Haizen’s August Cosmic Palette Forecast

This month opens with the start of the New Moon on the 2nd in the constellation of Cancer. A New Moon represents a new beginning and the renewal of our significant affairs. The Cancer influence can obviously be very much concerned with home and family. In some ways, it may be the time to renew the energy with family, spend more time with them sitting around the TV, or try to heal some old wounds. Others will be finding their new home, settling in, or be able to enjoy their creature comforts more than usual.

Physically, the Cancerian influence is related to the areas of the breasts, chest, heart, stomach and digestive organs, or such issues as anorexia or emotional eating. But health may improve when there’s plenty of emotional support, a greater emotional outlet or sense of harmony with one’s family, friends or surroundings.

Venus (relationships), Mercury (communications), Jupiter (abundance), and the North Node/Rahu (intensity and change) are particularly being stirred up now and in the constellation of fiery and dramatic Leo for most of the month.

The Leo influence is playful, social and fun-loving, but the influence of Rahu can be fiery, unpredictable and turbulent. What may be needed more than anything is a decent amount of time off for play, sports, vacationing or entertainment, such as spending more time with one’s friends, enjoying movies, concerts, or seeking out a new creative way of doing thing. Despite all the terrible events happening in the world, Leo still represents the sunnier side of our personalities, and others will generally respond to this. The destructive side of Leo is EGO, self-centeredness, and the rigid desire to control the lives of others, including children.

Physically, Leo is associated with the spine, back, liver and pancreas, and this may be the time to get checked for diabetes, especially if it runs in your family. It might also be time for an adjustment of your spine or to make sure your heart isn’t skipping a beat.

Mars transiting the intense influence of Scorpio, related to joint or business finances, will be making a difficult transit of Saturn on the 23rd. This is not considered a favorable influence, because Mars can be explosive or inflammatory, and Saturn is frustrating or constricting. So when these two get together, there’s usually an intensification of a troubled area in your life.

The trouble might be related to sex, resentment, bitterness, even the desire for revenge. Scorpio is not a very forgiving influence unless one is on the spiritual path and takes the high road. Also on the more positive side, there may be an opportunity to get a few things off your chest that had been bothering you. The Scorpio can also be useful for engaging in challenging projects, as long as you are cautionary about the possibility of accidents. Don’t overdo yourself, if possible.

Overall, August has a lot going for it, some of it competitive and turbulent, and there may be still some unsettledness or uncertainty about recent changes. Nevertheless, expect more opportunities to enjoy yourself, more anti-stress playfulness and laughter, and it never hurts to be kind and generous when there’s a lot of Leo energy floating through the air. It’s hardly that everything is wrong in the world because there are terrorists, fanatics, bombs and explosions. We’re here to meet these challenges and transcend our limitations, rather than trying to pointing out how wrong the “world” can be. It’s not wrong… It’s just necessary and is always serving the best within us if we let it.

Sincerely, Haizen Paige.

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