Haizen’s April Cosmic Palette Forecast

Venus moves into a nice sweet spot this month, because it will be in its exalted sign of Pisces until the 24th. Here’s a combination of two good things, as Venus represents love, romance, marriage and beauty, and Pisces represents the beauty of imagination, idealism, and transcendental, universal love. In other words, Venus in Pisces loves to love. It’s the kind of love that doesn’t seek something in return… It simply wants to give up itself and sees the underlying spiritual unity within all people.

Planet Mercury will be in the martial sign of Aries from the 2nd of the month through June 7. That’s a longer time than usual, because Mercury will be retrograde from the 28th of the month until May 22. Martial means that the energy tends to be more direct in it communications, more forthright, and perhaps a little more impulsive as well. But if you need to be decisive, to make quick decisions in a crisis, Mercury in Aries will be of help and bring out the sharper aspects of your clever exchanges with others who may just be a sharp as you.

The Mercury retrograde period is still a reminder that sometimes it’s wise not to impulsively jump into situations, but rather take a few minutes to pause or reconsider before going ahead. This is also a time when you should double-check all business contracts before signing and not obligate yourself longer than necessary. Generally, it’s considered to be safer and more favorable to sign contracts when Mercury is not retrograde.

Mars remains strong in the constellation of Scorpio and will mostly be in Scorpio through June 17th. So here we have another martial energy at work that can either help you get things done in excellent style and form, or perhaps incline some of you to be more belligerent and war-like in order to get your own way.

The outgoing energy of Mars is still being somewhat held back, because it’s in the same sign as Saturn in Scorpio, and Saturn will continue to act like the breaks on a car that Mars is trying to accelerate. So there may some remaining element of frustration and a slow simmering antagonism that some of you are dealing with.

The best way to get through the frustration is by not forcing conditions and hanging loose in the saddle of fate. Keep your focus on Venus activities and the opportunity to forgive others, mend fences, enjoy promising social activities, and reminding yourself that this too shall pass.

Wishing everyone a wonderful April!

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