Haizen’s December Cosmic Palette Forecast

Special Note: Vedic astrology planetary positions are based on their location within the constellations of the Sidereal zodiac and not the Tropical signs.

Dear Friends and Subscribers,

December opens with Saturn, Mercury, the Sun and Venus all in the transformational sign of sidereal Scorpio. Planets in Scorpio have a certain intensity. The intensity can have to do with finances, your deeper psychology and emotions, physical renewal and regeneration, transforming your surroundings in some desired way, and the intensity of getting things done in time, especially during the holiday season. But it’s a great time for making your home sparkle and ready for anything. The emphasis on this intense Scorpio energy goes to the middle of the month, and then the emphasis shifts into the sign of sidereal Sagittarius, which is much more of an open, optimistic and uplifting energy. This change should be perfect for the holidays where anything can happen in the way of happy events.

Sagittarius can also have to do with having a little bit too much of everything and perhaps the need to find some sense of reasonable limits when it comes to food and spending. But overall it is a joyful energy and people tend to be more trusting of each other. Sagittarius is also related to long-distance travel and communications. So there may be more opportunities than usual to visit friends and relatives at a distance.

Mars, the energy planet, is traveling through sidereal Capricorn, which represents focus and the ability to accomplish things, perhaps more than you expected. Capricorn is also related to the possibility of new financial or business interests. This could be a new financial arrangement or something that you been wanting to do or wanting to make a go of. So there could be surprising motivation along these lines for some of you.

On Christmas Day the Moon is in the part of the heavens (Dhanishta nakshatra) related to opulence, abundance and the feeling of wealth, even if not necessarily material wealth. It’s a great time to count your blessings and feel the gratitude for what you have. Moon in the constellation of Aquarius is also related to your friends and your community. Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season.

Best wishes to everyone,

Sincerely, Haizen  Paige

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