September: The Triumph of the Familiar!

September is usually an interesting transitional month as we make the changeover from the summer and eventually come into the fall. Especially the middle part of September seems to be about looking at the practicalities, looking at our preparations for the fall, perhaps even getting back into some kind of a practical routine that feels so familiar and comfortable.

The month has a lot going for it. Mercury, the planet of the mind, is strong in its sidereal sign of Virgo through the 20th. Very good for working with finances and bank statements, knowing where your birth certificate is and other important documents, as our mind seems to be geared more along the lines of order and organization. After the 20th, the planet of the mind moves into the constellation of Libra, representing beauty, the arts, mental and emotional balance.

In addition planet Mars, the action and energy force, is in its home constellation of Scorpio until Oct. 18. The force behind what we want out of life may intensify our desires. So there’s likely to be more fortitude and determination for accomplishments of all kinds. Mars is also an energy that is good for home repairs, our own work or by others, and making some long overdue improvements in our surroundings.

Venus in Leo tends to bring out the warmer side of our relationships, our sense of fun, our affection for those we love, generally favorable for love affairs of all kinds. Leo is considered to be more of a heart energy, including our feelings for family and children. At its best we are reminded to remember our ‘inner child’ – that part of ourselves that remains eternally young and youthful no matter how old we may be in years. Wonderful energy. Enjoy the journey.

Sincerely, Haizen (

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