Venus Retrograde Revisited

Special Note: Vedic astrology planetary positions are based on their location within the constellations of the Sidereal zodiac and not the Tropical signs.

Welcome to the New Year! With everyone’s permission I will continue to take each month one at a time rather than trying to do a complete overview of the entire year, though it might be helpful to list the dates of Mercury retrograde at the end of this forecast so you can plan ahead in greater detail if you wish.

January opens with Venus still in its retrograde motion, having started on Dec. 22 and continuing through Jan. 31. Venus goes retrograde far less often than Mercury, so when it does it’s like taking a special initiation into a deeper awareness of our interconnections with others that places more importance on our perceptual awareness than on our outer circumstantial conditions. Yet, there can be noticeable outer developments as far as whether we are at peace with others or not, both past and present. In some instances, we pick up the emotional pieces of the past in order to resolve them, not only with friends or in romance, but with family members as well.

When Venus finally goes direct in motion on the 31st and is no longer retrograde, our emotions tend to be more clear about what’s appropriate or right in our interactions with loved ones, usually on a more realistic level as well as having greater clarity on the romantic or emotional possibilities. Relationships seem to move forward with a greater mutual understanding, shared objectives, or balance in sharing. It’s worth paying closer attention to the possibility of there being subtle emotional shifts or a change in the status of important relationships starting on the 31st and continuing through Mar. 4, a four week period after Venus is no longer retrograde in which we can implement or stabilize those changes, keeping in mind that we’re talking about subtle changes that may be almost imperceptible to others unless they are looking for this same subtle shift.

Starting on Jan. 11, Venus moves back into sidereal Sagittarius and can be energizing to relationships, being a more optimistic, uplifting and inspiring influence. This can also be a more auspicious time for engaging in the arts or projects related to renovations, remodeling, home improvements, or any circumstantial changes that have a harmonizing influence on your level of comfort. This includes the great relief of getting rid of the old and outworn or for recycling anything unused for a long period of time; but be sure to double-check getting rid of something that you might regret letting go of later… That’s the tricky part of dealing with Venus retrograde – our values are in a state of flux and we may be unsure of what to retain; it’s usually a time when we’re processing our attachment to things.

With Venus being the planet of marriage, its retrograde motion is not considered favorable for a first-time marriage, but not unfavorable for a remarriage or the spiritual rededication of an already existing one. Or in the case of a troubled relationship, it can be an auspicious time to seek counseling, go on a marriage or relationship retreat, or do something special that breaks the usual pattern and invites a greater sense of emotional or spiritual renewal.

With so many demands on our individual lives, it’s sometimes difficult to spend time with someone we deeply care about without the daily demands of life possibly coming in the way of expressing the love and appreciation we have. So there’s the opportunity between now and the end of the month to start over emotionally after getting rid of the emotional baggage that may have been standing in the way.

Venus remains in upbeat Sagittarius through Feb. 20 – auspicious to explore new ways of pleasing your partner, getting out and about, and experiencing the greater sense of adventure that’s more than what you may usually experience in the day to day, with of course every relationship unique in what keeps it healthy.

Elsewhere, Mercury retrograde will be in effect between the following dates:

  • February 6 to February 28
  • June 7 to July 1
  • October 4 to October 25

Wishing everyone a great 2014.

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Sincerely, Haizen


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