Haizen’s June Cosmic Palette Forecast

While some of the energies of life may still feel held back and frustrating, there are a number of positives. Sun moving through the constellation of Taurus has had something of a steadying effect the first half of the month and helped sort out finances for some, perhaps even bringing a greater sense of calm and the acceptance of those situations that could not be changed. It may have been time to let go anyway

Venus was in Taurus starting May 19 – great for dealing with conditions that were in need of a quality makeover, and in search of value for the dollar. On the 12th, Venus moved into Gemini and remains through July 7. Gemini means variety & change, the acceptance of new conditions, inventive ideas and improved communications. Travel opportunities may develop and for some of you this can bring a nice change of pace or scenery. Love affairs are likely to be more about the enjoyment of stimulating change, playing the field, rather than settling down. Some will consider a second home or vacation spot, and this could be an auspicious time to weigh the possibilities.

Mercury, the planet of communications, travel and sales, moved into the financial constellation of Taurus on the 7th. Mercury loves being in Taurus when Venus is in Gemini – an exchange between the rulers of both constellations called a “parivartana yoga”—a combination of planetary energy considered auspicious for those involved in sales, artistic or remodeling pursuits or design. Sun entering the constellation of Gemini on the 14th adds to the further enjoyment of innovations and possible profits from major creative projects though mid-July.

On the 30th, the energy planet Mars will no longer be retrograde – appearing to move backward in its orbit from the viewpoint of Earth. It’s been retro for a long time—since mid-April. This important event can signal the release of a great deal of pent-up energy. Mars is extremely powerful now and has often been associated with FIRES and acts of violence – unfortunately, plenty evident in the news.

When Mars is no longer retrograde, it’s hard to say whether Mars will be more or less destructive; but if we’re lucky, Mars will start to signify more constructive action rather than violence, political assassinations, and senseless loss of life.

On the positive side, the release of pent-up Mars energy should be excellent for building and construction projects, major new activities, or for starting a business. If you have a habit of bumping into things, take extra precautions to guard against accidents, mishaps, and the hazards of fire. (I recently had an unexpected fire in my stove that could have had serious consequences.)

Watch yourself on the road too. Drivers could be unexpectedly more unpredictable and aggressive. But Mars moving forward again is considered favorable for balancing out the internal energies of the body through yoga or similar physical pursuits and exercises. Physically, Mars represents issues related to the adrenal glands, muscular strength, and possible impurities in the blood.

Overall, the energy of life are likely to somewhat smooth out during July and express itself more through conscious rather than unconscious actions. The change in Mars energy is an opportunity to get in touch with your basic drive for positive and constructive activities during the coming dynamic weeks.

—Sincerely, Haizen Paige

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