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I’d like to explain why this current retrograde cycle has been particularly difficult for some individuals, including yours truly. There are some unusual planetary patterns going on involving Mercury and Rahu (the North Node).

Mercury represents a number of important areas:
•      our connections with others
•      communications
•      transportation
•      travel
•      scheduling
•      contracts
•      the written word
•      mental function
•      calculations
•      errors
•      possible stress on our nervous system
•      health-issues related to the skin
•      our intestinal and immune functions
•      and in some instances our vulnerability to  contagious diseases

The emphasis on health has been stronger than usual because health-related Mercury has been transiting the constellation of health-related Virgo since Aug. 22. Mercury will remain in that constellation through Oct. 29.

Normally, Mercury transiting Virgo is considered a plus, because Mercury is considered to be strong in Virgo and capable of manifesting positive results.

But Mercury has also been weakened by recently being “combust the Sun” between Sept. 25 and Oct. 6.

Combust planets are so absorbed by the powerful rays of the Sun that they don’t function as usual and can sometimes indicate a weakness in a planet’s energy or some type of energetic disturbance.

In addition, Mercury has been transiting toxic and intense Rahu in Virgo, starting on Aug. 27. Mercury will also be in a particularly close conjunction with Rahu between Oct. 315.  So these potential disruptions or disturbances are happening right now.

Rahu (known as the North Node in Western astrology) is usually not considered a friendly influence on any planet it’s aspecting, though depending upon the circumstances in our Vedic horoscope, it’s still capable of manifesting positive results.

The toxic side of Rahu is associated with these important areas:
•      the need to be cautious in the use of drugs
•      addictions
•      obsessions
•      intoxicants
•      irregular or unwholesome habits
•      toxic influences in the environment

In general, Rahu’s influence represents a time for us to take better care of our mental and physical health, including our exposure to contagious diseases. But if something happens or we go off the beam, it’s better not to be too hard on ourselves, because even under the best of circumstances these kinds of difficulties can happen, and we do get the chance to regroup.

At best, Rahu energy can bring penetrating insights, worldly power and success, and the fulfillment of worldly desires.

While the Mercury and Rahu energies are strong, some of us may benefit by using the mantra associated with each planet to neutralize some of its negative effects, even if we simply post the mantra on our refrigerator:

•      The mantra to strengthen Mercury’s constructive energy is OM SRI RAMAYA NAMAHA: (pronunciation: Om shri rah-mi’-ya nah-mah-ha’)

•      The mantra to neutralize some of Rahu’s disruptive energy is OM RAM RAHAVE NAMAHA: (pronunciation: Om ram rah’-ha-vay  nah-mah-ha’)

After the 9th (7:57 AM/PDT), Mercury is no longer retrograde and will eventually pull away from Rahu’s influence, starting on the 15th, until Mercury finally leaves sidereal Virgo on Oct. 29.  Good news on the Vedic planetary weather report!

The mantras may actually be useful through the end of Oct.

Those who navigate these energies best may find that spending meaningful time in the quiet can be helpful & beneficial.

Best wishes, Haizen Paige

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