March 2015 Cosmic Palette Forecast

Looks like quite a month! On the 10th we enter the first of two eclipse cycles this year, with the next one taking place in October.

Eclipses usually heighten the energy around us – the energy of renewal. Whatever is old and dilapidated is about to be renewed. We can either flow with the direction of this energy or work against it; but if we work against it, sometimes the stress can lead to health problems. Stay aware of health issues and make adjustments accordingly.

The eclipse energy is doubly significant because the solar eclipse on March 20 happens on the first day of spring, which also is an event that signifies regeneration, renewal and rebirth. This can be on an inner spiritual level as well, as the eclipse takes place in the constellation of Pisces and Pisces indicates our beliefs about things, including what could be our misperceptions or beliefs that might not be serving us or others. Actually, this is a global issue, so this could be a rather turbulent period emotionally, because Venus (relationships), Mars (energy and aggression), and Ketu (instability and unpredictability) are in the Water signs of Pisces at the same time that Jupiter, representing our attitudes, our religious beliefs about outer world conditions, is in the water sign of Cancer through mid-July. There is a great deal being worked out culturally along these lines.

The official eclipse period starts on the 10th of the month and ends on April 7, three days after the lunar eclipse on April 4—when the energies of life will begin to simmer down. In the meantime, the physical activity going on around us is likely to increase. Sometimes it may feel that life is throwing more at us at one time. But at its best the eclipse energy can indicate a tremendous aliveness, a period of self-discovery, and a new chapter that may find us adjusting our direction, and perhaps more sensitive to the impact of our activities on others.

Shani Dev

Shani Dev

Saturn, the planet of self-responsibility and structure, goes retrograde on the 14th and lasts until early August. Here’s where we can look at what we can manage comfortably in our practical daily affairs. For some of us it might be time to slow down a bit or be more selective in what we expect of ourselves. But this can also be an auspicious time to build a new foundation in our personal affairs and let go of the old and outworn in order to feel more alive and emotionally free.

Venus, Mars, and Ketu (the South Node) in sidereal Pisces can also be amazingly creative. Pisces is associated with photography, music, dance, and the imaginative arts, including one’s interest in the cinema. I would expect some amazing things being done in the visual arts and movies. It’s time to let yourself imagine and dream. Your dream life could be heightened and act as a guide to direct you in a new meaningful way.

Physically, Pisces represents the feet, including the bones of the feet and toes. It also represents the lymphatic system, the body’s ability to eliminate dead or destructive cells. There could be more sensitivity in these areas. If your shoes have been bothering you this could be an auspicious period to buy a new pair and take steps to renew your health from the feet or ground up, including the benefits that could come through foot reflexology treatments or massage. Cleansing or detoxifying teas might also be helpful to support the lymphatics.

While Jupiter remains in sidereal Cancer into July, expect beneficial changes in or around your home environment that could have long-term effects. Allow the energy of renewal to support your home and where you feel most comfortable. Out of the seeming chaos can come wonderful things.

Sincerely, Haizen Paige

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