Mercury Retrograde & Eclipse Forecast

Special Note: Vedic astrology planetary positions are based on their location within the constellations of the Sidereal zodiac and not the Tropical signs.

Greetings Earthlings¬† ūüėȬ†

October looks highly significant. Overall, the energy of the month is likely to be much higher in pitch, stimulating rather than disruptive if you’re willing to flow with the tide of events rather than resist them.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury, the planet of employment, travel and communications, goes¬†retrograde¬†on the¬†4th¬†and lasts through the¬†25th.¬†(A retrograde planet is one that appears to be going backward in its orbit from the standpoint of Earth.)¬†This can be particularly challenging, even disruptive, if you happen to be in a new environment or rather set in your ways. But it‚Äôs also a chance to see how things come into your life for a certain period of time, perhaps years, and eventually may leave. There’s likely to be a strong sense of inevitable change that, while seemingly different or chaotic, can actually be good in the long run, not only for you but for the people who have touched your life over the years, though this may not be apparent at first.

This period may also have to do with your most important relationships or search for your rightful place in life work-wise and create your ideal environment. There are likely to be some disruptions and a sense of being up in the air through the end of the month; and dealing with perhaps more unexpected events than usual may require a considerable amount of patience. But generally there’s a great deal of excitement about the possibility of future outer developments.

The Eclipses

Also contributing to the high energy and the creative aliveness of the month are two eclipses: the¬†Lunar Eclipse¬†on the¬†8th¬†and the¬†Solar Eclipse¬†on the¬†23rd. Eclipses can represent the end of one chapter of life and the beginning of a new one. It doesn‚Äôt matter how old you are or what you‚Äôve been doing, you may somehow start to look at certain areas of your life in a new way from a different perspective…from the perspective of making some kind of inner adjustment in your attitude or outlook. This can be quite significant because there can be major new developments that come in with this intense energy. You may have a better chance of succeeding by asking Life where you belong rather than trying to steer events from the egoic self.

These new interests or developments are likely to be involved with some of the major areas of your life: work, health, education, travel, relocations, business, or the arts. The challenge in navigating through these energies is to not try to take on too much and have something of a wait-and-see attitude toward some of the things that you’re trying to accomplish, especially if it’s health or job related. Perhaps the major key is to stay in harmonious relationship with those around you without compromising your basic values, though it’s also possible that someone may be leaving your life with some sense of regret or loss, and because Life itself may be bringing forth this change.

Mars in Sidereal Scorpio

Mars¬†remains strong in its home sign through¬†10/18,¬†and during this cycle it’s been heating up military conflicts and acts of war. Trying to help out is the aspect to the fiery planet from¬†Jupiter¬†in sidereal¬†Cancer. Usually this is considered to be a good combination, but in this instance it seems to be stirring up religious fanaticism and a negative fundamentalism. After the¬†18th,¬†Mars¬†enters sidereal¬†Sagittarius¬†and may bring out the better more compassionate side of religious or philosophical actions. Let’s hope so!

Venus Strong

Starting on the¬†16th¬†and lasting until¬†11/11,¬†Venus¬†will be transiting the constellation of¬†Libra,¬†combined with the grounding and practical influence of¬†Saturn,¬†as a reminder of the importance of harmony, connection with others, and a sense of inner and outer peace regardless of what’s going on, especially starting with the balance from¬†within.¬†Venus-Saturn¬†energy is about manifesting your creative ideas and putting them into an ideal form. Saturn somewhat slows down Venus so you can better weigh people and events from a more realistic standpoint. This combination of planetary influences can also have to do with the benefits of a May/December relationship where there may be a considerable difference in the ages of both people.

The Bottom Line

In general, the energies of life look heightened through the¬†26th. After that, the energy begins to settle down to become more stable and manageable, and the conclusions and revelations can be worked out during the coming weeks. In a sense, this is about some type of inner awakening, noticing things within yourself and others that you may have not been aware of up to now. By noticing, life takes on a deeper meaning and it can pull you in the direction of experiencing your heart’s desire at this eventful time. Wishing everyone the best of October!

Special hello to LeeLee in Houston.¬† ūüė鬆

Best wishes to all,
Sincerely, Haizen Paige

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