Haizen’s December Cosmic Palette Forecast

Happy holidays! This month should come as a relief from much of the global turbulence of November. Intense! As the communication planet Mercury moves into the optimistic sign of sidereal Sagittarius on the 5th, and the Sun representing health and vitality enters Sagittarius on the 16th, the energies of life look more hopeful and positive.

Sagittarius being a fire sign is also related to enthusiasm and perhaps your desire to be more mobile and attend to all your activities connected with the holiday season. Since Sagittarius represents long-distance communications, it’s the perfect energy for sending out cards or making long-distance phone calls. It continues to look like there’s more focus on appreciating the positives in life and sharing them with those you love. It’s also possible you may hear from people in an unexpected but exciting way or receive news that is very uplifting or hopeful. That loved ones are safe is perhaps the greatest blessing of all in view of recent global events.

Until the 25th, planet Venus will be in one of its most auspicious signs: the constellation of Libra. This generally adds a special note of harmony, give-and-take, and affection with those you care about. Libra is also associated with beauty, enjoyable social activities, the arts in general, and will perhaps make it a little easier to choose just the right gift for those that you love. But this energy is not just about gifts; it’s about giving of yourself and letting others enjoy your presence or energy, perhaps communally. After the 25th, Venus moves into sidereal Scorpio and may intensify relationships or perhaps bring up financial or spending issues to be dealt with before they get out of hand. The energy could also carry an added note of emotional intensity or turbulence to help you get to the bottom of these important areas.  Psychological understanding of others can be healing and bring benefits to  calm any potential storms.

Mars is still moving through sidereal Virgo and may signify a certain fussiness or impatience about the handling of details. Around the 9th, Mars is in a tension relationship with Uranus and is a caution with regard to possible arguments with others or perhaps minor mishaps at home because of certain hazards. Living in a well-ordered environment can be a definite plus, if possible.

On Christmas Day, Moon will be in sidereal Virgo, especially that part of it associated with things made by hand (in Hasta nakshatra), something that might require craftsmanship or be related to the arts. That energy might inspire some of you to make something highly personal for those you care about. This special energy can also represent your desire to be helpful and serve others in some special way, such as a special experience you’re able to arrange for others. This is an intelligent place for the Moon and can indicate lively conversation, a sense of humor, and a clever wit.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas Day and the blessings of whatever faith you hold dear.

Sincerely, Haizen Paige

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