Haizen’s July Cosmic Palette Newsletter…

Since June 30th, Mars, the planet of action & initiative, has started moving forward again. This should feel like something of a relief to help get things done more smoothly & efficiently. Since it takes a while for Mars to pick up speed, the momentum of life may start slowly and then gather more speed over the next few weeks. For some, it’s a chance to make a new start, perhaps be a little bit more adventurous, and have faith that new projects will come together in the end.

With a focus on the Sun (light!), Mercury (ideas!), and Venus (relationships!) in the constellation of Gemini, it can pay off to experiment with a number of different points of view or approaches to find the best solution for whatever you are trying to build or create. Planets in Gemini are generally stimulating to the mind, great for soaking up new information, and indicate versatility in action.

Of course, Gemini energy is also associated with a change of scenery. If not long-distance travel, then more of the short-term variety, even if it’s more trips around the block than usual, or increased social networking, or the most human of all, telephone calls to stay current with family or friends. It can be wonderful hearing the voice of loved ones and feeling their energy over the distance, rather than dashing off an email or relying only on Facebook.

Starting on the 6th, the focus of planetary energy begins to shift to the constellation of Cancer. This energy goes a long way to help fix up the home or apartment, or perhaps help someone else with theirs. Of course, the true satisfaction & peace of the home starts within the heart (!), and when we’re at peace there, our living conditions are magnetized to fall in place and we can feel just as secure outwardly as we do inwardly. So there’s a focus on these homey energies, and this can certainly include our closeness with our own family and reconciling differences, if necessary, that have been lingering over the past few weeks. To carry a hurt or be divided within ourselves can be hard on everyone, and now there’s a special chance to heal.

While Jupiter and Rahu (North Node) are still closely together in the constellation of Leo, there has been major political upsets and turbulence in the stock market – a temporary global period of chaos involving the economies of certain European countries. Naturally, this pattern can also affect one’s personal finances, though not necessarily in a negative way, as there is likely be an economic recovery. In the meantime, there’s a major adjustment going on in the marketplace. After the 13th, the Jupiter-Rahu conjunction begins to taper off and there’s a greater chance for stability to be restored. Part of the problem is that there has been a conflict between honoring one’s national interests and still doing what we can for others who have been forced out of their countries.

Mars returns to its own constellation of Scorpio on the 12th, lasting until Sept. 17, and this is a highly regenerative, highly constructive energy to help raise our standard of living, deal with banking and important financial issues (including joint or corporate finances), and perhaps regenerate our physical bodies as well. Scorpio is related to the eliminating functions of the body, freeing it of toxins, and making sure our internal plumbing is in good working order, so we can throw off whatever our body no longer needs as part of an important cycle of cleansing. Best wishes! 

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