Extra Extra… Mercury Goes Direct!

Mercury is important because it gives information on how we think, reason and make contact with other people.

Usually before it comes out of retrograde (“goes direct”) – such as today at 3:33 PM/PDT, the 11th – there can be a sense of lull in the atmosphere, a feeling that there’s a latent energy getting ready to be released when Mercury goes direct at 3:33.

ganeshThis is a very interesting phenomenon to experience. It can be like a waiting. Or an expectancy. Or the conclusion of a time when the inner life and non-linear thinking — sometimes chaos — may have taken on more importance than it usually does, at least in reference to the outer world… So there’s sometimes a very unusual combination of feeling, mental activity, and anticipation going on all at the same time, including a noticeable inner stillness that one can feel as being very spiritual in nature and may not be related to thinking at all. A Mercurial paradox!

Then as Mercury goes direct, there can be this release of energy, something that may feel like the return of a certain mental clarity and alertness; and outer world conditions begin to fall more in place and make sense in terms of linear time… We are able to reconnect in a new way with our body (Mercury represents the nerves), our environment, and feel more at home again.

This latest edition of Mercury retrograde has been particularly challenging for some, because Mercury in Taurus is on one side of the zodiac and Saturn in Scorpio is on the opposite side, and Saturn has a way of bringing more responsibilities to Mercury’s freedom-loving ways – a cycle of opposites that ends when Mercury enters Gemini on July 4. But not without its rewards, for Mercury and Saturn are essentially friendly to each other and can bring benefits from the headaches that one has put up with.

This Mercury/Saturn combination of planetary energies may also have to do with making important decisions related to moves, travel for practical reasons, job changes, or preparing to make serious or important decisions related to one’s business… After Mercury goes direct, it should be easier to make those decisions. In the meantime, Mercury in Taurus can help one find a place for whatever is needed to have around in order to function efficiently at home or at work.

There may also be a revision of plans or projects to bring them up to a greater level of perfection. Mercury’s energy works in small increments until everything is settled, revised or perfected, including in the arts.

Mercury is also the planet of writing. Now that it’s direct, ideas and plans may seem to fall more easily in place.

Happy Mercury direct!

Best wishes, Haizen Paige

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