Haizen’s February Cosmic Palette Forecast

As the month opens there is something of a philosophical trend and energy in the air for answers that may have more to do with getting to the bottom of disruptive outer chaotic and violent conditions taking place in the world. For some, this could lead them to read, research or delve into a greater understanding of the meaning of existence and perhaps feel better after having done so.

This seems particularly true because Mercury, related to the mind and the intellect, and Venus, related to our desire for harmony in connection with others, is traveling through the open, optimistic and philosophical sign of sidereal Sagittarius. Both planets are also transiting Pluto, and the energy of Pluto is very much oriented toward psychology, introspection, the desire for answers, and the drive to get to the bottom of situations in a profound way.

These energies may also relate to a sense of being isolated or alone, and consequently the desire to reach out for more or connect at a deeper level with others. These are profound forces at work and yet what’s important is that there can be an optimism and an underlying faith that the outer events of life have a deeper purpose and are working toward our highest good. In the meantime, there may be a sense that certain situations are getting worse rather than better. So staying on the positive may require being more conscious aware of our deeper self and its central importance.

On the 8th, Mercury, the planet of the intellect and communications, moves into the sidereal sign of ambitious and practical Capricorn. On the 12th, the relationship planet, Venus, also moves into earthy Capricorn. On some level, the energies of life might feel more matter of fact or perhaps less rewarding. So there’s perhaps something to be said about enjoying the activities of the day-to-day in a more grounded, productive or satisfying way.

Capricorn energies may also represent an auspicious time to consider what you’re good at professionally, or as a past-time, or as a supportive friend. You may be able to help loved ones reorganize their life, be an inspiration or resource if it appears they are reaching out for insight. Capricorn’s influence continues through the end of the month and there could be a number of surprising accomplishments by everyone.

Jupiter and the North Node (Rahu) are now in the same degree of the constellation Leo. Astrologically speaking, Jupiter signifies banking, the stock market, wealth, opportunities and finances in general. Jupiter does well in Leo but is someone bothered by the influence of the North Node and its unpredictable and turbulent influence. So consequently, there have been instabilities and losses in the stock market, the Chinese economy has suffered, and the overall financial climate has not looked as prosperous as last year.

Jupiter-Rahu’s disruptive influence is strong going into mid-March and continues into August. But this doesn’t mean that one has to be dragged down by the media negativity or by other dire prognostications. The investment picture and banking are constantly in a state of flux, so this is another indication that the year might warrant being a little bit more cautious in whatever you expect in the way of financial rewards. As mentioned in previous newsletters, steady financial dividends and stability might seem more desirable and more secure than taking the same risks as in the past. Get good investment advice.

Jupiter also relates to religion and philosophy, and the influence of the Rahu (North Node) continues to show turbulence with regard to religious and cultural events. Nevertheless, as bad a certain political and religious divides have been, it’s possible there will be more harmony in these areas later on in the year when Jupiter moves into Virgo on August 11.

What each of us can do is to keep the frequency of our energy as high as possible, not by wishful thinking, fantasy or empty idealism, but by staying inwardly harmonious as much as possible through our acceptance and attitudes toward whatever the Now brings.

This turns everyone into what Eckhart Tolle calls a “frequency holder” – someone who lives with a certain radiance that brings harmony into their surroundings without necessarily having to do anything. It is a state of being rather than thinking.

It’s that state of being the world could use more of, where we enjoy whatever we have in gratitude rather than unnecessarily interfering with others. Conscious seniors can play an important role along these lines, and their existence continues to make a major contribution in shifting the consciousness of the world toward a greater understanding & awakening.

Sincerely, Haizen Paige, Sedona, AZ

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