November Cosmic Palette Forecast

It’s been a little bit intense lately, hasn’t it? Astrologically, we can partly ‘blame’ this on Venus transiting through the intensity of sidereal Scorpio, a trend that will continue until Nov. 6, two days before the election.

On the 6th, Venus, the planet of social interaction, moves into more optimistic sidereal Sagittarius. So regardless of the outcome of the election, there should be a great sense of relief that the election is indeed over, perhaps a more hopeful mood about the future, despite it all, even if below the surface there’s still the uncertainty because of a great new wave of revolutionary change on its way. This should be a good transit for the season of Thanksgiving and help set up the Christmas season as well.

The uncertainty also has to do with the continuing transiting Saturn in Scorpio, which can represent deeply unconscious fears and forebodings. Saturn still has a year left of transiting Scorpio, so it looks like there’s long-term turbulence ahead related to the needs of the work-force and the struggling middle-class in America. But it’s possible this energy will lead to some revolutionary economic reforms in banking and business and get the country back on a more stable financial basis.

So, as already mentioned, Venus enters Sagittarius on the 6th and will remain there through Dec. 2.

Mercury, the planet of decision, enters the intensity of Scorpio on the 8th and will remain there through the 28th. This should favor the handling of personal debts, but possibly creating more of them too, or any personal financial situation related to banking or investments. Since Mercury represents paper work and documents, there may be a great urgency to handle them efficiently with regard to your future financial well-being. Keep important papers where you can find them and safeguard them from loss or destruction.

Mars, the action planet, is now transiting through Capricorn and auspicious for a more efficient use of your personal energy over the coming month. It favors those who have developed good health habits, who like to achieve in some way, perhaps those who like to get involved with some supplementary sideline financial or social activities.

Wishing everyone the best of health and spirit in November.

Sincerely, Haizen Paige (

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