Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter Update!

Special Note: Vedic astrology planetary positions are based on their location within the constellations of the Sidereal zodiac and not the Tropical signs.

It’s nice to be back!

June looks remarkable because, within the month, FOUR planets will be in either their ‘home’ or ‘exalted’ sidereal sign: Mercury in Gemini (home), Venus in Taurus (home), Jupiter in Cancer (exalted) and Saturn in Libra (exalted).

Home is Where the Heart is

Planets at ‘home’ indicate happiness, contentment, competence, confidence and capability. Planets ‘exalted’ are brilliant, blazing, shining, radiant, graceful and connected with positive karma and events – but the results you are likely to get depend upon how these same planets are situated in your natal chart, and sometimes a transiting planet that’s strong (its current position in the heavens) can also indicate major challenges but with a greater ability to overcome them. In general, your emotional drive and intensity is likely to be stronger than usual, and major opportunities for growth, success, healing and well-being, can emerging from out of nowhere. In other words, there’s a greater chance to be at your best and profit from your own talents and strengths, or the strengths and talents of others.

Mercury Retrograde!

Mercury transits sidereal Gemini, but goes retrograde on June 7 (4:57 AM/PDT) and ends on July 1 (5:50 AM/PDT). The Gemini influence can stimulate mental agility, versatility, success in intellectual pursuits, connections with siblings, general curiosity about life, restlessness, the desire for travel or for greater variety and change. Mercury retrograde sometimes has a way of throwing a monkey wrench into your best laid plans or your usual schedule, so it’s helpful to remain adaptable or try again after a recent setback or failure. Computer snafus and problems are usually more likely, but look for overall gains in life from the challenges you experience.

Venus in Stable and Creative Mode

Venus transits sidereal Taurus, June 18 through July 13, 2014. Here’s Venus at her touchy-feely, sensual best. Imagine the sensation of your fingers running over silk or velvet and you’ll get the idea. Relationships can thrive or get through the challenges of life with more stubborn resolved and determination.

Venus is also related to the luxuries of life. Worth saving up for! Relationships are greatly helped along when there’s a solid economic foundation to support them, all things considered including the spiritual dimension.

Jupiter in Cancer

It’s always a major event in astrology when one of the powerhouse planets changes signs. On June 18, Jupiter, the planet of optimism, prosperity, improvements and spirituality, moves into the exalted sign of sidereal Cancer. This happens only once every 12 years and it means that Jupiter can amplify the good that’s operating somewhere in your life. The gains can be on the material and/or spiritual level. In some way your wisdom will be more accessible and lead you into a more fulfilling path of life, help you financially in some way, be beneficial to your family and your overall living conditions.

So with Jupiterian energy, the beneficial areas of life are improving and the sign of Cancer specifically represents home and family. It also represents developments around property and real estate. This means that changes are in the air around our living conditions and this should be a beneficial period for renovations and improvements in the coming months. The energy of Jupiter also tends to be protective, so even though there may be a rearrangement of your finances, or the means of paying for something, you should be okay as these general improvements are finally implemented.

Saturn in Libra

Saturn, the counterbalancing force to Jupiter, is strong as well in the sidereal sign of Libra. This is the exalted sign for Saturn, the planet of experience, of responsibility, of paying attention, and of restructuring our basic foundation of life. With both Jupiter and Saturn strong, we are in the position to experience a reorganization of our lives from a long-term point of view. While the energy of Saturn is somewhat restrictive and potentially worrisome, its energy should help us to take advantage of the opportunities that Jupiter brings, especially if it relates to home, family, and real estate. It’s possible this Jupiter cycle, which lasts until July 13, 2015, will loosen up the real estate market and show greater prosperity. This Jupiter cycle can also be rewarding for those who are spiritually or religiously inclined, for it often brings a marvelous sense of well-being that comes from within and from our connection with the eternal energies of life.

Best wishes to all,

Sincerely, Haizen Paige

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