JUPITER changes constellations only about once a year, so it’s considered a major astrological event when it does. Jupiter entered Virgo on the 11th and will continue through Sept. 12, 2017.

What does Jupiter signify?

Jupiter indicates the area of your environment and circumstances where there may be the greatest opportunity for breadth of experience, a wide range of interests and activities. Here’s where there’s likely to be increased good will, protection, preservation… recompenses and compensations of one kind or another, perhaps in the “coin of the realm,” or also in a psychological sense. It represents an area of life of generosity, sometimes to the point of lavishness or extravagance. Should there be any problem with Jupiter energy, it’s likely to be one of overmuch than too little, of prodigality instead of greed. There is expansiveness and the opportunity for expansion with regard to the persons, places, and things indicated by transiting Jupiter’s House position… It can represent a heaping spoonful of blessings, depending upon where it’s currently placed in your personal chart.

What does Virgo signify?

 Virgo indicates such areas as health, service, employment, purity of nature, craftsmanship, attention to detail, perfection through purification, analysis, repairs, practicality, studiousness, high standards, commercial instincts, tidiness, letters and numbers. On the debit side, it can represent being worried, skeptical, frustrated, fault-finding, lonely, or lacking in self-motivation.

What does Jupiter in Virgo indicate?

There’s likely to be a subtle change in the climate of the air from Jupiter in Leo. Jupiter is considered more compatible in Leo, as both the planet and sign are capable of expressing a fiery spontaneous energy. But Jupiter in Virgo has its virtues too, even if it’s considered to be inimical as far as its placement in the constellations. In essence, some of Jupiter’s energy will be more tempered by expressing a greater sense of earthiness and practicality.

Jupiter’s planetary energy is likely to favor those in the medical fields, those in lab work, teachers, writers, accountants, counselors, and those who have talents in the arts and crafts. It’s also considered favorable for studies, education, and apprenticeships. It’s also considered favorable for successfully overcoming adversaries and obstacles, and it favors those who are dedicated or good workers. If you know how to be a good servant, you’re likely to improve your status in life. But it’s a rise based upon effort and application rather than luck.

Because transiting Jupiter in Virgo is more friendly to some vedic rising signs than others, it’s necessary to see where it lands in your vedic chart and what Houses it rules.

In the meantime, the atmosphere may feel more grounded, earthy, slow or deliberate after the whirlwind, fire and explosive turbulence of the previous twelve months. Unfortunately, the change does not necessarily indicate that religious or cultural differences between countries will improve. The negative Jupiter in Virgo experience results from being overly fault-finding, critical of others, or having a reluctance to seize those opportunities to improve your life when they’re presented.

Review of Current Planetary Transits

The action planet Mars and the frustration and delay planet Saturn are still moving toward a powerful and intense conjunction in Scorpio on the 23rd. In other words this energy is building. Consider it a battle between the ‘go’ energy of Mars and the ‘stop’ energy of Saturn – again, like a car running with its breaks on.

In its extreme expression, Mars/Saturn can indicate great bitterness and resentment that some individuals may feel compelled to act out. The Scorpio influence can get real nasty in people harboring long-term antagonisms and/or the desire for revenge. One can only hope that innocent people will not be harmed during the month.

At its best, Mars/Saturn can make for great progress on challenging projects. Whatever destruction it brings is so that one can rebuild on a new foundation. Mars/Saturn can also indicate accidents to the unwary. Make sure your car is in good repair.

The tension between these two planets begins to tapper off after the 23rd, when they are free and clear of each other and Mars finally leaves Scorpio on Sept. 17.

Mercury Retrograde 8/30—9/22

This period takes place several times a year and usually lasts for approximately three weeks. At such times, Mercury is close to the earth and acts much stronger than usual. This is why some individuals may have trouble with it, because the planet of communications and information will be flowing with an abundance of energy.

Because of this excess of Mercury energy, its retrograde period is generally not considered a favorable time for signing documents, beginning new business ventures, buying new software or electronic equipment, purchasing new vehicles, or making major purchases. BUT… if it’s necessary to go ahead on such activities, try to maintain a certain flexibility to keep your options open in the event that you change or mind or need to return items.

It’s also usually wise not to obligate yourself to a long-term commitment in case you decide to change your mind after Mercury is no longer retrograde. Short-term contracts are generally more favorable, and sometimes dramatic, vitally important new information comes to mind after the retrograde period is over. Opportunities for finding part-time work is generally favorable.

Despite its sometimes vexing nature, Mercury retro can be excellent for refining or trying to improve communications, improving or polishing an already existing project, editing or revising manuscripts, communicating with those special people from your past, or repairing your mechanical or electrical gadgets.

Wishing everyone the best of Jupiter in Virgo!

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Sincerely, Haizen Paige

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