Haizen’s March Cosmic Palette Forecast

There will be the Solar Eclipse on March 8. Eclipse periods have a way of stirring us up, and there may be more changes than usual around us, energetically within us, or in the lives of those we know, particularly between now and the end of the month. Our lives are in the process of being regenerated and renewed – a welcome period for those who wish to stay engaged and interested in life. For some, this eclipse period represents the end of one phase of life and the beginning of a new one. This can be exciting… stimulating. It can also be a busy time outwardly, or the changes can be more internal, more about being centered in the moment and accepting what we may not be able to change for now. Since the energies are more amped up than usual, it may be wiser to deal with what life brings us rather than forcing conditions or becoming anxious. What matters is that we attend to our state of body and mind, check in on our inner balance, and see where there may be a vacuum in our life that is seeking to be filled by something new, as we prepare for much-needed change. Where the eclipse lands in your horoscope is where new attitudes are starting to emerge.

Since February 20, Mars, the energy planet… the planet of physical activity and the ability to get things done… is strong in its home sign of Scorpio. Mars loves it here because it represents our determination to finish whatever we start. Overall it’s generally considered good for health, exercise, dealing with any issues related to the adrenals, excellent for building muscle tissue, exerting ourselves a little bit more but wisely, so that we can feel more vital, sexy and alive. Mars will continue in Scorpio until September 17, except for the last two weeks in June and the first two weeks in July, when it will retrograde into the relationship sign of Libra. This appears to be a more active time for relationship that may have more passion or intensity than usual.

Important Note: Mars will be in Scorpio with Saturn until September 17… and these planets are not exactly friendly to each other. Mars is like the accelerator pedal in the car, and Saturn is like the brake pedal. So there’s a caution about forcing conditions, harboring feelings of bitterness or resentment, taking on too much, over-working, or being subject to pain or physical mishaps. On the emotional level, there may be a situation that involves a battle of wills or someone difficult to deal with. Perhaps the wisest strategy is to back off a little and see the situation from the other person’s point of view. The Mars-Saturn transit will not be exact until August 23, when it will be strongest. After that, it’s frustrating energy begins to taper off. In the meantime, these hot and cold energies are slowly building in intensity over time. In real estate, these energies can represent construction or home repairs.

There will also be a Lunar Eclipse on the 22nd, and it takes place in that part of the heavens associated with relationships and family unity. It’s possible these eras will be stirred up more than usual so they can be healed, if you’re willing to take the first step. After the 25th, the eclipse period is over and the energies of life begin to settle down… begin to normalize and become more manageable. It’ll probably be a relief!

Wishing everyone a vibrant and alive March! —Sincerely, Haizen (www.haizen.com)

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