Readings & Services

Natal (Rasi) Chart: Covers the major highlights of your chart, including the houses, planetary strengths (sign and house positions), aspects, major yogas, and an analysis of the current Dasha period (life cycle) you’re passing through, plus a discussion of the major transits (Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu, and by request, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). You receive a copy of your Rasi (natal) chart via e-mail prior to the phone reading as well as a digital recording of the reading that you can immediately download to your computer desktop after it’s sent, playable by any mp3 player such as iTunes. Same or next day readings are sometimes available depending upon when I receive the request (so not always available). Readings last between 60 and 80 minutes so they will fit on one CD which you can play anywhere. I sometimes work on a sliding scale depending upon one’s financial conditions: $195

Yearly Forecasts and Updates: To stay current with your Rasi/Natal chart, it’s a good idea to update your chart at least once a year. Some of my clients do an update every six months and that makes it possible for me to get to know you better and go into your chart in greater detail. $195

Compatibility: Explore the strengths and weakness of any partnership, plus its future potentials… Compare your chart with someone you are married to or thinking about marrying. Find out if you have the necessary Sun, Moon, Lagna (Ascendant) ties between your natal and Navamsha charts for the longevity of the relationship. Find out what your charts have to say about sexuality, mental affinity, and overall life-style choices. Most people prefer to have this done before marriage rather than after, but marriage charts can help illuminate problems even after marriage or with regard to any serious relationship. $195

Real Estate Astrology: Available if you’re looking for a window of opportunity in order to buy or sell your home in a slow market, or you desire the most auspicious listing date in order to sell your home ASAP. There are a number of factors in Vedic Astrology that have a direct bearing on the sale of homes or property, such as the Moon in an auspicious nakshatra pertaining to real estate, the right constellation and phase of the Moon, a strong lagna (rising sign), plus other significant astrological factors, and then lining them up properly. (The last four clients I’ve chosen a listing date for have sold their homes within a four-month period or sooner in a slow economy.) For further details, contact Haizen: $195

Astro-Carto-Graphy/Relocation Charts: If you are thinking of moving, a relocation chart can help you narrow down the choices. The reading starts with an analysis of the area you are currently living in, followed by an analysis of the three other cities you are considering. The Locality Maps show where you natal planets are in the strongest positions in the world, both on your Lagna/Ascendant angle, the angle of your MC, and the Paran Crossings that can activate a specific Latitude line around the world. You also find out on the world map, the other areas where your best natal planets are the strongest: $75

Excellent reasons for having a Reading:

  • It’s the beginning of a new year and you want to look ahead
  • It’s been more than a year since your chart was updated
  • You’ve never had a Vedic reading before
  • It’s your birthday month
  • You want to clarify your life purpose
  • You’re interested in a compatibility analysis
  • Your intuition is prompting you
  • You want to know more about your soul purpose
  • You have a sense of fun and spiritual adventure
  • You need a relocation chart because you’re moving
  • You want to learn more about your karma
  • You want to know about the other people in your life
  • The world situation is making you nervous
  • There is something going on you can’t put your finger on

—Best wishes from Haizen