Haizen’s September Cosmic Palette Newsletter

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Solar Eclipse of Sept. 1

An Eclipse represents a new cycle of growth or a new start in life, depending upon where it falls in your vedic horoscope. This one takes place in the constellation of Leo in Purva Phalguni lunar nakshatra. (A nakshatra is a 13-degree and 20-minute division of a constellation that has a specific energy and meaning.) Consequently, this energy is related to possible changing conditions in marriage, marital happiness, and also in certain instances the chance of receiving a family inheritance. Finding rest and relaxation may be a challenge, as well as going through an assessment related to having fun(!), a social life, and challenges in the personal expression of your innate creativity.

Lunar Eclipse on Sept. 16

Taking place in Pisces in the lunar nakshatra of Purva Bhadrapada, its symbol is associated with the sword or the two front legs of a funeral cot. Despite its ominous-sounding symbols this energy can signify a cleansing spiritual power and the use of fire as a form of purification. Here’s potential transformation, sacrifice and devotion to a higher cause.

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Jupiter in Virgo Review

As mentioned in the last special edition, Jupiter changes constellations only about once every year, so it’s considered a major planetary event when it does.

Jupiter entered Virgo on AUG. 11th and will continue through Sept. 12, 2017. This will be particularly significant for those who have Jupiter as a friendly planetary lord to your vedic (“lagna”) rising sign: Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter can still bring auspicious results in other charts if it’s strong and well-placed.

Jupiter in Virgo has its virtues. In essence Jupiter’s energy will likely be more conditioned with a greater sense of earthiness and practicality. As previously mentioned last month, Jupiter in Virgo’s planetary energy will likely favor those in medical fields, those in lab work, teachers, writers, accountants, counselors, and those who have talents in the arts and crafts… It’s also considered favorable for studies, education and apprenticeships, not to mention for successfully overcoming adversaries and obstacles. The more dedicated the worker (within reason!), the more conscientious the practical efforts, the better the results during this 13-month period. The general atmosphere may also feel more grounded, earthy, slow or deliberate after the whirlwind, fire and explosive turbulence of the previous twelve months.

Negative Jupiter in Virgo results can come from being overly fault-finding, too critical of others, or having a reluctance to seize those opportunities to improve your life when they’re presented.

Review of Mercury Retrograde, 8/30—9/22

This period takes place several times a year and usually lasts for approximately three weeks. At such times, Mercury is closer to the earth and acts much stronger than usual. This is why some individuals may have trouble, as the planet of communications and information will be flowing with a greater abundance of energy.

Because of this excess of Mercury’s force, its retrograde period is generally not considered a favorable time for signing contracts, beginning new business ventures, buying new software or electronic equipment, purchasing new vehicles, or making major purchases. BUT… if it’s necessary to go ahead on any of these activities, try to maintain a certain flexibility in keeping your options open in the event that you change or mind or need to return items. (I ordered a BlueRay player under a direct Mercury and it turned out not to be the model I expected when I received it after Mercury went retrograde.)

The best part of Mercury retrograde is that it can be auspicious for reorganizing your life, getting back to a healthy diet or sensible exercise program, sending off items to the local second-hand shop so others can benefit.

It’s also usually wise not to obligate yourself to a long-term commitment in case you decide to change your mind after Mercury is no longer retrograde. Short-term contracts are generally more favorable, and sometimes dramatic, vitally important new information can come after its retrograde period is over. Opportunities for finding part-time work is generally considered more favorable, as this can be a time of change or adjustments in the business world.

Despite its sometimes vexing nature, Mercury retro can be excellent for refining or trying to improve communications, improving or polishing an already existing project, editing or revising manuscripts, communicating with those special people from your past, or repairing mechanical or electrical gadgets.

Wishing everyone an enlightening September.

Sincerely, Haizen Paige (www.haizen.com)

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