December Cosmic Palette Forecast

Despite the recent presidential election, Jupiter, the planet of growth, and Saturn, the planet of stability, are in an harmonious relationship over the next few weeks. This can be good for the overall economy as it goes through a reorganization. These energies should also contribute toward stabilizing our own personal affairs on the financial level.

From the 2nd through the 29th, Venus, the planet of relationships, love and the arts, will enter the practical sign of Capricorn. This should be favorable for some type of collaborative ventures with those we love. Mars, the energy planet’ is also traveling through Capricorn for part of the month, and this is another indication that we have more focused energy and this period could be great for the arts or other ambitious projects.

Sun and Saturn continue to pass through the intensity of Scorpio and come together on the 10th, representing some potential hesitation, restriction or doubt in our personal affairs, banking, or joint financial conditions, on a short-term basis. Keep your faith and know that you may have untapped resources, even friends or advisors, that can be of help to you.

On the 16th, Sun enters the optimistic sign of Sagittarius and will remain there for four weeks. This indicates a relief from some of our personal fears about our future, and will benefit long-distance communications of all kinds, whether through actual travel or other forms of communication. Mercury also in Sagittarius also shows a more hopeful outlook and improved understanding.

The hotspot of the month is likely to be around the 26th, when Mars, the planet of aggression, and the South Node, which represents the mysterious or unexpected, come together in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius. This is always an uneasy planetary combination, so hopefully there won’t be any major negative events that involves major political or military aggression.

The Christmas forecast shows the Moon in Scorpio for most of the day, which might be a little bit uncomfortable at times with friends or family, because it has to do with our deeper emotions and conditioning. But the Moon is also in the part of the constellations that’s related to friendship and partnerships. There’s still something going on that promotes cooperation and gives compassion, devotion and love. The idea is to see some type of balance in relationships by sharing and accommodating others. The real gift is how we deal with others.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and holiday season.Sincerely, Haizen

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