June Greetings!

The great energy of self-enterprise, ambition, and self-determination should make for interesting times. Sun, representing our vitality, and Mars, representing our drive for physical activity (either by choice or necessity), are together in practical sidereal Taurus through the 14th.

ganesh33-300x199The spirit of pursuit may also have to do with our financial enterprise and desire to better our long-term situation. Some of you may want to start a business, be increasingly pro-active, or simply be more physically active than you have been, because it could benefit your health. The usual challenge with Mars is that it can represent impulse, mishaps and impatience. So clear the decks of impasses and possible hazards. There’s also something to be said on behalf of good timing and getting things sorted out when the timing is right.

In the meantime, Mercury, the planet of re-arrangements and decisions, is still retrograde through the 11th, perhaps causing certain doubts and uncertainties in some of your affairs, not to mention indicating that some part of your life may seem to be up in the air and subject to a lasting change. However, starting on the 11th, important decisions should be easier to make, you can find your groove again, and get off to a fast start in making new arrangements.

Starting on the 15th, Sun and Mars will still be together but in the sign of sidereal Gemini. Gemini is related to travel, communications, and education. Some of you may take up a new study or be more proactive in your communications with family and friends. This can be a lively influence, one that will continue through mid-July. So, there’s a great deal of unpredictable energy flying around, including some that could be troublesome. There’s certainly been more activity in the weather, including the enormous flooding of property in Texas, plus the recent strong earthquake in Japan. New threats may include the greater possibility of fires, with Mars representing fires and air-sign Gemini representing high winds.

After Mercury is no longer retrograde on the 11th, there will likely be a noticeable sigh of relief, as the normal rhythm of life starts to reassert itself. At least you should be in a better position to handle important new information related to your business and career.

One of the beneficial trends of the month is Venus in sidereal Cancer together with Jupiter. Venus is related to our social life, love and affection, beauty and the arts, and the opportunity to indulge ourselves a little bit more than usual. Jupiter is also related to such important areas as contentment at home, or home improvements, gains from property and real estate, or the possible benefits that come from long-term investments. So, this can be a social period with more happy occasions, celebrations and events than usual.

Overall, June looks to be a month of extremes, with the possibility of large expenditures of energy related to our daily life and environment, and those fun moments when we can let our hair down and enjoy more of the good things in life with those we love.

Best wishes to everyone,

Sincerely, Haizen Paige


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