Haizen’s January Cosmic Palette Forecast

It’s always major when something important astrologically moves into a new sign. The Lunar Nodes (known as Rahu and Ketu in Vedic Astrology) move into the sidereal signs of Leo and Aquarius on the 8th. This influence lasts until September 2017 and indicates a major change somewhere in your material & spiritual existence – though it might not be obvious right off the bat – and can act as “awakeners”. (I go into the specifics in my yearly private forecasts… see Services in Menu).

Rahu transiting Leo represents the intensification of our self-determination and creative power; Ketu transiting Aquarius represents the deepening of our humanitarian and underlying desire for unity among all religions and cultures. This change is politically important and likely to indicate further turbulence outwardly. But inwardly and personally, it can move us forward, inspire us to be more dynamic, yet caring and compassionate. If you feel particularly stirred up in some dynamic new area of your life, it’s likely because of this influence.

Also important this month, Mercury in business-minded Capricorn will be retrograde between the 5th and the 25th. The Capricorn influence can be helpful in making important practical decisions, staying grounded and aware of our surroundings, plus organizing some of our important personal affairs. For some, the retrograde influence may represent a time of deeper reflection and is favorable for all spiritual pursuits. This cycle can also give another chance to reconnect with those we may have missed over the holidays.

On the 7th, Moon, Venus and Saturn will be in sidereal Scorpio and visible in the heavens. Scorpio represents regeneration and transformation on a psychological or even financial level. We can get a better grip on our finances or handle debts if necessary. Some may feel more isolated or lonely; but this is a perfect time to set a new course for yourself that may bring deep insights into your own nature and others.

Between the 20th and 31st, Mercury, the planet of communication, will be conjunct Pluto. This can greatly intensify thought processes, indicate scattered or restless thinking, perhaps bring a certain pressure in making decisions. But with proper research and preparation, decisions should be easier to make and there will be a quick grasp of every situation.

Be kind to yourself this month as you sense into these new energies. I feel them as quite distinctly different than what we had last year – perhaps a welcome change – and there are positives to be gained. —Sincerely, Haizen Paige (www.haizen.com)

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