The Great American Total Solar Eclipse

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I couldn’t let the opportunity go by to make a few observations about this important event.

The Vedic astrological influence of Monday’s Total Solar Eclipse (in certain parts of the country) will extend beyond just the date it takes place… The following is information that might be of interest in the coming days; and it’s worth mentioning that an eclipse is a global phenomenon. It can affect everyone, even if they are not living in an area where the light of the Sun is not totally blocked out by the Moon. So this forecast is not just about today.

Where to watch the Eclipse Live starting at 8:30 AM/PDT:

What’s so special about this one?

It’s been 99 years since a Total Solar Eclipse has crossed the country from the Pacific to the Atlantic. The Eclipse on June 8, 1918, crossed the States from Washington to Florida.

Where will it be visible?

Starts in Oregon, gradually bends slowly downwards and passes through the entire continental United States, ending in South Carolina.

How long does the influence of a Solar Eclipse last?

The amazing thing about the energy of an eclipse is that it starts building before the actual date, sometimes even a month or two ahead of time. Then starting about 10 days before the eclipse, the energy really begins to build, and its heightened state doesn’t begin to taper off until about three days after the exact date. In other words, the impact is not just on the day but can extend its influence during the coming weeks.

Where the Eclipse lands in your Vedic horoscope tells you what area of life is likely to be affected. The effects are even more pronounced if the eclipse is in the same degree as one of your natal planets (“grahas” in sanskrit), or opposite a natal planet. There will be a subtle change of consciousness around the meaning of that planet over time. If Venus, for example, there can be a major shift in one’s attitudes toward relationships or marriage. If Mars, then a shift in the way that you express the physical energy, or there’s a great need to guard against mishaps or injuries. Mars also represents the muscular system.

What’s a Total Solar Eclipse?

The Moon is perfectly aligned between the Sun and the Earth. Because the Moon is approximately 400 times smaller than the Sun, and also 400 times closer, the Moon can block out the light of the Sun during a Total Solar Eclipse. The result is that from Earth they appear to be the same size.

What are the Vedic Astrology effects of the Eclipse?

The Sun and Moon will be united in the nakshatra of Magha. (Nakshatras are 13-degrees and 20’ divisions of the visible sky, the constellations. There are 27 and each one has its own meaning.)

Magha is connected with our ties to our ancestors. This could be your departed parents, grannie or grandpa, great-grandparents, a brother or sister who has passed over, someone where there is a blood tie that leads genetically to you and your birth. Without them you wouldn’t be here. Some of these relatives or ancestors you may even know nothing about. But they extend back into time and they still exist in spirit.

So this is a time when we have the opportunity to acknowledge our ancestors or relations in gratitude. It can be in thought, or lighting a candle, saying a prayer, asking for a blessing, perhaps sense if there’s something they’re trying to convey. This can be a period where something could be exchanged that is of a healing nature, so all parties can be more at peace. This acknowledging does not necessarily have to be on the exact day of the eclipse but in the following days.

I should also mention that eclipse energies can sometimes be disruptive. Unexpected events can happen that could be upsetting, because the emotional reactions can be more intense.

The actual day of the eclipse is considered as highly spiritual. In the native American Navajo tradition, they do not look at the eclipse because they view it as the mating of the male Sun principal and the female Moon principal. They allow them to mate in privacy as they start a new cycle of consciousness that extends to those on Earth.

So another way of looking at the eclipse is that it represents the closing of one cycle and the beginning of a new one, and the transition is not always smooth. It may take time to work out all the details, or let go of the past. So clearing the energy in some way, lighting a candle, using purifying incense, meditation, prayer, and burning sage or cedar, can help clear out the negative energy of the old and prepare the way for the new.

Wishing everyone a healthy Solar Eclipse, and keep in mind that its influence extends beyond the day it happens, sometimes weeks and months into the future.

Sincerely, Haizen (

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