Mercury Retrograde Update!

Once again the Universe is calling attention to the idea that “Backward Can Be Beautiful.” The reason is that a retrograde planet is one that appears to be going backward in its orbit from the viewpoint of Earth.

This time around Mercury is transiting the sign of accomplishment—sidereal Capricorn. Mercury likes being in Capricorn because Mercury’s logical reasoning powers generally have more focus, practicality and reality in the world of work and commerce.

We all like to accomplish things—to achieve our goals and heart’s desires—and somewhere in your Vedic horoscope resides the influence of Capricorn that represents those coveted qualities associated with mastery—including self-mastery.

Mastery is a quality that some people are apparently born with or is the result of experience, learning from others, and continual trial and error to achieve a specific result. These qualities take on added importance now that Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn, starting on January 21 and continuing through February 11. A retrograde planet stays in a particular area of one’s horoscope much longer than usual. By the time Mercury leaves Capricorn, with Mercury representing the ability to communicate, the gathering of knowledge and know-how, it will have been in Capricorn more than twice as long as usual.

Mercury retrograde usually indicates more trial and error than usual, as it’s not always possible to get something right on the first try. But it also signifies the accomplishments that can result from persistence, focused mental awareness and the determination to make the numerous adjustments along the way in order to achieve a meaningful goal.

While in sidereal Capricorn, Mercury is traveling through the ‘nakshatra’ of Shravana. This approximately 13-degree area of the constellations is called the “Star of Learning”. Its influence is related to the quest for knowledge, information and finding the connections between what’s above (spiritually speaking) and what’s below within the world of form.

Shravana nakshatra is also about feeding your intellect and the discovery of wisdom through the teachings you are exposed to. Additionally, this is a great energy for counselors, because it represents one’s ability to listen to others… So there’s something about listening and hearing that can take on added importance in the meaning of life.

On the debit side, Shravana energy can represent gossip or the scattering of one’s mental activities or interests. But generally this is an auspicious energy for travellers, musicians, teachers and those who like to use their feet to walk, hike, bike or run. This includes the health benefits that can come through such activities, as Mercury physically represents the nerves, respiratory functions, nervous digestion, and allergies.

As Mercury passes through Capricorn the additional intellectual focus can help you deal with the practical, business side of things and ultimately generate a great deal of satisfaction. Here’s also the chance to test new ideas out in the marketplace and see if they fly.

As usual, Mercury retrograde may require that you be more flexible in your scheduling and expect more of the unexpected. Sometimes plans may seem to fall through more than usual or others seem more unreliable. But the key is to look for the unexpected benefits that can be the result of unexpected situations and opportunities.

Fundamentally, a three-week Mercury retrograde period is not exactly about linear thinking—and that can be the challenge of it when things go wrong, especially if you happen to be under pressure. On a higher level, your unconscious mind is likely to bubble up to the surface and want to be heard with regard to your inner and outer life. Sometimes when the mind is suspended or out of the way something marvelous can happen related to your higher purpose.

It may also seem more possible to step back from the conditioning of your conscious mind and allow a deeper Intelligence to come forth. This Intelligence is not the result of thinking in the usual sense of the word; rather it seems to come from something deeper that is connected with a Higher Intelligence that interconnects all things, whether one is consciously aware of the connections or not… Some of these unusual connections may be better than what anyone could have ever possibly imagined.

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