Haizen’s May Cosmic Palette Forecast

May opens with Mercury – representing communications, contracts, agreements, sales and travel – still retrograde until May 22. A retrograde planet is one that appears to be moving backward in its orbit from the viewpoint of earth and is actually considered stronger rather than weaker in its effects to influence and perhaps complicate the above conditions. So once again it’s time to think outside of the box and come up with creative answers in the event of delays or misunderstandings.

But on the upbeat side, this can be an excellent period for spiritual retreats, varying your usual and perhaps overly predictable routines.

Some will find the concentration to delve into the depth of things in search of hidden truths and wisdom. There are advantages in reworking ideas and projects until they finally gel.

Not only is Mercury retrograde, but so is Mars (action, energy & enterprise), Jupiter (finance & philosophy), and Saturn (responsibility, effort & reorganization). So we’re in an exceptional period of change, regeneration and reorganization that may require more in the way of exercising conscious awareness and making the incremental adjustments that lead to a successful outcome.

If we include the usual retrograde motion of Rahu and Ketu (the lunar nodes), this month will at times have 6 planets or points moving backward through the constellations and revealing a way to reconnect with the deeper more fundamental energies that continue to make life a rich experience.

There will also be an opportunity to pick up some of the loose ends of the past 90 days that have been left dangling. In addition, there’s something meaningful about going over old ground and reconnecting with former friends or business associates to find peace with regard to unresolved feelings or misunderstandings.

If necessary, some will be able to dig themselves out of a hole with regard to handling debts, joint or corporate financing, and get themselves on sound, realistic footing. Certain people may have a way of recycling back into one’s life and bring unresolved matters full circle.

Mars, the planet of energy and action, remains strong in Scorpio. Mars signifies property, real estate and construction projects. Mars retrograde between April 17 and June 29 can indicate a time of constructive repairs and beneficial renovations with regard to living conditions.

Mars strong can also represent unexpected dealings with computer repairs, electrical devices, and other forms of heavy equipment.

Physically, Mars represents the adrenals, muscles in general, and one’s chance to reassess one’s level of vitality and the advantages of regenerative exercise. Great for yoga, Tai chi, and Qigong.

The problematic side of Mars can be an indication of lingering frustration, inertia, bitterness, or repressed subconscious desires. At its most negative, its manifestations can include out-of-control situations such as road rage, physical abuse, or domestic problems. It’s no coincidence that Mars is the planet of war, and while closer to earth than it normally is, it can indicate intensified negative aggression as well as positive initiative.

The continuance of Mars with Saturn in Scorpio, through Sept. 17, is related to the benefits of well-channelled energy into building projects, construction, the clearing of land, physical renovations, and other situations that might involve heavy or strenuous labor. However, the gains can be considerable, the accomplishments great, in the establishment of a new foundation for future growth & development.

After the 22nd, when Mercury is no longer retrograde, major decision-making should be easier and contracts and agreements look more favorable. The idea is to pace yourself without forcing conditions. Where there is unexpected change, there can also be new life, new discoveries and renewed hopes.

Best wishes, Haizen Paige

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