Cosmic Palette Forecast for May

Full Moon on May 3 opens the month with our eyes wide open. Full Moon energy is a time of awareness and higher energy—good for public events, personal fulfillment materially and action in the outer world.

Moon will also be in Swati nakshatra in the constellation of Libra—associated with abundance, prosperity, success in the fine arts, and self-determination. In Hindu mythology, Swati’s influence is connected with breath that sustains all life. The goddess of this nakshatra is Saraswati, representing learning and education, especially related to carving out your own destiny and gaining freedom through knowledge and its application. It might be time to start thinking about taking a few summer classes!

buddhaThere will be the usual obstacles to overcome, as Mercury, the planet of communications, is in aspect to Saturn, representing resistance or delays, around May 3. Between the 13th and 15th, Mars, the planet of “go” energy, will be in aspect to Saturn, the planet of “stop” energy. These two planets aren’t friendly to each other, and their combined energy can sometimes represent an difficult issue where it feels like you’re hitting your head against the wall or having to battle someone in your surroundings. Under these kinds of frustrating circumstances it’s usually wise not to force conditions but try to take more of an indirect approach or ride loose in the saddle of fate! The good part of Mars/Saturn energy is that it can be useful for tackling hard projects that require a great deal of effort and determination. It’s like smashing boulders so you can use the smaller stones to build the foundation of a house!

From the 18th through June 11, Mercury will once again be retrograde. As mentioned in previous newsletters, a retrograde planet is one that appears to be moving backward in its orbit from the standpoint of Earth. Actually, it’s when a planet’s influence is stronger than usual.

Since Mercury represents communications, business transactions and agreements, when it’s retrograde there can be miscommunications, misunderstandings, or a total rearrangement of one’s schedule that could be frustrating. So be as flexible as possible if someone throws a monkey wrench into your plans.

If you’re traveling, it’s usually wise to double-check all arrangements to make sure there haven’t been clerical errors or absent-minded carelessness. Nevertheless, Mercury retrograde can be an auspicious time to take a break from your usual routines, reconnect with long-lost friends, or explore a radically different approach to life. Mentally, sometimes the mind needs a break in order to regenerate itself, or get itself out of the way, so a deeper Intelligence can emerge that isn’t based on your present perceived reality.

Sun in the constellation of sidereal Aires, strong until the 14th, is auspicious for dealing with health issues or increasing your vitality; then the Sun enters Taurus, with Taurus representing a greater focus on material conditions and getting value for your hard-earned dollars. In a sense, to save money is to make money, and there may be more opportunities than usual along these lines.

Overall, the month looks healthy, lively, and progressive. If misunderstandings take place, don’t give up on the person or situation but try a different approach. Mars/Saturn tensions teach us not to force conditions and understand the importance of proper timing. Good luck!

Sincerely, Haizen Paige

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