What’s Up With Mars!

Special Note: Vedic astrology planetary positions are based on their location within the constellations of the Sidereal zodiac and not the Tropical signs.

So . . . How’s your energy?

Mars, the planet of initiative, physical vitality, muscular strength and health, is being highlighted betweenMarch 1 and May 19. During this time, Mars will be retrograde (appearing to be going backward in its orbit from the viewpoint of earth) and stronger than usual.

This emphasis can be rewarding or frustrating. Why? Because Mars likes doing things in a direct way. But when operating in retrograde motion the overly direct approach can sometimes cause more problems than it solves. So we’re being asked to be more aware of not forcing conditions, perhaps by trying a more indirect approach, or being more strategic in carrying out our purposes and plans. It’s not surprising that Mars is considered to be the planet of war and military conflicts.

Also significant is that Mars is the planet of anger. So when frustrations mount or actions are blocked, our subconscious angers can build and build and build until they reach an explosion point that can be disruptive to the overall harmony of ourself or relationships. Nevertheless, this period can be rewarding for doing inner work on our doubts and fears, and converting the energy into something more constructive or positive. The guiding light is our awareness to observe our desire to force or push things through, perhaps unwisely, rather than observe our unconscious reactions to things and pause in stillness for a brief moment before going ahead. In a sense, we may experience more frustration in going after what we want, yet at the same time we may be capable of having greater mastery or self-control.

Mars retrograde is generally not recommended as the greatest period for starting major new projects. But it can be excellent for making repairs, renovations, or trying a new manner of strategy on an already existing project.

Health-wise, Mars is also associated with the function of the adrenals and the health of the blood. If one is accident prone, it may also be a good idea to minimize the risks of accidents or injuries in the home.

On the wildly positive side, Mars represents our spirit of aliveness and a great deal can be accomplished in the coming weeks by exercising the right strategy.

Best wishes to all.
Sincerely, Haizen Paige
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