Jupiter Enters Leo!

There are two major events worth noting: Jupiter, the planet of abundance and opportunity, is moving into sidereal Leo, on July 14, and will remain there until August 2016; and Venusrepresenting our affectionate interaction with others, will be going retrograde on the 25th. (A retrograde planet is one that appears to be going backward in its orbit from the viewpoint of Earth and is actually stronger in its effects than usual.)

yellowsapphireWhenever a major planet changes signs it’s a big deal, and Jupiter changes only once a year. This means there is a new field of opportunity or sense of well-being that is opening to you in some special area of your life. It might be in the area of health, or finances, or new job opportunities, or a number of other possible areas, depending upon where Jupiter falls in your vedic chart. (Send your date, time, and place of birth, and I’ll briefly mention what Jupiter is likely to signify for you over the next year… please allow a sufficient time for a reply.)

Because the respective natures of Jupiter and Leo are compatible—friendly with each other—this should be a relatively good cycle in terms of slow growth and opportunities. What might somewhat limit the benefits is that Saturn in Scorpio, representing restrictions, responsibilities and conservation, is aspecting Jupiter, representing the prospects of prosperity, and asking us to put in the extra effort to maintain our standard of living or gradually build a new foundation of material abundance. It may also mean maintaining our enthusiasm when the going gets rough, and keeping to and persisting in order to achieve personal or financial goals.

Furthermore, the influence of Leo is associated with the stock market, and Jupiter can represent large profits or losses. There may be more ups and downs than usual in the area of investments, or there could be an important correction in the market as far as what represents true value. So, there’s something to be said for maintaining a certain sense of reserve about taking risks, or speculative affairs in general, being prudent to make the most out of whatever opportunities life presents. Your expertise and experience could work for you, perhaps like never before, if you have a large enough vision.

Jupiter in Leo is likely to favor those with a flair for the dramatic, a sense of inner confidence, or a strong creative bent. Leo represents procreation (children) and performance—acting, music, painting, the cinema or the stage—and signifies enjoyable social events that benefit society as a whole–fund raisers and legitimate charities—plus the blessings of life that come from having an open and generous heart.

Physically, Jupiter in Leo represents the heart and is also specifically related to the health and well-being of the arteries in general. In addition, Jupiter signifies the functioning of the liver and its ability to process fats in our diet. Saturn aspecting Jupiter over the next year could point to the benefits of limiting our fat intake or the type of fats we’re consuming, depending of course on our overall level of health or our desire to lose weight.

Love interests are likely to take on more flavor, and one of the important keys is to give the love that you would like to receive without expecting anything in return.

On the material level, one of the laws of attraction is that gratitude for whatever you already have will magnetize you to even greater abundance. But your own giving must come first, and that can mean making the first move and giving others what you would most like to receive for yourself… It doesn’t seem fair in the way that those who already have will receive more. Nevertheless, this cosmic law is one that has been passed down through the centuries… In other words, living defensively rather than givingly may not bring the desired results.

WOMAN'S FACERelated to love, Venus, of relationships, will also be in sidereal Leo starting on the 5th and lasting through August 12; then returning to Leo on August 30 and lasting until November 2. This is an unusually long time for Venus to remain here and bring social or relationship opportunities. This is because Venus will go retrograde on July 25 and remain so until September 6—about a six week period where the influence of Venus also extends into sidereal Cancer, associated with the likely intensification of domestic and family affairs, to further get them on an even keel, if necessary.

Retrograde Venus generally means that all of our significant relationships are likely to be up for conscious assessment in some subtle way—time to pay closer attention. We are looking at our fundamental values in life—what we hold dear, where our affections are, and our harmony with others. But it doesn’t preclude not taking a stand on important issues if we feel it’s necessary. At the end of this cycle, there can be a rebirth in some of our meaningful relationships, and the unfinished business from a past one could surface again to bring closure and lead to a new beginning in our overall experience of genuine love. The sense of spiritual or universal love can be intensified as well.

Venus retrograde can be particularly important in marriage. Sometimes a marriage will go through a shift, an estrangement, or a deepening of some kind, as both people look at what they are giving to the relationship and what they are receiving, plus their sense of connection. Overall, this period can either be a time to give your partner more space or more togetherness, or to experience an understanding of your partner in greater depth without trying to change them—acceptance. One of the keys to benefit everyone is to have a greater awareness of our sense of gratitude and appreciation of others. Ultimately, Venus energy is known to bring rewards that money cannot buy, or rewards that we weren’t even looking for—not to mention, unforgettable life experiences of bliss, joy and happiness.

With Venus retrograde being strong, some may be more inclined to engage in important artistic, social or creative activities. Others may be ready to refurbished or redecorate their homes.

The month of July will be significant in our internalized depth of understanding of beauty, the human condition, and living out our most heartfelt cherished values. “Let the beauty you love be what you do.” —Rumi

Sincerely, Haizen Paige

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