After the turbulence, aliveness and intensity of September, the energy during October should feel like something of a relief. The recent mental and emotional stimulation tends to settle down and feel more manageable. It’s almost like coming down from a high in which everything within our nature has been heightened in a very alive way. So the energy of the month may start to feel like our normal reality again, as if anything is exactly predictable or normal these days!

Even so, there may still be something that has us pondering about recent developments in our personal life, because Mercury, the planet representing our connections & communications with others, is still retrograde (introspective). This gives us a chance to reconnect with old friends, go over important financial or legal documents, reconnect with others, or perhaps go on a little sabbatical or vacation of some kind and vary our usual daily routine in an enjoyable way.

The two most emphasized constellations during the month are Leo and Virgo. Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are traveling through Leo, which happens to be connected with our ability to take risks and chances in life. This is why it’s often associated with speculation and developments in the stock market or investments. While Jupiter remains in Leo for about a year, the stock market is likely to be subject to fluctuations and there are likely to be various price corrections during that period, as the true value of things is being sorted out, but not without some possible losses along the way. It may be that people’s expectations for their returns on their investments are too high. On a personal level, it may be that our expectations of others may be too high and this is something for us to consider; in other words, to be more accepting of people’s limitations and the love that we expect from them. But overall, these planets in Leo can be a warming influence in our personal relationships.

Sun, Mercury and Rahu traveling through the constellation of Virgo operate more on the practical level and working out certain details related to our daily lives or health issues that we should not be neglecting. We get a chance to fine-tune our bodies in some way. On a global level, these energies relate to the massive displacement of people from their home countries because of war and political turbulence. There’s so much still to be worked out as far as what these people can do to educate themselves, find jobs, find food, or find housing. So the world is rethinking much about how we can best use our material resources to meet the humanitarian crisis that is ongoing. On a more personal level, there may still be something we can do to help out even if it’s to make a small donation or be supportive of those we know personally who are under stress.

On October 9, Mercury is no longer retrograde and the next few days may be important for making vital personal decisions that can affect your finances or health. As much as possible, make sure you have the health coverage that feels right for you or are working with the right physicians. Mercury is also associated with the practical functioning of the mind, and the energy related to this looks strong. Wishing everyone a wonderful October as we come back down to earth! More manageable.

Haizen Paige (www.haizen.com)

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