Haizen’s Cosmic Palette Forecast for January 2015

There is a wonderful dance going on between Mercury and Venus in sidereal Capricorn until the 22nd. Mercury represents communications, travel, and curiosity; Venus represents the arts, new loves, relationships in general, and the enjoyment of the pleasures of life. Both planets are moving at about the same speed and that’s keeping them together and making them particularly strong and wonderful.

gems10The influence of Venus and Mercury in Capricorn gives you a better opportunity to manage and master whatever is most important to you. This can also represent fortuitous benefits from the government or practical business affairs, where having a sense of responsibility and being a good performer can enhance your reputation. So there may be some important decisions to make or important practical paperwork to handle while these two planets chase each other through the heavens.

Saturn in sidereal Scorpio will continue all the way into the year 2017 and it’s an important time to pay attention to financial affairs, because there may be opportunities to consolidate your finances, or protect them, or save money by rearranging them. Your past experience along these lines should help you to do this, and if you don’t have the answers it should be easy to find those who do. Try also to protect yourself medically if at all possible.

Venus in Capricorn emphasizes the practical side of love affairs and you may be in a position to help others along those lines, either out of loyalty or a sense of responsibility connected with feelings of love or affection.

On the 22nd, Venus leaves the sign of Capricorn and enters Aquarius where Mars, the planet of energy and initiative, is also in Aquarius. Here’s a chance to express your individuality and even some of your eccentricities. We all have them and it can make life interesting creatively or socially.

On the troublesome side, Mars in Aquarius aspecting Rahu in sidereal Virgo can signal an increase in socially agitating and disconcerting acts of violence, a further rise in unfortunate political or religious dissent. At its best, here’s to the expression of Mars as positive social action and advancement.

Wishing everyone a great January.

Sincerely, Haizen Paige (www.haizen.com)

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