August Checks and Balances!

The month opens with Venus, the planet of love and relationships, still strong and retrograde. A retrograde planet means that it appears to be going backwards in the heavens, and this usually signifies that it’s still time to take a closer look at our relationships and connections with others.

For some, this retrograde period can mean feuds with friends or family! For others, it can mean the heartwarming rediscovery of love and reconciliations. Imagine a world without love and affection! Terrible! And yet sometimes we forget how much others mean to us until it’s too late. So as mentioned in the July newsletter, we’re getting our report card on love between now and September 6. Anyone who makes more of an effort to get along or understand others is making a deposit in their bank account of love. In other words, rather than just expecting to receive love and depleting our bank account, we have a chance to build it up through openness and forgiveness. Gratitude and thankfulness still count for more than usual.

The other big event in August is the aspect between Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio. These planets have to do with such basic things as the global economy and the functioning of the economy within any state or country.

Jupiter represents expansion, the desire for growth, particularly material growth, and Saturn represents limitations or restrictions of some kind. These opposite pulls are now being worked out, perhaps even as far as one’s personal financial conditions. For some, this combination of planetary energy can represent worry or loss, or is not considered to be particularly good for financial affairs. It can represent the need to tighten the belt or to make sure that there are some financial reserves for necessity expenses. But after this period passes, there’s usually an opportunity to build up the finances again on a more firm and sound practical basis. Fortunately, after the middle of the month, Jupiter starts pulling away from the tight influence of Saturn and conditions should loosen up a bit, be more optimistic and promising.

On a short-term basis during the first week, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are in combination with each other and indicate further opportunities for significant social or artistic activities to take place – though there may be unexpected surprises – and the chance to put your common sense to work along practical lines. But some of your decisions may be hard to make and some relationships may be tested for loyalty or trust. So the second half of the month generally looks a more promising both practically and socially.

Between the 13th of the month and Sept. 15, Venus and Mars will be in the constellation of Cancer, related to emotional issues, the desire for reassurance and security in love, and an agreeable focus on home and family affairs. There could be an increase of activities in these areas, and this will generally be an auspicious period for romance and new relationships. People will naturally be more inclined to seek them out. But since Venus is still retrograde until Sept. 6, some of us may feel compelled to bring closure to a significant past friendship or relationship. Sometimes a past relationship will reentered the life and be very exciting for a while. The hard part is usually not making more out of this rekindling of affections than it is in reality. Some may also renew their marriage vows, which can be quite auspicious during Venus retrograde.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, magical August.

Sincerely, Haizen Paige, Sedona, AZ

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