September Forecast… the Solar and Lunar Eclipses…

With Venus going direct in motion (no longer retrograde) on the 6th; a solar eclipse on the 13th; Mercury retrograde on the 17th; and a total lunar eclipse on the 28thSeptember is shaping up to be no ordinary month.

Two eclipses set the major tone of events when you are likely to be challenged more than usual in the amount of activity of your outer life, and there’s also a foreshadowing of new themes. These themes can be major – relocations, marriages, divorces, health challenges or improvements, job changes or the beginning of a new career, etc. One chapter closes and a new one opens!

In a sense, all major highways and byways of 2015 lead to September so everyone can make the most of the year and not leave behind a series of regrets. (In numerology, the numerical value of your Personal Month for September is the same as the numerical value of your Personal Year for the entire year – a double combination of energy that can add greater intensity and significance in your life experiences – in other words, climactic events in keeping with what life may be requiring of you and your personal hopes for the future while you continue to live in the Now. ;~)

The Solar and Lunar Eclipses

The partial solar eclipse on the 13th is in the “nakshatra” of Purva Phalguni. (The 27 nakshatras are important 13 degrees 20 minutes divisions of the sidereal zodiac with each division having a special meaning and significance.)

eclipseThe influence of Purva Phalguni is related to matters pertaining specifically to marriage and marital happiness… There may be more challenges or developments than usual along these areas, including significant public or legal happenings… Changes in the marriage laws have recently been in the news, and the controversy related to prejudice or religious objections is likely to continue into early November when the “biological urge planets,” Venus and Mars, representing gender issues, are no longer in close proximity.

Venus is love and Mars is passion. Consequently, matters pertaining to relationships are being stirred up as partners of all sexual orientations are eager to legally pair up to experience what marriage feels like. We’re in a cycle of social experimentation and progress, but not without its bumps in the road, its divisions, and the religious debates.

The solar eclipse on the 13th, with its effects extending into October, does indeed represent new beginnings and a heightened spiritual awareness. The DAY of any eclipse is particularly significant for meditation, contemplation, being in the quiet, detaching from material concerns, as the energy is not intended to work predictably along the lines of material gains. In fact, sometimes a project can unexpectedly collapse on the day of a solar or lunar eclipse because of false hopes or expectations. At best, solar eclipses have a way of planting the seed of a new life direction or interest – one that unfolds during following weeks and months. Everyone is being emotional and spiritual refueled during these times.

The lunar eclipse on the 28th is in the nakshatra of Uttara Bhadrapada, related to the feet, especially “happy feet”. ;~) So it may be more important than usual to “watch your step” and the direction you’re headed in. This particular nakshatra can also relate to dealing with a “lazy streak”, and on a more positive note, your attitude toward being cheerful, generous and self-sacrificing. The world is facing a crisis regarding how much to give, when to give, and where to give. The immigration situation in Europe is largely where this energy is being played out, but it actually encompasses the entire world.

Venus Goes Direct

Venus still remains strong through the month – an energy significantly related to love and relationships. Venus of course also represents art and beauty, and there could be greater publicity than usual for some artists. The energy is considered auspicious to help enhance your surroundings, have the maid come in, move a few pictures around, redecorate, buy the occasional bouquet of flowers, or enjoy social contacts and social networking. Gifting others with a small token of your esteem can also be meaningful.

September 6, Venus is no longer retrograde, goes direct in motion. Those who have been struggling with certain relationships may feel this change of energy as a relief… For others it could bring a new relationship, new friends or helpful social advantages. It may also be to your advantage to take a look at self-care and how you’re presenting yourself to others, perhaps throw out discards from the old wardrobe and revitalize yourself with the new. Even after the 6th, Venus and Mars – the combination of planets for love affairs, conception, and all forms of creative self-expression – remains strong through September and going into early November

Sun Energy

 Sun remains strong in sidereal Leo through the 16th and should help improve the health and increase vitality for some of you. Sun represents your basic constitutional strength… There’s a chance to make gains, deal with heart or back problems, exercise in a comfortably effective way, and be in closer touch with your inner-body energy.

Sun also represents when you’re likely to be more conscious of the coming transition into the fall season of the year. Starting on the 16th, lasting through October 17, Sun moves into sidereal Virgo and places more emphasis on handling or reorganizing your practical matters. You may be more inclined to prepare for the end of the year and make sure your daily affairs are in order, especially if you have kids in school. It’s also an auspicious time to get outside help if need be – someone who can serve your interests and be of support.

Mercury Retrograde!

On the 17th, Mercury goes retrograde and continues through October 9… Mercury is strong in sidereal Virgo – fine for dealing with anything that requires study, analysis and attentiveness – a beneficial cycle for going back to school and education… It’s generally stimulating to the mind and good for dealing with health issues. Those who like writing may also find this an agreeable energy. Usually, however, a retrograde Mercury means a certain amount of uncertainly or the possibility of more unexpected changes than usual in your daily schedule. It’s also a three-week period where you may be more inclined to be absent-minded, lose your keys or misplace other items. If you’re concerned about this, be sure to carry an extra set. At it’s best, it represents depth of insight and reconnection others.

Should be an amazing month!

Sincerely, Haizen Paige

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