology) move into the sidereal signs of Leo and Aquarius on the 8th. This influence lasts until September 2017 and indicates a major change somewhere in your material & spiritual existence – though it might not be obvious right off the bat – and can act as “awakeners”. (I go into the specifics in my yearly private forecasts… see Services in Menu).

Rahu transiting Leo represents the intensification of our self-determination and creative power; Ketu transiting Aquarius represents the deepening of our humanitarian and underlying desire for unity among all religions and cultures. This change is politically important and likely to indicate further turbulence outwardly. But inwardly and personally, it can move us forward, inspire us to be more dynamic, yet caring and compassionate. If you feel particularly stirred up in some dynamic new area of your life, it’s likely because of this influence.

Also important this month, Mercury in business-minded Capricorn will be retrograde between the 5th and the 25th. The Capricorn influence can be helpful in making important practical decisions, staying grounded and aware of our surroundings, plus organizing some of our important personal affairs. For some, the retrograde influence may represent a time of deeper reflection and is favorable for all spiritual pursuits. This cycle can also give another chance to reconnect with those we may have missed over the holidays.

On the 7th, Moon, Venus and Saturn will be in sidereal Scorpio and visible in the heavens. Scorpio represents regeneration and transformation on a psychological or even financial level. We can get a better grip on our finances or handle debts if necessary. Some may feel more isolated or lonely; but this is a perfect time to set a new course for yourself that may bring deep insights into your own nature and others.

Between the 20th and 31st, Mercury, the planet of communication, will be conjunct Pluto. This can greatly intensify thought processes, indicate scattered or restless thinking, perhaps bring a certain pressure in making decisions. But with proper research and preparation, decisions should be easier to make and there will be a quick grasp of every situation.

Be kind to yourself this month as you sense into these new energies. I feel them as quite distinctly different than what we had last year – perhaps a welcome change – and there are positives to be gained. —Sincerely, Haizen Paige (

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Haizen’s December Cosmic Palette Forecast

Happy holidays! This month should come as a relief from much of the global turbulence of November. Intense! As the communication planet Mercury moves into the optimistic sign of sidereal Sagittarius on the 5th, and the Sun representing health and vitality enters Sagittarius on the 16th, the energies of life look more hopeful and positive.

Sagittarius being a fire sign is also related to enthusiasm and perhaps your desire to be more mobile and attend to all your activities connected with the holiday season. Since Sagittarius represents long-distance communications, it’s the perfect energy for sending out cards or making long-distance phone calls. It continues to look like there’s more focus on appreciating the positives in life and sharing them with those you love. It’s also possible you may hear from people in an unexpected but exciting way or receive news that is very uplifting or hopeful. That loved ones are safe is perhaps the greatest blessing of all in view of recent global events.

Until the 25th, planet Venus will be in one of its most auspicious signs: the constellation of Libra. This generally adds a special note of harmony, give-and-take, and affection with those you care about. Libra is also associated with beauty, enjoyable social activities, the arts in general, and will perhaps make it a little easier to choose just the right gift for those that you love. But this energy is not just about gifts; it’s about giving of yourself and letting others enjoy your presence or energy, perhaps communally. After the 25th, Venus moves into sidereal Scorpio and may intensify relationships or perhaps bring up financial or spending issues to be dealt with before they get out of hand. The energy could also carry an added note of emotional intensity or turbulence to help you get to the bottom of these important areas.  Psychological understanding of others can be healing and bring benefits to  calm any potential storms.

Mars is still moving through sidereal Virgo and may signify a certain fussiness or impatience about the handling of details. Around the 9th, Mars is in a tension relationship with Uranus and is a caution with regard to possible arguments with others or perhaps minor mishaps at home because of certain hazards. Living in a well-ordered environment can be a definite plus, if possible.

On Christmas Day, Moon will be in sidereal Virgo, especially that part of it associated with things made by hand (in Hasta nakshatra), something that might require craftsmanship or be related to the arts. That energy might inspire some of you to make something highly personal for those you care about. This special energy can also represent your desire to be helpful and serve others in some special way, such as a special experience you’re able to arrange for others. This is an intelligent place for the Moon and can indicate lively conversation, a sense of humor, and a clever wit.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas Day and the blessings of whatever faith you hold dear.

Sincerely, Haizen Paige

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Haizen’s November Cosmic Palette Forecast

“I like spring, but it is too young. I like summer, but it is too proud. So I like best of all autumn, because its tone is mellower, its colors are richer, and it is tinged a little with sorrow. Its golden richness speaks not of the innocence of spring, nor of the power of summer, but of the mellowness and kindly wisdom of approaching age. —Lin Yutang

There is something about autumn that can remind us about the importance of acceptance, wisdom and finding our inner peace. Sun passing through the constellation of Libra at this time of the year can also have to do with the principle of balance and harmony, especially until Nov. 16th. After that, Sun moves into the constellation of Scorpio and we may be asked to look at what we’re willing to let go of in order to experience some kind of rebirth inwardly and outwardly. We discard what is no longer necessary, give things away or make them available to others because we’ve outgrown what is no longer essential to our lives.

Actually, to let go of the nonessentials can be quite liberating and freeing. It’s time to carry a lighter load and simplify, as we began to prepare for the celebrations that take place on Thanksgiving and during the Christmas season. We get an early start by looking ahead and focusing on what’s truly important: our relationships and deeper emotional connections with others.

Venus and Mars transit the constellation of Virgo. This generally brings a focus on service, diet and health. Even the little things can have great impact, such as exercising 15 minutes a day or cutting down on foods that might not be in our best interest. By doing so, we can increase our energy, feel better and perhaps be less critical of others. There’s something about accepting others’ faults that can make relationships feel more loving and joyful. Between the 8th and 12th, there may also be an added intensity to our relationships, as the emotions around them may be intensified. Love affairs and intimacy can also take on added importance.

Sun and Mercury conjunct Saturn between the 24th and 29th and places more emphasis on handling practical or business affairs, as we look at some of the restricted areas in our lives and decide on a new course of action. There may also be an important decision to make regarding health or job conditions that shows the benefits of following certain proceedures or restrictions. Healthwise, some may experience a temporary dip in vitality, then renewal.

Overal, November indicates a greater sense of peace and a quiet certainty. With the help of a supportive environment the month can be quite beautiful.

Best wishes to everyone,
Sincerely, Haizen Paige
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Dear Friends and Subscribers,

I’d like to explain why this current retrograde cycle has been particularly difficult for some individuals, including yours truly. There are some unusual planetary patterns going on involving Mercury and Rahu (the North Node).

Mercury represents a number of important areas:
•      our connections with others
•      communications
•      transportation
•      travel
•      scheduling
•      contracts
•      the written word
•      mental function
•      calculations
•      errors
•      possible stress on our nervous system
•      health-issues related to the skin
•      our intestinal and immune functions
•      and in some instances our vulnerability to  contagious diseases

The emphasis on health has been stronger than usual because health-related Mercury has been transiting the constellation of health-related Virgo since Aug. 22. Mercury will remain in that constellation through Oct. 29.

Normally, Mercury transiting Virgo is considered a plus, because Mercury is considered to be strong in Virgo and capable of manifesting positive results.

But Mercury has also been weakened by recently being “combust the Sun” between Sept. 25 and Oct. 6.

Combust planets are so absorbed by the powerful rays of the Sun that they don’t function as usual and can sometimes indicate a weakness in a planet’s energy or some type of energetic disturbance.

In addition, Mercury has been transiting toxic and intense Rahu in Virgo, starting on Aug. 27. Mercury will also be in a particularly close conjunction with Rahu between Oct. 315.  So these potential disruptions or disturbances are happening right now.

Rahu (known as the North Node in Western astrology) is usually not considered a friendly influence on any planet it’s aspecting, though depending upon the circumstances in our Vedic horoscope, it’s still capable of manifesting positive results.

The toxic side of Rahu is associated with these important areas:
•      the need to be cautious in the use of drugs
•      addictions
•      obsessions
•      intoxicants
•      irregular or unwholesome habits
•      toxic influences in the environment

In general, Rahu’s influence represents a time for us to take better care of our mental and physical health, including our exposure to contagious diseases. But if something happens or we go off the beam, it’s better not to be too hard on ourselves, because even under the best of circumstances these kinds of difficulties can happen, and we do get the chance to regroup.

At best, Rahu energy can bring penetrating insights, worldly power and success, and the fulfillment of worldly desires.

While the Mercury and Rahu energies are strong, some of us may benefit by using the mantra associated with each planet to neutralize some of its negative effects, even if we simply post the mantra on our refrigerator:

•      The mantra to strengthen Mercury’s constructive energy is OM SRI RAMAYA NAMAHA: (pronunciation: Om shri rah-mi’-ya nah-mah-ha’)

•      The mantra to neutralize some of Rahu’s disruptive energy is OM RAM RAHAVE NAMAHA: (pronunciation: Om ram rah’-ha-vay  nah-mah-ha’)

After the 9th (7:57 AM/PDT), Mercury is no longer retrograde and will eventually pull away from Rahu’s influence, starting on the 15th, until Mercury finally leaves sidereal Virgo on Oct. 29.  Good news on the Vedic planetary weather report!

The mantras may actually be useful through the end of Oct.

Those who navigate these energies best may find that spending meaningful time in the quiet can be helpful & beneficial.

Best wishes, Haizen Paige

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After the turbulence, aliveness and intensity of September, the energy during October should feel like something of a relief. The recent mental and emotional stimulation tends to settle down and feel more manageable. It’s almost like coming down from a high in which everything within our nature has been heightened in a very alive way. So the energy of the month may start to feel like our normal reality again, as if anything is exactly predictable or normal these days!

Even so, there may still be something that has us pondering about recent developments in our personal life, because Mercury, the planet representing our connections & communications with others, is still retrograde (introspective). This gives us a chance to reconnect with old friends, go over important financial or legal documents, reconnect with others, or perhaps go on a little sabbatical or vacation of some kind and vary our usual daily routine in an enjoyable way.

The two most emphasized constellations during the month are Leo and Virgo. Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are traveling through Leo, which happens to be connected with our ability to take risks and chances in life. This is why it’s often associated with speculation and developments in the stock market or investments. While Jupiter remains in Leo for about a year, the stock market is likely to be subject to fluctuations and there are likely to be various price corrections during that period, as the true value of things is being sorted out, but not without some possible losses along the way. It may be that people’s expectations for their returns on their investments are too high. On a personal level, it may be that our expectations of others may be too high and this is something for us to consider; in other words, to be more accepting of people’s limitations and the love that we expect from them. But overall, these planets in Leo can be a warming influence in our personal relationships.

Sun, Mercury and Rahu traveling through the constellation of Virgo operate more on the practical level and working out certain details related to our daily lives or health issues that we should not be neglecting. We get a chance to fine-tune our bodies in some way. On a global level, these energies relate to the massive displacement of people from their home countries because of war and political turbulence. There’s so much still to be worked out as far as what these people can do to educate themselves, find jobs, find food, or find housing. So the world is rethinking much about how we can best use our material resources to meet the humanitarian crisis that is ongoing. On a more personal level, there may still be something we can do to help out even if it’s to make a small donation or be supportive of those we know personally who are under stress.

On October 9, Mercury is no longer retrograde and the next few days may be important for making vital personal decisions that can affect your finances or health. As much as possible, make sure you have the health coverage that feels right for you or are working with the right physicians. Mercury is also associated with the practical functioning of the mind, and the energy related to this looks strong. Wishing everyone a wonderful October as we come back down to earth! More manageable.

Haizen Paige (


September Forecast… the Solar and Lunar Eclipses…

With Venus going direct in motion (no longer retrograde) on the 6th; a solar eclipse on the 13th; Mercury retrograde on the 17th; and a total lunar eclipse on the 28thSeptember is shaping up to be no ordinary month.

Two eclipses set the major tone of events when you are likely to be challenged more than usual in the amount of activity of your outer life, and there’s also a foreshadowing of new themes. These themes can be major – relocations, marriages, divorces, health challenges or improvements, job changes or the beginning of a new career, etc. One chapter closes and a new one opens!

In a sense, all major highways and byways of 2015 lead to September so everyone can make the most of the year and not leave behind a series of regrets. (In numerology, the numerical value of your Personal Month for September is the same as the numerical value of your Personal Year for the entire year – a double combination of energy that can add greater intensity and significance in your life experiences – in other words, climactic events in keeping with what life may be requiring of you and your personal hopes for the future while you continue to live in the Now. ;~)

The Solar and Lunar Eclipses

The partial solar eclipse on the 13th is in the “nakshatra” of Purva Phalguni. (The 27 nakshatras are important 13 degrees 20 minutes divisions of the sidereal zodiac with each division having a special meaning and significance.)

eclipseThe influence of Purva Phalguni is related to matters pertaining specifically to marriage and marital happiness… There may be more challenges or developments than usual along these areas, including significant public or legal happenings… Changes in the marriage laws have recently been in the news, and the controversy related to prejudice or religious objections is likely to continue into early November when the “biological urge planets,” Venus and Mars, representing gender issues, are no longer in close proximity.

Venus is love and Mars is passion. Consequently, matters pertaining to relationships are being stirred up as partners of all sexual orientations are eager to legally pair up to experience what marriage feels like. We’re in a cycle of social experimentation and progress, but not without its bumps in the road, its divisions, and the religious debates.

The solar eclipse on the 13th, with its effects extending into October, does indeed represent new beginnings and a heightened spiritual awareness. The DAY of any eclipse is particularly significant for meditation, contemplation, being in the quiet, detaching from material concerns, as the energy is not intended to work predictably along the lines of material gains. In fact, sometimes a project can unexpectedly collapse on the day of a solar or lunar eclipse because of false hopes or expectations. At best, solar eclipses have a way of planting the seed of a new life direction or interest – one that unfolds during following weeks and months. Everyone is being emotional and spiritual refueled during these times.

The lunar eclipse on the 28th is in the nakshatra of Uttara Bhadrapada, related to the feet, especially “happy feet”. ;~) So it may be more important than usual to “watch your step” and the direction you’re headed in. This particular nakshatra can also relate to dealing with a “lazy streak”, and on a more positive note, your attitude toward being cheerful, generous and self-sacrificing. The world is facing a crisis regarding how much to give, when to give, and where to give. The immigration situation in Europe is largely where this energy is being played out, but it actually encompasses the entire world.

Venus Goes Direct

Venus still remains strong through the month – an energy significantly related to love and relationships. Venus of course also represents art and beauty, and there could be greater publicity than usual for some artists. The energy is considered auspicious to help enhance your surroundings, have the maid come in, move a few pictures around, redecorate, buy the occasional bouquet of flowers, or enjoy social contacts and social networking. Gifting others with a small token of your esteem can also be meaningful.

September 6, Venus is no longer retrograde, goes direct in motion. Those who have been struggling with certain relationships may feel this change of energy as a relief… For others it could bring a new relationship, new friends or helpful social advantages. It may also be to your advantage to take a look at self-care and how you’re presenting yourself to others, perhaps throw out discards from the old wardrobe and revitalize yourself with the new. Even after the 6th, Venus and Mars – the combination of planets for love affairs, conception, and all forms of creative self-expression – remains strong through September and going into early November

Sun Energy

 Sun remains strong in sidereal Leo through the 16th and should help improve the health and increase vitality for some of you. Sun represents your basic constitutional strength… There’s a chance to make gains, deal with heart or back problems, exercise in a comfortably effective way, and be in closer touch with your inner-body energy.

Sun also represents when you’re likely to be more conscious of the coming transition into the fall season of the year. Starting on the 16th, lasting through October 17, Sun moves into sidereal Virgo and places more emphasis on handling or reorganizing your practical matters. You may be more inclined to prepare for the end of the year and make sure your daily affairs are in order, especially if you have kids in school. It’s also an auspicious time to get outside help if need be – someone who can serve your interests and be of support.

Mercury Retrograde!

On the 17th, Mercury goes retrograde and continues through October 9… Mercury is strong in sidereal Virgo – fine for dealing with anything that requires study, analysis and attentiveness – a beneficial cycle for going back to school and education… It’s generally stimulating to the mind and good for dealing with health issues. Those who like writing may also find this an agreeable energy. Usually, however, a retrograde Mercury means a certain amount of uncertainly or the possibility of more unexpected changes than usual in your daily schedule. It’s also a three-week period where you may be more inclined to be absent-minded, lose your keys or misplace other items. If you’re concerned about this, be sure to carry an extra set. At it’s best, it represents depth of insight and reconnection others.

Should be an amazing month!

Sincerely, Haizen Paige

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August Checks and Balances!

The month opens with Venus, the planet of love and relationships, still strong and retrograde. A retrograde planet means that it appears to be going backwards in the heavens, and this usually signifies that it’s still time to take a closer look at our relationships and connections with others.

For some, this retrograde period can mean feuds with friends or family! For others, it can mean the heartwarming rediscovery of love and reconciliations. Imagine a world without love and affection! Terrible! And yet sometimes we forget how much others mean to us until it’s too late. So as mentioned in the July newsletter, we’re getting our report card on love between now and September 6. Anyone who makes more of an effort to get along or understand others is making a deposit in their bank account of love. In other words, rather than just expecting to receive love and depleting our bank account, we have a chance to build it up through openness and forgiveness. Gratitude and thankfulness still count for more than usual.

The other big event in August is the aspect between Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio. These planets have to do with such basic things as the global economy and the functioning of the economy within any state or country.

Jupiter represents expansion, the desire for growth, particularly material growth, and Saturn represents limitations or restrictions of some kind. These opposite pulls are now being worked out, perhaps even as far as one’s personal financial conditions. For some, this combination of planetary energy can represent worry or loss, or is not considered to be particularly good for financial affairs. It can represent the need to tighten the belt or to make sure that there are some financial reserves for necessity expenses. But after this period passes, there’s usually an opportunity to build up the finances again on a more firm and sound practical basis. Fortunately, after the middle of the month, Jupiter starts pulling away from the tight influence of Saturn and conditions should loosen up a bit, be more optimistic and promising.

On a short-term basis during the first week, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are in combination with each other and indicate further opportunities for significant social or artistic activities to take place – though there may be unexpected surprises – and the chance to put your common sense to work along practical lines. But some of your decisions may be hard to make and some relationships may be tested for loyalty or trust. So the second half of the month generally looks a more promising both practically and socially.

Between the 13th of the month and Sept. 15, Venus and Mars will be in the constellation of Cancer, related to emotional issues, the desire for reassurance and security in love, and an agreeable focus on home and family affairs. There could be an increase of activities in these areas, and this will generally be an auspicious period for romance and new relationships. People will naturally be more inclined to seek them out. But since Venus is still retrograde until Sept. 6, some of us may feel compelled to bring closure to a significant past friendship or relationship. Sometimes a past relationship will reentered the life and be very exciting for a while. The hard part is usually not making more out of this rekindling of affections than it is in reality. Some may also renew their marriage vows, which can be quite auspicious during Venus retrograde.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, magical August.

Sincerely, Haizen Paige, Sedona, AZ

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Jupiter Enters Leo!

There are two major events worth noting: Jupiter, the planet of abundance and opportunity, is moving into sidereal Leo, on July 14, and will remain there until August 2016; and Venusrepresenting our affectionate interaction with others, will be going retrograde on the 25th. (A retrograde planet is one that appears to be going backward in its orbit from the viewpoint of Earth and is actually stronger in its effects than usual.)

yellowsapphireWhenever a major planet changes signs it’s a big deal, and Jupiter changes only once a year. This means there is a new field of opportunity or sense of well-being that is opening to you in some special area of your life. It might be in the area of health, or finances, or new job opportunities, or a number of other possible areas, depending upon where Jupiter falls in your vedic chart. (Send your date, time, and place of birth, and I’ll briefly mention what Jupiter is likely to signify for you over the next year… please allow a sufficient time for a reply.)

Because the respective natures of Jupiter and Leo are compatible—friendly with each other—this should be a relatively good cycle in terms of slow growth and opportunities. What might somewhat limit the benefits is that Saturn in Scorpio, representing restrictions, responsibilities and conservation, is aspecting Jupiter, representing the prospects of prosperity, and asking us to put in the extra effort to maintain our standard of living or gradually build a new foundation of material abundance. It may also mean maintaining our enthusiasm when the going gets rough, and keeping to and persisting in order to achieve personal or financial goals.

Furthermore, the influence of Leo is associated with the stock market, and Jupiter can represent large profits or losses. There may be more ups and downs than usual in the area of investments, or there could be an important correction in the market as far as what represents true value. So, there’s something to be said for maintaining a certain sense of reserve about taking risks, or speculative affairs in general, being prudent to make the most out of whatever opportunities life presents. Your expertise and experience could work for you, perhaps like never before, if you have a large enough vision.

Jupiter in Leo is likely to favor those with a flair for the dramatic, a sense of inner confidence, or a strong creative bent. Leo represents procreation (children) and performance—acting, music, painting, the cinema or the stage—and signifies enjoyable social events that benefit society as a whole–fund raisers and legitimate charities—plus the blessings of life that come from having an open and generous heart.

Physically, Jupiter in Leo represents the heart and is also specifically related to the health and well-being of the arteries in general. In addition, Jupiter signifies the functioning of the liver and its ability to process fats in our diet. Saturn aspecting Jupiter over the next year could point to the benefits of limiting our fat intake or the type of fats we’re consuming, depending of course on our overall level of health or our desire to lose weight.

Love interests are likely to take on more flavor, and one of the important keys is to give the love that you would like to receive without expecting anything in return.

On the material level, one of the laws of attraction is that gratitude for whatever you already have will magnetize you to even greater abundance. But your own giving must come first, and that can mean making the first move and giving others what you would most like to receive for yourself… It doesn’t seem fair in the way that those who already have will receive more. Nevertheless, this cosmic law is one that has been passed down through the centuries… In other words, living defensively rather than givingly may not bring the desired results.

WOMAN'S FACERelated to love, Venus, of relationships, will also be in sidereal Leo starting on the 5th and lasting through August 12; then returning to Leo on August 30 and lasting until November 2. This is an unusually long time for Venus to remain here and bring social or relationship opportunities. This is because Venus will go retrograde on July 25 and remain so until September 6—about a six week period where the influence of Venus also extends into sidereal Cancer, associated with the likely intensification of domestic and family affairs, to further get them on an even keel, if necessary.

Retrograde Venus generally means that all of our significant relationships are likely to be up for conscious assessment in some subtle way—time to pay closer attention. We are looking at our fundamental values in life—what we hold dear, where our affections are, and our harmony with others. But it doesn’t preclude not taking a stand on important issues if we feel it’s necessary. At the end of this cycle, there can be a rebirth in some of our meaningful relationships, and the unfinished business from a past one could surface again to bring closure and lead to a new beginning in our overall experience of genuine love. The sense of spiritual or universal love can be intensified as well.

Venus retrograde can be particularly important in marriage. Sometimes a marriage will go through a shift, an estrangement, or a deepening of some kind, as both people look at what they are giving to the relationship and what they are receiving, plus their sense of connection. Overall, this period can either be a time to give your partner more space or more togetherness, or to experience an understanding of your partner in greater depth without trying to change them—acceptance. One of the keys to benefit everyone is to have a greater awareness of our sense of gratitude and appreciation of others. Ultimately, Venus energy is known to bring rewards that money cannot buy, or rewards that we weren’t even looking for—not to mention, unforgettable life experiences of bliss, joy and happiness.

With Venus retrograde being strong, some may be more inclined to engage in important artistic, social or creative activities. Others may be ready to refurbished or redecorate their homes.

The month of July will be significant in our internalized depth of understanding of beauty, the human condition, and living out our most heartfelt cherished values. “Let the beauty you love be what you do.” —Rumi

Sincerely, Haizen Paige

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Extra Extra… Mercury Goes Direct!

Mercury is important because it gives information on how we think, reason and make contact with other people.

Usually before it comes out of retrograde (“goes direct”) – such as today at 3:33 PM/PDT, the 11th – there can be a sense of lull in the atmosphere, a feeling that there’s a latent energy getting ready to be released when Mercury goes direct at 3:33.

ganeshThis is a very interesting phenomenon to experience. It can be like a waiting. Or an expectancy. Or the conclusion of a time when the inner life and non-linear thinking — sometimes chaos — may have taken on more importance than it usually does, at least in reference to the outer world… So there’s sometimes a very unusual combination of feeling, mental activity, and anticipation going on all at the same time, including a noticeable inner stillness that one can feel as being very spiritual in nature and may not be related to thinking at all. A Mercurial paradox!

Then as Mercury goes direct, there can be this release of energy, something that may feel like the return of a certain mental clarity and alertness; and outer world conditions begin to fall more in place and make sense in terms of linear time… We are able to reconnect in a new way with our body (Mercury represents the nerves), our environment, and feel more at home again.

This latest edition of Mercury retrograde has been particularly challenging for some, because Mercury in Taurus is on one side of the zodiac and Saturn in Scorpio is on the opposite side, and Saturn has a way of bringing more responsibilities to Mercury’s freedom-loving ways – a cycle of opposites that ends when Mercury enters Gemini on July 4. But not without its rewards, for Mercury and Saturn are essentially friendly to each other and can bring benefits from the headaches that one has put up with.

This Mercury/Saturn combination of planetary energies may also have to do with making important decisions related to moves, travel for practical reasons, job changes, or preparing to make serious or important decisions related to one’s business… After Mercury goes direct, it should be easier to make those decisions. In the meantime, Mercury in Taurus can help one find a place for whatever is needed to have around in order to function efficiently at home or at work.

There may also be a revision of plans or projects to bring them up to a greater level of perfection. Mercury’s energy works in small increments until everything is settled, revised or perfected, including in the arts.

Mercury is also the planet of writing. Now that it’s direct, ideas and plans may seem to fall more easily in place.

Happy Mercury direct!

Best wishes, Haizen Paige

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June Greetings!

The great energy of self-enterprise, ambition, and self-determination should make for interesting times. Sun, representing our vitality, and Mars, representing our drive for physical activity (either by choice or necessity), are together in practical sidereal Taurus through the 14th.

ganesh33-300x199The spirit of pursuit may also have to do with our financial enterprise and desire to better our long-term situation. Some of you may want to start a business, be increasingly pro-active, or simply be more physically active than you have been, because it could benefit your health. The usual challenge with Mars is that it can represent impulse, mishaps and impatience. So clear the decks of impasses and possible hazards. There’s also something to be said on behalf of good timing and getting things sorted out when the timing is right.

In the meantime, Mercury, the planet of re-arrangements and decisions, is still retrograde through the 11th, perhaps causing certain doubts and uncertainties in some of your affairs, not to mention indicating that some part of your life may seem to be up in the air and subject to a lasting change. However, starting on the 11th, important decisions should be easier to make, you can find your groove again, and get off to a fast start in making new arrangements.

Starting on the 15th, Sun and Mars will still be together but in the sign of sidereal Gemini. Gemini is related to travel, communications, and education. Some of you may take up a new study or be more proactive in your communications with family and friends. This can be a lively influence, one that will continue through mid-July. So, there’s a great deal of unpredictable energy flying around, including some that could be troublesome. There’s certainly been more activity in the weather, including the enormous flooding of property in Texas, plus the recent strong earthquake in Japan. New threats may include the greater possibility of fires, with Mars representing fires and air-sign Gemini representing high winds.

After Mercury is no longer retrograde on the 11th, there will likely be a noticeable sigh of relief, as the normal rhythm of life starts to reassert itself. At least you should be in a better position to handle important new information related to your business and career.

One of the beneficial trends of the month is Venus in sidereal Cancer together with Jupiter. Venus is related to our social life, love and affection, beauty and the arts, and the opportunity to indulge ourselves a little bit more than usual. Jupiter is also related to such important areas as contentment at home, or home improvements, gains from property and real estate, or the possible benefits that come from long-term investments. So, this can be a social period with more happy occasions, celebrations and events than usual.

Overall, June looks to be a month of extremes, with the possibility of large expenditures of energy related to our daily life and environment, and those fun moments when we can let our hair down and enjoy more of the good things in life with those we love.

Best wishes to everyone,

Sincerely, Haizen Paige


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Cosmic Palette Forecast for May

Full Moon on May 3 opens the month with our eyes wide open. Full Moon energy is a time of awareness and higher energy—good for public events, personal fulfillment materially and action in the outer world.

Moon will also be in Swati nakshatra in the constellation of Libra—associated with abundance, prosperity, success in the fine arts, and self-determination. In Hindu mythology, Swati’s influence is connected with breath that sustains all life. The goddess of this nakshatra is Saraswati, representing learning and education, especially related to carving out your own destiny and gaining freedom through knowledge and its application. It might be time to start thinking about taking a few summer classes!

buddhaThere will be the usual obstacles to overcome, as Mercury, the planet of communications, is in aspect to Saturn, representing resistance or delays, around May 3. Between the 13th and 15th, Mars, the planet of “go” energy, will be in aspect to Saturn, the planet of “stop” energy. These two planets aren’t friendly to each other, and their combined energy can sometimes represent an difficult issue where it feels like you’re hitting your head against the wall or having to battle someone in your surroundings. Under these kinds of frustrating circumstances it’s usually wise not to force conditions but try to take more of an indirect approach or ride loose in the saddle of fate! The good part of Mars/Saturn energy is that it can be useful for tackling hard projects that require a great deal of effort and determination. It’s like smashing boulders so you can use the smaller stones to build the foundation of a house!

From the 18th through June 11, Mercury will once again be retrograde. As mentioned in previous newsletters, a retrograde planet is one that appears to be moving backward in its orbit from the standpoint of Earth. Actually, it’s when a planet’s influence is stronger than usual.

Since Mercury represents communications, business transactions and agreements, when it’s retrograde there can be miscommunications, misunderstandings, or a total rearrangement of one’s schedule that could be frustrating. So be as flexible as possible if someone throws a monkey wrench into your plans.

If you’re traveling, it’s usually wise to double-check all arrangements to make sure there haven’t been clerical errors or absent-minded carelessness. Nevertheless, Mercury retrograde can be an auspicious time to take a break from your usual routines, reconnect with long-lost friends, or explore a radically different approach to life. Mentally, sometimes the mind needs a break in order to regenerate itself, or get itself out of the way, so a deeper Intelligence can emerge that isn’t based on your present perceived reality.

Sun in the constellation of sidereal Aires, strong until the 14th, is auspicious for dealing with health issues or increasing your vitality; then the Sun enters Taurus, with Taurus representing a greater focus on material conditions and getting value for your hard-earned dollars. In a sense, to save money is to make money, and there may be more opportunities than usual along these lines.

Overall, the month looks healthy, lively, and progressive. If misunderstandings take place, don’t give up on the person or situation but try a different approach. Mars/Saturn tensions teach us not to force conditions and understand the importance of proper timing. Good luck!

Sincerely, Haizen Paige

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March 2015 Cosmic Palette Forecast

Looks like quite a month! On the 10th we enter the first of two eclipse cycles this year, with the next one taking place in October.

Eclipses usually heighten the energy around us – the energy of renewal. Whatever is old and dilapidated is about to be renewed. We can either flow with the direction of this energy or work against it; but if we work against it, sometimes the stress can lead to health problems. Stay aware of health issues and make adjustments accordingly.

The eclipse energy is doubly significant because the solar eclipse on March 20 happens on the first day of spring, which also is an event that signifies regeneration, renewal and rebirth. This can be on an inner spiritual level as well, as the eclipse takes place in the constellation of Pisces and Pisces indicates our beliefs about things, including what could be our misperceptions or beliefs that might not be serving us or others. Actually, this is a global issue, so this could be a rather turbulent period emotionally, because Venus (relationships), Mars (energy and aggression), and Ketu (instability and unpredictability) are in the Water signs of Pisces at the same time that Jupiter, representing our attitudes, our religious beliefs about outer world conditions, is in the water sign of Cancer through mid-July. There is a great deal being worked out culturally along these lines.

The official eclipse period starts on the 10th of the month and ends on April 7, three days after the lunar eclipse on April 4—when the energies of life will begin to simmer down. In the meantime, the physical activity going on around us is likely to increase. Sometimes it may feel that life is throwing more at us at one time. But at its best the eclipse energy can indicate a tremendous aliveness, a period of self-discovery, and a new chapter that may find us adjusting our direction, and perhaps more sensitive to the impact of our activities on others.

Shani Dev

Shani Dev

Saturn, the planet of self-responsibility and structure, goes retrograde on the 14th and lasts until early August. Here’s where we can look at what we can manage comfortably in our practical daily affairs. For some of us it might be time to slow down a bit or be more selective in what we expect of ourselves. But this can also be an auspicious time to build a new foundation in our personal affairs and let go of the old and outworn in order to feel more alive and emotionally free.

Venus, Mars, and Ketu (the South Node) in sidereal Pisces can also be amazingly creative. Pisces is associated with photography, music, dance, and the imaginative arts, including one’s interest in the cinema. I would expect some amazing things being done in the visual arts and movies. It’s time to let yourself imagine and dream. Your dream life could be heightened and act as a guide to direct you in a new meaningful way.

Physically, Pisces represents the feet, including the bones of the feet and toes. It also represents the lymphatic system, the body’s ability to eliminate dead or destructive cells. There could be more sensitivity in these areas. If your shoes have been bothering you this could be an auspicious period to buy a new pair and take steps to renew your health from the feet or ground up, including the benefits that could come through foot reflexology treatments or massage. Cleansing or detoxifying teas might also be helpful to support the lymphatics.

While Jupiter remains in sidereal Cancer into July, expect beneficial changes in or around your home environment that could have long-term effects. Allow the energy of renewal to support your home and where you feel most comfortable. Out of the seeming chaos can come wonderful things.

Sincerely, Haizen Paige

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Haizen’s February Cosmic Palette Forecast

Mercury, the cosmic wanderer, is still retrograde in sidereal Capricorn through the 12th. In the meantime, Mercury and the Sun will be conjunct, exactly together, and this can be stimulating for brainstorming practical or new business ideas and helping you catch up with the unfinished business of the previous 90 days. Mercury retrograde can also be an auspicious time to reconnect with former clients and let them know you haven’t forgotten them.

Mercury2On a social level, Mercury retrograde can also help you reconnect with friends, pick up messages or notifications you may have forgotten about and see what’s new. On the other hand, those who are inclined to be hermits may find this to be a time when they feel less communicative and more inward. Or depending on one’s mood, it can be hit and miss period socially.

Mercury retrograde usually does bring its fair share of headaches. This can include difficulties while traveling, more rescheduling than usual, computer or car problems, or more stress under pressure. Depending on one’s schedule, Mercury retrograde can also be a time to break your usual daily routine and take a sabbatical. This is why it’s great for going on spiritual retreats or some type of adventure. Just make sure to double-check your travel arrangements and try to anticipate the weather more than usual. Saturn is the planet of cold temperatures and it’s currently traveling through the water sign of Scorpio representing ICE!

By the 12th, Mercury will no longer be retrograde and this is usually felt as a relief. Difficult decisions are easier to make, people are generally easier to get in touch with, and the daily schedule usually becomes more consistent and predictable.

Signed-I-Love-You-HeartsElsewhere, Venus and Mars, representing love, sex, and the creative urge (among other things), are chasing each other in sidereal Aquarius until the 12th. On the 15th, Mars joins Venus in imaginative, creative sidereal Pisces and they will be exactly together on the 20th. The Venus/Mars cycle is often associated with love affairs and the romantic side of relationships. It can also stimulate the desire to be more social or artistic—great for painters, artists and musicians. And this period can also be great for just enjoying the pleasures of life and having more fun. Wishing everyone a great month!

Sincerely, Haizen (,

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Mercury Retrograde Update!

Once again the Universe is calling attention to the idea that “Backward Can Be Beautiful.” The reason is that a retrograde planet is one that appears to be going backward in its orbit from the viewpoint of Earth.

This time around Mercury is transiting the sign of accomplishment—sidereal Capricorn. Mercury likes being in Capricorn because Mercury’s logical reasoning powers generally have more focus, practicality and reality in the world of work and commerce.

We all like to accomplish things—to achieve our goals and heart’s desires—and somewhere in your Vedic horoscope resides the influence of Capricorn that represents those coveted qualities associated with mastery—including self-mastery.

Mastery is a quality that some people are apparently born with or is the result of experience, learning from others, and continual trial and error to achieve a specific result. These qualities take on added importance now that Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn, starting on January 21 and continuing through February 11. A retrograde planet stays in a particular area of one’s horoscope much longer than usual. By the time Mercury leaves Capricorn, with Mercury representing the ability to communicate, the gathering of knowledge and know-how, it will have been in Capricorn more than twice as long as usual.

Mercury retrograde usually indicates more trial and error than usual, as it’s not always possible to get something right on the first try. But it also signifies the accomplishments that can result from persistence, focused mental awareness and the determination to make the numerous adjustments along the way in order to achieve a meaningful goal.

While in sidereal Capricorn, Mercury is traveling through the ‘nakshatra’ of Shravana. This approximately 13-degree area of the constellations is called the “Star of Learning”. Its influence is related to the quest for knowledge, information and finding the connections between what’s above (spiritually speaking) and what’s below within the world of form.

Shravana nakshatra is also about feeding your intellect and the discovery of wisdom through the teachings you are exposed to. Additionally, this is a great energy for counselors, because it represents one’s ability to listen to others… So there’s something about listening and hearing that can take on added importance in the meaning of life.

On the debit side, Shravana energy can represent gossip or the scattering of one’s mental activities or interests. But generally this is an auspicious energy for travellers, musicians, teachers and those who like to use their feet to walk, hike, bike or run. This includes the health benefits that can come through such activities, as Mercury physically represents the nerves, respiratory functions, nervous digestion, and allergies.

As Mercury passes through Capricorn the additional intellectual focus can help you deal with the practical, business side of things and ultimately generate a great deal of satisfaction. Here’s also the chance to test new ideas out in the marketplace and see if they fly.

As usual, Mercury retrograde may require that you be more flexible in your scheduling and expect more of the unexpected. Sometimes plans may seem to fall through more than usual or others seem more unreliable. But the key is to look for the unexpected benefits that can be the result of unexpected situations and opportunities.

Fundamentally, a three-week Mercury retrograde period is not exactly about linear thinking—and that can be the challenge of it when things go wrong, especially if you happen to be under pressure. On a higher level, your unconscious mind is likely to bubble up to the surface and want to be heard with regard to your inner and outer life. Sometimes when the mind is suspended or out of the way something marvelous can happen related to your higher purpose.

It may also seem more possible to step back from the conditioning of your conscious mind and allow a deeper Intelligence to come forth. This Intelligence is not the result of thinking in the usual sense of the word; rather it seems to come from something deeper that is connected with a Higher Intelligence that interconnects all things, whether one is consciously aware of the connections or not… Some of these unusual connections may be better than what anyone could have ever possibly imagined.

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Haizen’s Cosmic Palette Forecast for January 2015

There is a wonderful dance going on between Mercury and Venus in sidereal Capricorn until the 22nd. Mercury represents communications, travel, and curiosity; Venus represents the arts, new loves, relationships in general, and the enjoyment of the pleasures of life. Both planets are moving at about the same speed and that’s keeping them together and making them particularly strong and wonderful.

gems10The influence of Venus and Mercury in Capricorn gives you a better opportunity to manage and master whatever is most important to you. This can also represent fortuitous benefits from the government or practical business affairs, where having a sense of responsibility and being a good performer can enhance your reputation. So there may be some important decisions to make or important practical paperwork to handle while these two planets chase each other through the heavens.

Saturn in sidereal Scorpio will continue all the way into the year 2017 and it’s an important time to pay attention to financial affairs, because there may be opportunities to consolidate your finances, or protect them, or save money by rearranging them. Your past experience along these lines should help you to do this, and if you don’t have the answers it should be easy to find those who do. Try also to protect yourself medically if at all possible.

Venus in Capricorn emphasizes the practical side of love affairs and you may be in a position to help others along those lines, either out of loyalty or a sense of responsibility connected with feelings of love or affection.

On the 22nd, Venus leaves the sign of Capricorn and enters Aquarius where Mars, the planet of energy and initiative, is also in Aquarius. Here’s a chance to express your individuality and even some of your eccentricities. We all have them and it can make life interesting creatively or socially.

On the troublesome side, Mars in Aquarius aspecting Rahu in sidereal Virgo can signal an increase in socially agitating and disconcerting acts of violence, a further rise in unfortunate political or religious dissent. At its best, here’s to the expression of Mars as positive social action and advancement.

Wishing everyone a great January.

Sincerely, Haizen Paige (

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Haizen’s December Cosmic Palette Forecast

Special Note: Vedic astrology planetary positions are based on their location within the constellations of the Sidereal zodiac and not the Tropical signs.

Dear Friends and Subscribers,

December opens with Saturn, Mercury, the Sun and Venus all in the transformational sign of sidereal Scorpio. Planets in Scorpio have a certain intensity. The intensity can have to do with finances, your deeper psychology and emotions, physical renewal and regeneration, transforming your surroundings in some desired way, and the intensity of getting things done in time, especially during the holiday season. But it’s a great time for making your home sparkle and ready for anything. The emphasis on this intense Scorpio energy goes to the middle of the month, and then the emphasis shifts into the sign of sidereal Sagittarius, which is much more of an open, optimistic and uplifting energy. This change should be perfect for the holidays where anything can happen in the way of happy events.

Sagittarius can also have to do with having a little bit too much of everything and perhaps the need to find some sense of reasonable limits when it comes to food and spending. But overall it is a joyful energy and people tend to be more trusting of each other. Sagittarius is also related to long-distance travel and communications. So there may be more opportunities than usual to visit friends and relatives at a distance.

Mars, the energy planet, is traveling through sidereal Capricorn, which represents focus and the ability to accomplish things, perhaps more than you expected. Capricorn is also related to the possibility of new financial or business interests. This could be a new financial arrangement or something that you been wanting to do or wanting to make a go of. So there could be surprising motivation along these lines for some of you.

On Christmas Day the Moon is in the part of the heavens (Dhanishta nakshatra) related to opulence, abundance and the feeling of wealth, even if not necessarily material wealth. It’s a great time to count your blessings and feel the gratitude for what you have. Moon in the constellation of Aquarius is also related to your friends and your community. Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season.

Best wishes to everyone,

Sincerely, Haizen  Paige

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What’s up with Saturn?

Special Note: Vedic astrology planetary positions are based on their location within the constellations of the Sidereal zodiac and not the Tropical signs.

Greetings Earthlings  😉 

A major change in the heavens is Saturn moving into the sidereal sign of Scorpio. Among astrologers, whenever Saturn changes signs is considered to be a big deal, because this powerhouse planet astrologically represents a number of very important qualities: structure, mental focus, the ability to manage your affairs, common sense and practicality, the basic foundation of your life, commitments, and a number of other important qualities that have to do with your ability to deal with the realities of life. Consequently, Saturn in Scorpio can deepen and intensify your ability to deal with things on a fundamental, grassroots level. Saturn will remain in its new sign until January 25, 2017 – approximately 2-1/2 years.

This change in Saturn also means that it’s going to be affecting a new area of life, depending upon where it falls in your astrological horoscope. (If you’d like to know, and you know your time of birth, you’re welcome to contact me and I’ll tell you what area of life it will be affecting.)

The nature of Scorpio is that it represents regeneration, transformation, psychological depth of understanding, secrets, sense of privacy, conditions related to health and medicine, and your deeper feelings that may sometimes even be hidden from yourself. There may now be something more of an introspective quality within, an added intensity toward certain outer conditions as well, so you can continue to feel that you have a sufficient degree of control over your life. On the other hand, Scorpio can represent the need to accept inevitable change, even if you’re reluctant to accept it in the beginning. In other words, change can often be to your benefit once you see the need for it, and every so often it might be a good idea to pause every now and then, especially as this change in energy is now taking place, and make sure you’re in touch with your deeper desires and urges.

You may also discover that there’s something new in your affairs that’s starting to need greater attention, whether its finances or health, or anything else that needs to be reorganized or regenerated. Ultimately, the energy of Saturn in Scorpio can help you eliminate waste of a material kind – great for getting rid of things that are no longer essential to your existence – and also to regenerate yourself physically, whether it’s to eat better, more pure foods, or perhaps drop a few pounds or exercise more, or give yourself a mental or emotional checkup to make sure that you’re living in integrity with yourself. It’s a rather important time of self-renewal on many levels, so you can continue to be productive and feel vibrantly alive. Best wishes to all!

In memory of David Lowell.

Sincerely, Haizen Paige

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Mercury Retrograde & Eclipse Forecast

Special Note: Vedic astrology planetary positions are based on their location within the constellations of the Sidereal zodiac and not the Tropical signs.

Greetings Earthlings  😉 

October looks highly significant. Overall, the energy of the month is likely to be much higher in pitch, stimulating rather than disruptive if you’re willing to flow with the tide of events rather than resist them.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury, the planet of employment, travel and communications, goes retrograde on the 4th and lasts through the 25th(A retrograde planet is one that appears to be going backward in its orbit from the standpoint of Earth.) This can be particularly challenging, even disruptive, if you happen to be in a new environment or rather set in your ways. But it’s also a chance to see how things come into your life for a certain period of time, perhaps years, and eventually may leave. There’s likely to be a strong sense of inevitable change that, while seemingly different or chaotic, can actually be good in the long run, not only for you but for the people who have touched your life over the years, though this may not be apparent at first.

This period may also have to do with your most important relationships or search for your rightful place in life work-wise and create your ideal environment. There are likely to be some disruptions and a sense of being up in the air through the end of the month; and dealing with perhaps more unexpected events than usual may require a considerable amount of patience. But generally there’s a great deal of excitement about the possibility of future outer developments.

The Eclipses

Also contributing to the high energy and the creative aliveness of the month are two eclipses: the Lunar Eclipse on the 8th and the Solar Eclipse on the 23rd. Eclipses can represent the end of one chapter of life and the beginning of a new one. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what you’ve been doing, you may somehow start to look at certain areas of your life in a new way from a different perspective…from the perspective of making some kind of inner adjustment in your attitude or outlook. This can be quite significant because there can be major new developments that come in with this intense energy. You may have a better chance of succeeding by asking Life where you belong rather than trying to steer events from the egoic self.

These new interests or developments are likely to be involved with some of the major areas of your life: work, health, education, travel, relocations, business, or the arts. The challenge in navigating through these energies is to not try to take on too much and have something of a wait-and-see attitude toward some of the things that you’re trying to accomplish, especially if it’s health or job related. Perhaps the major key is to stay in harmonious relationship with those around you without compromising your basic values, though it’s also possible that someone may be leaving your life with some sense of regret or loss, and because Life itself may be bringing forth this change.

Mars in Sidereal Scorpio

Mars remains strong in its home sign through 10/18, and during this cycle it’s been heating up military conflicts and acts of war. Trying to help out is the aspect to the fiery planet from Jupiter in sidereal Cancer. Usually this is considered to be a good combination, but in this instance it seems to be stirring up religious fanaticism and a negative fundamentalism. After the 18thMars enters sidereal Sagittarius and may bring out the better more compassionate side of religious or philosophical actions. Let’s hope so!

Venus Strong

Starting on the 16th and lasting until 11/11Venus will be transiting the constellation of Libra, combined with the grounding and practical influence of Saturn, as a reminder of the importance of harmony, connection with others, and a sense of inner and outer peace regardless of what’s going on, especially starting with the balance from within. Venus-Saturn energy is about manifesting your creative ideas and putting them into an ideal form. Saturn somewhat slows down Venus so you can better weigh people and events from a more realistic standpoint. This combination of planetary influences can also have to do with the benefits of a May/December relationship where there may be a considerable difference in the ages of both people.

The Bottom Line

In general, the energies of life look heightened through the 26th. After that, the energy begins to settle down to become more stable and manageable, and the conclusions and revelations can be worked out during the coming weeks. In a sense, this is about some type of inner awakening, noticing things within yourself and others that you may have not been aware of up to now. By noticing, life takes on a deeper meaning and it can pull you in the direction of experiencing your heart’s desire at this eventful time. Wishing everyone the best of October!

Special hello to LeeLee in Houston.  😎 

Best wishes to all,
Sincerely, Haizen Paige

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September: The Triumph of the Familiar!

September is usually an interesting transitional month as we make the changeover from the summer and eventually come into the fall. Especially the middle part of September seems to be about looking at the practicalities, looking at our preparations for the fall, perhaps even getting back into some kind of a practical routine that feels so familiar and comfortable.

The month has a lot going for it. Mercury, the planet of the mind, is strong in its sidereal sign of Virgo through the 20th. Very good for working with finances and bank statements, knowing where your birth certificate is and other important documents, as our mind seems to be geared more along the lines of order and organization. After the 20th, the planet of the mind moves into the constellation of Libra, representing beauty, the arts, mental and emotional balance.

In addition planet Mars, the action and energy force, is in its home constellation of Scorpio until Oct. 18. The force behind what we want out of life may intensify our desires. So there’s likely to be more fortitude and determination for accomplishments of all kinds. Mars is also an energy that is good for home repairs, our own work or by others, and making some long overdue improvements in our surroundings.

Venus in Leo tends to bring out the warmer side of our relationships, our sense of fun, our affection for those we love, generally favorable for love affairs of all kinds. Leo is considered to be more of a heart energy, including our feelings for family and children. At its best we are reminded to remember our ‘inner child’ – that part of ourselves that remains eternally young and youthful no matter how old we may be in years. Wonderful energy. Enjoy the journey.

Sincerely, Haizen (

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Greetings, Earthlings! The month opens with Mercury (communications), Sun (vitality), and Jupiter (opportunity) in the sign of the “homing pigeon”, the constellation of Cancer. So there continues to be an important focus on matters connected with domestic happiness, preparedness and security. Because Mercury represents important documents and communications, it’s wise to give them special attention to protect your money and secure your future.

Sun enters its strong home sign of sidereal Leo on the 16th, and that should be beneficial for enjoying anything of personal interest, vacations, enjoying the arts or social occasions with loyal friends and family. It’s usually a sunny time outwardly and sometimes it can feel like a sunny time inwardly, as the sun represents light and the renewal of our spiritual energies.

Mars, the energy and initiative planet, is now in the same constellations as Saturn. Mars is like the accelerator of a car and Saturn is like the break pedal. This combination indicates certain matters that could be frustrating. This energy is also associated with accidents and injuries. So especially around the 25th it might be a good idea to be more careful than usual. Keeping these guidelines in mind should help keep you happy and healthy.

On the 17th, plus or minus a few days, Venus and Jupiter are together in the constellation of Cancer. There should be quite a show in the heavens and both are related to happy events in life, though both planets can also indicate too much of a good thing: self-indulgence, too many sweets, too many drinks, that can put on pounds or affect our overall health. As always, there’s never just one thing going on. But overall, the month of August looks enjoyable and perhaps even healing to the mind, body and spirit.

Sincerely, Haizen (


Mercury Retrograde is Over!

The planets remain highflying through JULY:

  • Jupiter, the planet of growth, expansion, and opportunity, remains strong in Cancer
  • Mercury, the planet of travel and communications, is in its home sign and strong in Gemini through July 28
  • Venus, the planet of love and the arts, is in its home sign and strong in sensual Taurus through July 28
  • Mars, the planet of action and adventure, is still gathering a head of steam since it went direct in motion on May 20

The combined force of these powerful sidereal sign placements represents a great deal of firepower that can support inevitable or constructive outer changes that might be right around the corner.
The idea is to look at the basic foundation of your life, starting with where you live and how well you’re getting along within your surroundings. Maybe it’s time for a change, either through your own volition or because of outside influences, and it may be worth the effort to look into other possibilities if you’ve been feeling restricted or dissatisfied.

  • Mercury, also related to change, is no longer retrograde starting on July 1. Very often this indicates important decisions that need to be made, a clearer frame of mind, the coming together of facts and information, and a certain amount of restlessness that can take your life in a stimulating new direction.

Look for important mail or communications that could have a bearing on your long-term future. Avoid getting yourself in a bind out of carelessness or indifference.

  • Mars, the planet of the chase, enters the relationship sign of Libra on July 13 and remains there through Sept. 4. This may have a way of heating up your love life or your creative activities. Mars in the same sign as stoic Saturn shows the need for patience in developing social opportunities.

So your social skills, your sense of diplomacy and fair play, may be put to the test in the coming weeks, and the best outcomes are likely to come by picturing a win-win situation for everyone.
Wishing everyone an enjoyable summer with some cooling breezes! 

Sincerely, Haizen Paige (

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Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter Update!

Special Note: Vedic astrology planetary positions are based on their location within the constellations of the Sidereal zodiac and not the Tropical signs.

It’s nice to be back!

June looks remarkable because, within the month, FOUR planets will be in either their ‘home’ or ‘exalted’ sidereal sign: Mercury in Gemini (home), Venus in Taurus (home), Jupiter in Cancer (exalted) and Saturn in Libra (exalted).

Home is Where the Heart is

Planets at ‘home’ indicate happiness, contentment, competence, confidence and capability. Planets ‘exalted’ are brilliant, blazing, shining, radiant, graceful and connected with positive karma and events – but the results you are likely to get depend upon how these same planets are situated in your natal chart, and sometimes a transiting planet that’s strong (its current position in the heavens) can also indicate major challenges but with a greater ability to overcome them. In general, your emotional drive and intensity is likely to be stronger than usual, and major opportunities for growth, success, healing and well-being, can emerging from out of nowhere. In other words, there’s a greater chance to be at your best and profit from your own talents and strengths, or the strengths and talents of others.

Mercury Retrograde!

Mercury transits sidereal Gemini, but goes retrograde on June 7 (4:57 AM/PDT) and ends on July 1 (5:50 AM/PDT). The Gemini influence can stimulate mental agility, versatility, success in intellectual pursuits, connections with siblings, general curiosity about life, restlessness, the desire for travel or for greater variety and change. Mercury retrograde sometimes has a way of throwing a monkey wrench into your best laid plans or your usual schedule, so it’s helpful to remain adaptable or try again after a recent setback or failure. Computer snafus and problems are usually more likely, but look for overall gains in life from the challenges you experience.

Venus in Stable and Creative Mode

Venus transits sidereal Taurus, June 18 through July 13, 2014. Here’s Venus at her touchy-feely, sensual best. Imagine the sensation of your fingers running over silk or velvet and you’ll get the idea. Relationships can thrive or get through the challenges of life with more stubborn resolved and determination.

Venus is also related to the luxuries of life. Worth saving up for! Relationships are greatly helped along when there’s a solid economic foundation to support them, all things considered including the spiritual dimension.

Jupiter in Cancer

It’s always a major event in astrology when one of the powerhouse planets changes signs. On June 18, Jupiter, the planet of optimism, prosperity, improvements and spirituality, moves into the exalted sign of sidereal Cancer. This happens only once every 12 years and it means that Jupiter can amplify the good that’s operating somewhere in your life. The gains can be on the material and/or spiritual level. In some way your wisdom will be more accessible and lead you into a more fulfilling path of life, help you financially in some way, be beneficial to your family and your overall living conditions.

So with Jupiterian energy, the beneficial areas of life are improving and the sign of Cancer specifically represents home and family. It also represents developments around property and real estate. This means that changes are in the air around our living conditions and this should be a beneficial period for renovations and improvements in the coming months. The energy of Jupiter also tends to be protective, so even though there may be a rearrangement of your finances, or the means of paying for something, you should be okay as these general improvements are finally implemented.

Saturn in Libra

Saturn, the counterbalancing force to Jupiter, is strong as well in the sidereal sign of Libra. This is the exalted sign for Saturn, the planet of experience, of responsibility, of paying attention, and of restructuring our basic foundation of life. With both Jupiter and Saturn strong, we are in the position to experience a reorganization of our lives from a long-term point of view. While the energy of Saturn is somewhat restrictive and potentially worrisome, its energy should help us to take advantage of the opportunities that Jupiter brings, especially if it relates to home, family, and real estate. It’s possible this Jupiter cycle, which lasts until July 13, 2015, will loosen up the real estate market and show greater prosperity. This Jupiter cycle can also be rewarding for those who are spiritually or religiously inclined, for it often brings a marvelous sense of well-being that comes from within and from our connection with the eternal energies of life.

Best wishes to all,

Sincerely, Haizen Paige

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Eclipse Update!

The two main events that dominate the month are both eclipses: the lunar eclipse on the 15th and the solar eclipse on the 29th.

I’m writing this on the 13th as the energy of the lunar eclipse is building, and there’s a certain amount of tension that comes with it. “As above, so below.” It feels like being in a sandwich with the power of the Sun on one side and the power of the Moon on the other, and there’s a special aliveness that comes with being inside this combination of potent energies. It’s as if they have a message for me and are wanting me to pay attention.

Eclipse periods can be when we feel the most alive, the most vibrant, the most alert, the most aware – or the most dissatisfied and stressed. “Awareness” is a good word because eclipses are considered to be spiritual in nature and their powerful energy is about “waking up”. Waking up can mean a lot of things, but usually it means that we are becoming less focused on our attachment to worldly affairs and more aware of the eternal nature of our Being.

Eclipse periods are also about dealing with some of the major issues in life: work, relationships, health issues, relocations, the ending of one chapter in life and the beginning of a new one. It helps to go into silence and be aware of new impulses, new creative ideas, new feelings and insights. Life itself is in the process of renewing our affairs and we’re being re-fueled with solar energy to last until we enter the next eclipse period in October. In the meantime, we are in a particularly creative period as well as being in a position to benefit from exercising a certain amount of restraint and awareness in our daily affairs.

Venus passing through Aquarius for the entire month indicates a renewed sense of community, freedom of thought, and perhaps an increased friendliness among neighbors that is good for the soul. Group activities should flourish, new friendships made, and a renewed spirit of adventure, especially starting around the 13th of the month when the Sun moves into the super-strong sign of sidereal Aries. Aries energy indicates drive and purpose, courage and openness to face the new. It can also indicate better physical conditions that are helped with good nutrition and exercise. (Some people have great success in losing weight by cutting down on dairy and high glycemic index foods such as starchy potatoes, rice, bread, or such vegetables as high glycemic carrots and beats, and being able to eat just about anything else to be satisfied.)

The energy planet Mars retrograde is still more intense than usual going in to May. So tempers may still be short or conflicts seeming to come from out of nowhere. Greater patience and non-judgement of others may be required if one has a hair-trigger temper. On the positive side, this is the opportunity to slowly build up your energy over time, get rest, make it easier on yourself to get around, or get a second opinion on a medical matter. Doctors come in all shapes and sizes and if you’re not getting the results you want with one, there may be someone out there who’s so much better. Mars is related to the function of the adrenals and the health of the blood, and a blood check-up might be a good idea within the month if you have doubts.

Mercury and Jupiter are working together and this could stimulate physical and mental restlessness. But it should be a good month for study, research, and communications of a special kind.

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What’s Up With Mars!

Special Note: Vedic astrology planetary positions are based on their location within the constellations of the Sidereal zodiac and not the Tropical signs.

So . . . How’s your energy?

Mars, the planet of initiative, physical vitality, muscular strength and health, is being highlighted betweenMarch 1 and May 19. During this time, Mars will be retrograde (appearing to be going backward in its orbit from the viewpoint of earth) and stronger than usual.

This emphasis can be rewarding or frustrating. Why? Because Mars likes doing things in a direct way. But when operating in retrograde motion the overly direct approach can sometimes cause more problems than it solves. So we’re being asked to be more aware of not forcing conditions, perhaps by trying a more indirect approach, or being more strategic in carrying out our purposes and plans. It’s not surprising that Mars is considered to be the planet of war and military conflicts.

Also significant is that Mars is the planet of anger. So when frustrations mount or actions are blocked, our subconscious angers can build and build and build until they reach an explosion point that can be disruptive to the overall harmony of ourself or relationships. Nevertheless, this period can be rewarding for doing inner work on our doubts and fears, and converting the energy into something more constructive or positive. The guiding light is our awareness to observe our desire to force or push things through, perhaps unwisely, rather than observe our unconscious reactions to things and pause in stillness for a brief moment before going ahead. In a sense, we may experience more frustration in going after what we want, yet at the same time we may be capable of having greater mastery or self-control.

Mars retrograde is generally not recommended as the greatest period for starting major new projects. But it can be excellent for making repairs, renovations, or trying a new manner of strategy on an already existing project.

Health-wise, Mars is also associated with the function of the adrenals and the health of the blood. If one is accident prone, it may also be a good idea to minimize the risks of accidents or injuries in the home.

On the wildly positive side, Mars represents our spirit of aliveness and a great deal can be accomplished in the coming weeks by exercising the right strategy.

Best wishes to all.
Sincerely, Haizen Paige
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February Mercury Retrograde is Up!

Special Note: Vedic astrology planetary positions are based on their location within the constellations of the Sidereal zodiac and not the Tropical signs.

As the Sun passes through the constellation of Capricorn, through the 12th, there’s likely to be an additional emphasis on material, business and practical affairs, not so much as a worry but to ensure greater efficiency, progress and peace of mind.

After the 12th, Sun enters the sidereal sign of Aquarius, which favors group activities, communal affairs, enjoyable get-togethers with friends, and a more sociable climate overall. This combination of the practical and the social should be productive in a number of ways, and it’s a chance to get back in touch with some of your favorite people.

The planet Mercury is back center stage and it’s about to turn retrograde on Feb. 6. Mercury is the communications planet and relates to such things as paperwork, documents, agreements, job searches (including for part-time work), commitments, contracts, and staying current with the latest up-to-date news or information.

A retrograde planet is one that appears to be moving backward in its orbit from the standpoint of earth, so this three week period that ends on the 28th is considered auspicious to go over past efforts, review options, reread your favorite books, find important papers, and handle any unfinished business of the last 90 days. In other words, it’s a chance to catch up on some of the loose ends of your current affairs and creatively vary some of your daily routines to add interest to your personal life. On the debit side, there’s likely to be more unexpected schedule changes, dealings with those who may be less than reliable, or unanticipated equipment failures at inconvenient times. Expect the unexpected and remain flexible in your approach to business and personal affairs.

Between the 1st and 12th, Mercury is passing through the part of the heavens related to healing illnesses (Shatabhisha nakshatra), whether spiritually or physically. So this can be an advantageous time to obtain good health information, take a new look at your physical condition and consider varying your health routines. This particular influence will also recur during the second half of March, giving you more time to take an in-depth look at what might be ailing you and ways of feeling better. Sometimes it only requires a singular change that can help eliminate discomfort and bring your health back into balance.

Between Feb. 12 and Mar. 19, Mercury is passing through the part of the heavens related to wealth and abundance (Dhanishtha nakshatra), including any activities regarding property and real estate, possible improvements or renovations that will be taking place during the year. It’s also considered favorable for improving your surroundings or adding more comforts to your life. This can also be an auspicious time for the arts, for dancing or playing musical instruments, in order to feel a greater sense of emotional well-being and a fuller self-expression. There’s also the greater possibility of enjoying more travel, but it might be wise to double-check any travel arrangements, appointments or meetings.

Wishing everyone a great month.

Sincerely, Haizen

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Venus Retrograde Revisited

Special Note: Vedic astrology planetary positions are based on their location within the constellations of the Sidereal zodiac and not the Tropical signs.

Welcome to the New Year! With everyone’s permission I will continue to take each month one at a time rather than trying to do a complete overview of the entire year, though it might be helpful to list the dates of Mercury retrograde at the end of this forecast so you can plan ahead in greater detail if you wish.

January opens with Venus still in its retrograde motion, having started on Dec. 22 and continuing through Jan. 31. Venus goes retrograde far less often than Mercury, so when it does it’s like taking a special initiation into a deeper awareness of our interconnections with others that places more importance on our perceptual awareness than on our outer circumstantial conditions. Yet, there can be noticeable outer developments as far as whether we are at peace with others or not, both past and present. In some instances, we pick up the emotional pieces of the past in order to resolve them, not only with friends or in romance, but with family members as well.

When Venus finally goes direct in motion on the 31st and is no longer retrograde, our emotions tend to be more clear about what’s appropriate or right in our interactions with loved ones, usually on a more realistic level as well as having greater clarity on the romantic or emotional possibilities. Relationships seem to move forward with a greater mutual understanding, shared objectives, or balance in sharing. It’s worth paying closer attention to the possibility of there being subtle emotional shifts or a change in the status of important relationships starting on the 31st and continuing through Mar. 4, a four week period after Venus is no longer retrograde in which we can implement or stabilize those changes, keeping in mind that we’re talking about subtle changes that may be almost imperceptible to others unless they are looking for this same subtle shift.

Starting on Jan. 11, Venus moves back into sidereal Sagittarius and can be energizing to relationships, being a more optimistic, uplifting and inspiring influence. This can also be a more auspicious time for engaging in the arts or projects related to renovations, remodeling, home improvements, or any circumstantial changes that have a harmonizing influence on your level of comfort. This includes the great relief of getting rid of the old and outworn or for recycling anything unused for a long period of time; but be sure to double-check getting rid of something that you might regret letting go of later… That’s the tricky part of dealing with Venus retrograde – our values are in a state of flux and we may be unsure of what to retain; it’s usually a time when we’re processing our attachment to things.

With Venus being the planet of marriage, its retrograde motion is not considered favorable for a first-time marriage, but not unfavorable for a remarriage or the spiritual rededication of an already existing one. Or in the case of a troubled relationship, it can be an auspicious time to seek counseling, go on a marriage or relationship retreat, or do something special that breaks the usual pattern and invites a greater sense of emotional or spiritual renewal.

With so many demands on our individual lives, it’s sometimes difficult to spend time with someone we deeply care about without the daily demands of life possibly coming in the way of expressing the love and appreciation we have. So there’s the opportunity between now and the end of the month to start over emotionally after getting rid of the emotional baggage that may have been standing in the way.

Venus remains in upbeat Sagittarius through Feb. 20 – auspicious to explore new ways of pleasing your partner, getting out and about, and experiencing the greater sense of adventure that’s more than what you may usually experience in the day to day, with of course every relationship unique in what keeps it healthy.

Elsewhere, Mercury retrograde will be in effect between the following dates:

  • February 6 to February 28
  • June 7 to July 1
  • October 4 to October 25

Wishing everyone a great 2014.

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Sincerely, Haizen


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