Greetings, Earthlings! The month opens with Mercury (communications), Sun (vitality), and Jupiter (opportunity) in the sign of the “homing pigeon”, the constellation of Cancer. So there continues to be an important focus on matters connected with domestic happiness, preparedness and security. Because Mercury represents important documents and communications, it’s wise to give them special attention to protect your money and secure your future.

Sun enters its strong home sign of sidereal Leo on the 16th, and that should be beneficial for enjoying anything of personal interest, vacations, enjoying the arts or social occasions with loyal friends and family. It’s usually a sunny time outwardly and sometimes it can feel like a sunny time inwardly, as the sun represents light and the renewal of our spiritual energies.

Mars, the energy and initiative planet, is now in the same constellations as Saturn. Mars is like the accelerator of a car and Saturn is like the break pedal. This combination indicates certain matters that could be frustrating. This energy is also associated with accidents and injuries. So especially around the 25th it might be a good idea to be more careful than usual. Keeping these guidelines in mind should help keep you happy and healthy.

On the 17th, plus or minus a few days, Venus and Jupiter are together in the constellation of Cancer. There should be quite a show in the heavens and both are related to happy events in life, though both planets can also indicate too much of a good thing: self-indulgence, too many sweets, too many drinks, that can put on pounds or affect our overall health. As always, there’s never just one thing going on. But overall, the month of August looks enjoyable and perhaps even healing to the mind, body and spirit.

Sincerely, Haizen (www.haizen.com)

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