Haizen’s February Cosmic Palette Forecast

Mercury, the cosmic wanderer, is still retrograde in sidereal Capricorn through the 12th. In the meantime, Mercury and the Sun will be conjunct, exactly together, and this can be stimulating for brainstorming practical or new business ideas and helping you catch up with the unfinished business of the previous 90 days. Mercury retrograde can also be an auspicious time to reconnect with former clients and let them know you haven’t forgotten them.

Mercury2On a social level, Mercury retrograde can also help you reconnect with friends, pick up messages or notifications you may have forgotten about and see what’s new. On the other hand, those who are inclined to be hermits may find this to be a time when they feel less communicative and more inward. Or depending on one’s mood, it can be hit and miss period socially.

Mercury retrograde usually does bring its fair share of headaches. This can include difficulties while traveling, more rescheduling than usual, computer or car problems, or more stress under pressure. Depending on one’s schedule, Mercury retrograde can also be a time to break your usual daily routine and take a sabbatical. This is why it’s great for going on spiritual retreats or some type of adventure. Just make sure to double-check your travel arrangements and try to anticipate the weather more than usual. Saturn is the planet of cold temperatures and it’s currently traveling through the water sign of Scorpio representing ICE!

By the 12th, Mercury will no longer be retrograde and this is usually felt as a relief. Difficult decisions are easier to make, people are generally easier to get in touch with, and the daily schedule usually becomes more consistent and predictable.

Signed-I-Love-You-HeartsElsewhere, Venus and Mars, representing love, sex, and the creative urge (among other things), are chasing each other in sidereal Aquarius until the 12th. On the 15th, Mars joins Venus in imaginative, creative sidereal Pisces and they will be exactly together on the 20th. The Venus/Mars cycle is often associated with love affairs and the romantic side of relationships. It can also stimulate the desire to be more social or artistic—great for painters, artists and musicians. And this period can also be great for just enjoying the pleasures of life and having more fun. Wishing everyone a great month!

Sincerely, Haizen (www.Haizen.com),

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