Eclipse Update!

The two main events that dominate the month are both eclipses: the lunar eclipse on the 15th and the solar eclipse on the 29th.

I’m writing this on the 13th as the energy of the lunar eclipse is building, and there’s a certain amount of tension that comes with it. “As above, so below.” It feels like being in a sandwich with the power of the Sun on one side and the power of the Moon on the other, and there’s a special aliveness that comes with being inside this combination of potent energies. It’s as if they have a message for me and are wanting me to pay attention.

Eclipse periods can be when we feel the most alive, the most vibrant, the most alert, the most aware – or the most dissatisfied and stressed. “Awareness” is a good word because eclipses are considered to be spiritual in nature and their powerful energy is about “waking up”. Waking up can mean a lot of things, but usually it means that we are becoming less focused on our attachment to worldly affairs and more aware of the eternal nature of our Being.

Eclipse periods are also about dealing with some of the major issues in life: work, relationships, health issues, relocations, the ending of one chapter in life and the beginning of a new one. It helps to go into silence and be aware of new impulses, new creative ideas, new feelings and insights. Life itself is in the process of renewing our affairs and we’re being re-fueled with solar energy to last until we enter the next eclipse period in October. In the meantime, we are in a particularly creative period as well as being in a position to benefit from exercising a certain amount of restraint and awareness in our daily affairs.

Venus passing through Aquarius for the entire month indicates a renewed sense of community, freedom of thought, and perhaps an increased friendliness among neighbors that is good for the soul. Group activities should flourish, new friendships made, and a renewed spirit of adventure, especially starting around the 13th of the month when the Sun moves into the super-strong sign of sidereal Aries. Aries energy indicates drive and purpose, courage and openness to face the new. It can also indicate better physical conditions that are helped with good nutrition and exercise. (Some people have great success in losing weight by cutting down on dairy and high glycemic index foods such as starchy potatoes, rice, bread, or such vegetables as high glycemic carrots and beats, and being able to eat just about anything else to be satisfied.)

The energy planet Mars retrograde is still more intense than usual going in to May. So tempers may still be short or conflicts seeming to come from out of nowhere. Greater patience and non-judgement of others may be required if one has a hair-trigger temper. On the positive side, this is the opportunity to slowly build up your energy over time, get rest, make it easier on yourself to get around, or get a second opinion on a medical matter. Doctors come in all shapes and sizes and if you’re not getting the results you want with one, there may be someone out there who’s so much better. Mars is related to the function of the adrenals and the health of the blood, and a blood check-up might be a good idea within the month if you have doubts.

Mercury and Jupiter are working together and this could stimulate physical and mental restlessness. But it should be a good month for study, research, and communications of a special kind.

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